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  1. Coming through the reserves and Gabby was the least rated of all of them. Maybe he was to stupid to think he had made it, or he's not as daft as we think.
  2. Time will tell, but the stats will be destorted as Bent will score goals, however, the proof will be if we finish above Fulham. Also, the proof is in the watching, and our football is far better without Bent in the team
  3. Gary Cahill has to be one if the most over rated players in the Premier League. I don't care if he plays for Chelsea, he is so poor defensively.
  4. Interesting stat from last season - @WhoScored: Most Premier League goals in 2013: Liverpool 40, Man Utd 36, Chelsea 35, Arsenal 33, Aston Villa 32, Tottenham 30, Man City 28, West Brom 24 Shows that we have goals in us so aims got to be to keep some clean sheets and fancy us for top 10 finish and maybe 7th and Europe? ;-)
  5. Shame Boro aren't still in the Prem as I would have recommended that. Would put her off for life Villa - Boro at Villa Park. Would never take my wife to Villa Park, football and golf is my time.
  6. Maybe it's the fact that he decided to play 4 up front with no width? Man that game was embarrassing and depressing. Anyway, onwards and upwards, it's more likely to be Ireland related.
  7. I'm pretty sure we have given the whole footballing worth permission to speak to any of the bomb squad if it will help us shift them
  8. He will no doubt have loyalty bonus, Sidwell when he left had a loyalty bonus of £200k, so Bent's you would think would £500+ if not more.
  9. Making him captain was treating him like crap? Obviously something happened between Lambert giving him the armband and Bent being sidelined. The theory about Bent's refusal to play any position other than central striker is the most likely in my mind but it's up for debate. Maybe Bent did something un-football related that Lambert didn't feel was befiting of a captain
  10. Vlaar's problem is we expect him to be like Martin Lauren and can just control the defence on his own. Get him in a good defensive until and I think we will see him become a bit more dominant
  11. Why should he take a pay cut, when he knows that if he holds out for longer, Villa will most likely make up the rest of his wages, same as Dunne, Ireland and Given did when he left Man City. Same as all of the "bomb squad", why take a pay cut when you know that closer to the transfer deadline Villa will be just happy to get at least half your wages off the bill and be prepared to make up the difference.
  12. Benteke withdrew his request because clubs saw it as a gamble paying 25 million for a player with one good season. The premier league is littered with players who looked fantastic for a season, I think as Villa fans we feel we know Benteke is different and it's only a mater of time when he plays on the biggest stage, but he won't be going this summer as if teams wouldn't want to pay 25 million, they aren't going to want to pay more than that.
  13. Nobody was prepared to pay 25 million for Benteke, so after a hat-rick against Crewe they aren't going to decide to spend 35 million.
  14. This! Hope he does well for Blackburn
  15. To long now, I won't be joining in any more.
  16. The fact that we have played in the last two games with our defence as Guzan; Lowton, Vlaar, Clark, Luna I would say shows that Lambert still has complete faith in Clark and he is likely to be starting the season with Vlaar. I'm not keen on Clark at all myself, nor Vlaar for that mater but even though Vlaar looked poor at times, our results did dramatically improve when he returned to the side at the end of the season.
  17. Maybe N'Zogbia's injury is a lot worse than originally thought
  18. Good man con Andy Carroll struggles to play 20 games a season.
  19. I had doubts when I turned up to Newcastle at home and he was playing 3/5 at the back again. Ridiculous how long he stuck with that formation. Anyway, all is looking good now.
  20. Most sensible people would feel like this too, I hope we keep Benteke, he has a storming season again and we sell him to PSG/Real for £40m. he's damaged that bond he had but i wouldn't boo him, don't think i've ever boo'd a player in a villa shirt. Not even Hutton/Ireland. Why would you have booed Hutton?
  21. At least he's had the balls to hand in a transfer request. Then again, probably just means his loyalty bonus is very low.
  22. Still doesnt fit into what we want to do.
  23. Not yet but there will be. I told you he would be off. Aren't you great.
  24. . Holt went for 2 million. Anyway, 6 million is a bargain for Bent, so much so there has to be a reason there isn't more interest, either we want more than is been reported or there are some expensive contract issues to sort out or probably both.
  25. Surely that's the going rate if that's the actual sum we receive as every transfer fee reported you claim is around 25% less if not more.
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