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  1. If you wanted a famous ex player then he'd go for Ryan Giggs surely? However if he doesn't get the England job it would have to be Bruce for me, need a safe pair of hands to try and get us up.
  2. Keepers fault again, ridiculous decision to come for it. He's just shit I'm afraid.
  3. We all know that are aren't going to sign someone we would class as world class, because there aren't many teams in the premier league that have world class players, I'd guess it would have to be Hernadez from Hull, he's got a good few caps for Uruguay and the rest of their forward line ain't bad.
  4. Agree to an extent, but Hutton has been so shit surely anyone could be better. I have been more tempted to loan a young player from one of the big sides, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson for example or someone like that.
  5. 1 question mark would be better.
  6. At a guess some of the managers must have rated him at Villa Park as well, and whoever wants to buy him!
  7. Unfortunately think he's stuck with the losing mentality that's built up over the years. Think a fresh start would do him some good and I'd be more that happy to see someone else play
  8. Before the goal, Okore was running out of position into midfield chasing the ball, he's just a terrible player unfortunately and it shows as no one has tried to buy him
  9. Yep, apologies, I've been so disappointed with seeing Hutton start the season at right back that I forgot what a complete useless piece if shit Richards was, and also a complete word removed to go with it. How about Gabby at right back? No?
  10. I know, but Hutton is shite as well, I'm clutching at straws I know, I just can't cope with watching Hutton play all season at right back, the thought makes me want to cry, at least i can see an end in site for Sissoko.
  11. Surely he would be better than Hutton at right back? He'd have to be wouldn't he?
  12. I thought Hutton was shocking yesterday's and as stated above, just ball watching on the poor kick when he should have been trying to get goal side. Could Lyden play at full back? Got to be better than Hutton.
  13. What's the deal with Bamford? He didn't get a look in at Norwich or Palace last season, I don't get why so many people seem to think he'd be great for us?
  14. Sensible move really, if he's good enough he'll get a move in a 2 years and be first choice other than back up.
  15. Because he's probably number 3 here currently, and 4 if you count Steer
  16. He must be on about Ade Akinfenwa, he's available on a free transfer so it will save Dr X some cash!
  17. Ideally they would all go, however if RDM happened to get any of them playing like a decent footballer for Villa then I'd happily be cheering them on next season like the true fickle fan that I am
  18. Except hopefully we wouldn't pay 8 million for him
  19. I thought Dallas looked decent who played for Northern Ireland, he's also looked good the couple of times I've seen him play for Leeds
  20. Yep, but what seems more likely to happen from nearly every other take over is that the owner passes the test and then the club get stuff with a shitty owner. How many owners have failed the test? I have my doubt on the new owner, but you would assume that Hollis has been given evidence that they can afford to buy the club.
  21. Everyone moans that Lerner won't sell, then they moan that he sells to someone who's not right for the club, believe it or not, I doubt there are many people out there that have a 200 million quid in cash spare to buy Aston Villa. We all wanted Lerner out and looking at every other take over that has happened in recent times, lots of the seem to have owners from dodgy background. Hollis had a job, sell the club, if Lerner gets his money, Hollis gets his bonus, I don't imagine an angry backlash from the Internet is much of a concern
  22. Would definitely keep Clark, people say that he's not worth 5 million, Baggies paid 8 million for James Chester last season and that was when there was last money in the Premier Leauge, plus the fact we don't want to have to get 3 new centre halves as we will have Baker back but Okore seems to have delusions of grandeur and he's a bit shit however I'd happily keep him, Lescott is complete shit and Richards is shit and the a sign of everything that was wrong with us last season. On from that I quiet like Clark, at least he takes responsibility, however if there is a 5 million clause we will struggle to keep him
  23. Who from the Derby squad would you like us to sign? I must admit I don't know much about the Championship team.
  24. Lescott was useless for the majority of the season, but he did have a spell for about 3 games where he played well which is more than the rest of them. If I HAD to be pick someone to stay out off Richards, Gabby or Lescott I'd pick Lescott, but then again, that's kind of like pick how you'd like to die, drowning, been shot or torture (Gabby staying)

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