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  1. I can see pluses for everyone on the poll, guess that shows how incredible shit we have become, I've always wanted Moyes, but we have not long got rid of a dour Scotsman so I'm going for Pearson. Bruce would be my last choice but still think he'd give us a chance of getting up, anyway, I'm looking forward to next season
  2. Moyes would be my first choice, then if we couldn't get him I'd go for Pearson, both out of work as well so must have a chance of getting one of them
  3. He's tried in recent games, if we could sack him for being shit then we could end up with a very small squad
  4. Arteta was on then so it was his job People seem to think its Garde stopping him gamble so fair enough, I do like what I see from Veretout, in fact I can see potential in all of our players we signed from France which makes our position all the more frustrating
  5. Disgraceful by Ramsey last night getting in the box on many occasions despite not playing as an attacking midfielder.
  6. Hmm, some what odd response, so you disagree that we need more players to get into the box on last nights performance? Cleverly making runs into the box work ok under Sherwood or do you disagree on that as well?
  7. Ah, no need for him to get in the box then. He's more attacking than Westwood and Gaye so needs to get in the box more, him and Gill.
  8. For our attacking midfielder he doesn't get in the box anywhere near enough. Neat footballer but needs to gamble more.
  9. Okore and Lescott seem to be the only central defenders that work as a partnership this season so let's keep them playing together.
  10. At a guess that's pretty low for a holding midfielder, along with the fact that the 20% he gives away, he manages to do in the most ridiculous areas of the pitch.
  11. Yep, he's shit but he's played left back for more of his career than Richardson so without Amavi would give him a run out against Everton
  12. To be honest, the teams are probably doing us a favour not giving it to Guzan.
  13. How can 'Remi Garde is a done deal, precede 'but Laudrup is a plan B'? Laudrup will start in the new year?
  14. Would have been a better option at centre half than Lescott as well, then again, anyone would probably be better than Lescott
  15. I don't understand this one more game logic if it's correct, if a manager is down to where the board think if they lose the next game then sack him, just sack him now if you have lost that much confidence in him. Even put Kevin MCDonald in charge until we sort out the next manager
  16. Im sure it's been said but the most embarrassing thing for me is that Sherwood was claiming they were all his own signings when the transfer window closed.
  17. He doesn't have much to his game other than scoring headed goals, however he's not going to get dropped so it's got to be Sinclar that gets dropped, as neither do much when they aren't scoring so we can't carry two players. I'd be interested to see how he got on with Aywe up front with him for a few games and Grelish or Gill behind them
  18. No idea why he wasn't the player subbed instead of Gabby as weren't likely to create any chances and without chances he won't do anything
  19. Also, what is this with the centre halves pass the ball to each other for about 5 passes, then pass it wide to a full back who is immediately in trouble
  20. One concern I do have with Richards is his tackles always seem to be very last ditch, not bad if you have one central defender like that but Lescotts the same as well, we could do with a centre half that could stay on his feet more
  21. Really does show where it all went wrong yesterday, can't believe how Sherwood has allowed us to throw away the game. Should have got a message out to Westwood to drop back, and also brought on another central midfielder, even if it was Clark
  22. Ade is taking the piss. 5m is the total amount we have to pay him if he runs out his contract. He want full payment from Spurs and then be allowed to take money on top of that from New club. Might as well let him sit out the season, Not any financial difference. By the grace of God, Ade will be provided for. Changed his faith to islam but takes advice from a christian pastor in search of signs from God about his career choices I can see his logic, nowt wrong with asking different people for advise until you get the answer you want to hear
  23. It made sense to me In my mind, the Gold Brothers and Sullivan only had one interest when they brought West Ham and that was Upton Park knowing they could move to the Olympic Stadium, I just feel they had to invest this year to ensure they were in the premier league for their big move, then they will sell the club as soon as they have their big profit and not give a shit who that sale is to.
  24. The 62m from the stadium sale must help. Without a doubt but its ambition that help them achieve that. Ambition of chairman who wanted their hands on their old stadium. A lot of 1 year loans at West Ham, guess protecting your investment could be classed as ambition but anything they do is for the good of themselves not the club
  25. Think Levy has proved himself to be clueless this window, trying to save money with late bids and no clubs caved in this year, also trying to save a pay off with Adebeyor, rumours he wanted 5 million to leave Spurs, I'm sure with wages and a loyalty fee Adebeyors remaining contract will cost Spurs double that.
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