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  1. The known subsidiary named in the press release show him as Chairman of Lotus Health Industry Holding Group http://markets.ft.com/research/Markets/Tearsheets/Directors-and-dealings?s=600186:SHH Here is a news release on the RECON website (which has numerous Chairman statements from Dr X). Read the About section at the bottom. http://www.reconig.com/htm/11.htm " Joint Rui Kang Group (RECON): is a business around the world the wisdom of Economy and Capital Management Group, the Group comprises a smart city, smart manufacturing and equipment, health agriculture, wisdom, logistics and new energy, transportation, smart tourism and financial investments 6 large complete industrial platform, 22 hundred independent brands and independent operators. By holding China A shares and overseas listed companies and five shares of more than a dozen industry ecosystem-related companies, asset size of over 100 billion, covering 500 Chinese cities and more than one third of the urban population, a total of more than 5,000 large the projects, including town planning and construction of smart city more than 400 cities. While continuing to ideas and technologies and wisdom "Internet +" for the driver thinking to explore new generation of information technology support, the next generation of innovative knowledge society (innovation 2.0) smart city development model form environment. From the overall perception, interconnection to the intelligent integration of applications, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, in order to achieve harmonization and sharing of resources. Grasp the enormous opportunities for change in the world economy industry 4.0 times, to build production (workers) industry production to 4.0 times from the wisdom of life wisdom maturing ecosystem, a leading industry wisdom economic development of the new economic enterprises. "
  2. If Wyness is to be on the board, Moyes at 25/1 is outstanding value.
  3. The Twitter account for the Official Lions Supporters Club is now: Yorkshire Lions AVFC (@yorkshireavfc) The Facebook group can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/yorkshirelions/ Come along and say hello if you're from the region.
  4. His personal wealth won't come into it. He will just be heading up a consortium of investors.
  5. You missed off "in my opinion". My experience of dealing with venture capitalist organisations is that of restructuring and organisational sell offs. VC are tasked with one main requirement for their investors which is to simply get a return on their capital as soon as possible. I do not believe that their concern will be the long term well being of Aston Villa football club.
  6. Presumably set up the investment vehicle around the time when we granted exclusivity in 2015 to a mystery bidder. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/aston-villa-takeover-edges-closer-5847818 From June 2015: "Randy Lerner's £150million sale of Aston Villa has edged a step closer after an unknown bidder was given exclusivity. Mirror Sport revealed in April that a Chinese consortium were interested in buying the Premier League club, while former Arsenal defender Tony Adams and former IMG and Chelsea executive Paul Smith were also reported to be keen. A third consortium from America is also interested in ending Lerner’s nine-year tenure as chairman. However, one of them have jumped to the front of the queue, according to the Telegraph, and could conclude a deal by the end of next month. Lerner first put Villa up for sale at the end of last season and looks close to finally finding a buyer for the Midlands club. The 53-year-old has reportedly flogged his farmhouse near Villa's Bodymoor Heath headquarters as this latest deal moves closer. Meanwhile, Ron Vlaar has been offered new terms by Aston Villa, while Darren Bent has joined Derby County after being released by the club. Vlaar will be a free agent at the end of the month, with his current contract at Villa Park set to expire ahead of the summer transfer window. However, he could now stay in the west Midlands, after Villa confirmed this morning he would be offered a new deal."
  7. A venture capitalist means asset stripping and an exit strategy from the off. VC owners would be bad news in my opinion...
  8. Oh dear.... I feel this is very bad news.
  9. "The other Catalan sport newspaper Mundo Deportivo seem more reliable on Adama and sound quite well informed indeed: They claim in their Wednesday newspaper that Adama last night had dinner with Stoke City officials and today will be reunited with his old pals Marc Muniesa and striker Bojan at the club's training ground. That doesn't mean Adama is a Stoke City player, Mundo Deportivo explain he's touring clubs and Aston Villa are very much a threat to Mark Hughes' hopes of signing the player. Liverpool aren't mentioned once and the local Merseyside press have insisted claims of Adama interest are wide of the mark" http://sportwitness.ning.com/forum/topics/adama-had-dinner-with-stoke-last-night-at-training-today-aston-vi
  10. This isn't the plaice for that sort of carping. Oh for cods hake, I apologise for bringing the thread down (inadvertently) to fishy puns only 4 pages in. Leading up to the start of the season, forums such as this are tench plaices. This signing cod be an amazing opporttunaty and I don't think we could do any batter.
  11. If we buy this player, I am convinced that something takeover-wise has happened behind the scenes (maybe an additional backer with RL taking a back seat?). Yes, we can't afford to get relegated this season due to the new TV deal but that would be Amavi (statistically one of the highest rated under 23 players in the World), Veretout, an Under 20 World champion and now a player who made his Barcelona debut at the age of 17. Plus in addition to that, we have poached two very highly thought of members of Arsenal's boardroom. Something is fishy... All will be obviously good investments, but why are players coming all of a sudden. Yes, we are well known abroad, but....we have battled relegation for 4 seasons on the trot now. If the new players gel, we might spring some surprises this season.
  12. I think if you were to look at Newcastle objectively you'll find that Ashley probably isn't the big meanie that the media and the fans like to portray. Newcastle's problem starts and ends with their fans. The fans have completely unrealistic expectations for their shithole club and whenever those expectations aren't met (i.e. every. ****. season.) then they hound out the manager or moan about the chairman who must obviously not be doing enough to meet their delusions. Ashley has spent money as you say. He also had a decent manager in place until the fans chased him away. Of course Ashley has made mistakes. Maybe more than most, I don't know. But when you have fans waiting to explode and you have a media who do seem more than willing to paint him as the villain then you end up with a very carefully constructed perception of a bumbling idiot which is the only depiction the rest of us ever see. They are more deluded then the red scouse supporters, They seem to think they have a realistic chance of getting Jurgen Klopp as thier new manager I completely agree that Newcastle are among the most deluded fans in the entire world. In fact, I really really dislike Newcastle (up there with Liverpool for me!) but Mike Ashley has not spent £200m+. His net spend is approx -£20m during his tenure. To compare Ashley to Lerner is ridiculous. Lerner has invested that money, it has not been generated by the club. If Ashley was £200m down on transfers, he probably would be deemed a good chairman, yes.
  13. He hasn't JUST spent 200m and that is all though, has he? That is half the story and the rest is a nightmare - caused by his own doing - not the fans who have suffered. The thing is that it's not about who your owner actually is, but how much money they're willing to throw at their team. If he chucked more money at the problem and we finished 10th rather than 16th in the last 4 seasons, people would be far more forgiving of Lerner - despite Aston Villa being in a far worse financial state. People are actually calling for an oil baron to be our next owner. It's a huge shame. I don't expect millions to be spent, but I also do not expect us to face such terrible cuts, a manager appointed who just relegated our neighbours and to then give a four year contract to a manager who has broken so many unwanted records. As for the cuts, we are told that it has to happen as we were living above our means (spending was 6th on wages, jeesh), so the chairman who came in without a plan, threw money at nothing and then got the chills. HE made the decisions, nobody else. He was to blame, he is to blame and he should absolutely get stick from the fans. It seems he agrees too - that he got a lot wrong. And fair play to him. We won't face terrible cuts again... unless the next owner comes in and overspends, of course. The rest of your first paragraph is narrative that doesn't mean anything. Managerial appointments not being correct? This happens all the time! I would assume the initial plan was to spend big and achieve CL football. We almost did this. Of course, almost isn't good enough so we were lumbered with huge costs and slid down the league, as per every single football club that has taken this approach before and failed (oil baron clubs aside). The difference being that we haven't been relegated and are now operating on steady footing. Lerner's fault? Absolutely. I blame him more than anyone for the state the club got into. However, I also believe he has the clubs' interests at heart and that the drastic cuts were necessary. As I put originally, if he continued to pump money into the club and we finished 10th rather than 16th for 4 seasons, people would be far more forgiving of Lerner - yet it would've been much worse for Aston Villa as a club. Whilst tough as a spectacle, I appreciate that. He just doesn't deserve dogs abuse for me. He messed up, corrected the situation and leaves (potentially) with the club in a decent state. He also gave us the best footballing years that I can remember (I'm relatively young ). Again, we could've had a much worse owner. He is/was a billionaire... He was never short of a few quid ever; he even sold an NFL franchise during the time he has been our clubs custodian... but when Man City came in and changed the playing field, instead of treating it as a new challenge and putting his money where his mouth was; he shat his pants, bottled it and closed his wallet... Therein came the inevitable tumble down the league table year upon year... It is most definitely his fault He was a $Billionaire (just) when he took over and was worth approx £900m (this included his NFL franchise). After taking us over, he spent £300m on Villa (a third of his wealth), went through a recession which badly hit his businesses and got divorced. It is astonishing how people band around the billionaire tag and think that money is no object. He has spent a massive proportion of his wealth on our football club. It sounds as though you have balls of steel so would you give up a third of your wealth to invest in something and not get a twitchy a$*e as you see your overall value plummet?
  14. Hypothetical question for everyone: If a potential owner canvassed the fans now and said "I want to try and get Villa to the Champions League and I am prepared to throw £200m at transfers and pay high wages for 3 yrs to try and break in, if I don't succeed, I will have to make the club self sustaining and will look for additional, outside, investment. Would you want that owner to take over from Lerner? My answer would be yes. What would everyone else's answer be?
  15. Is the CEO not the guy who runs the club? Is the chairman not the face of the club? Just wondering would fox not be better staying in his current role as it is more important? Yes Im sure he would be thrilled at having someone promoted over his head. What has Tom Fox actually done at Aston Villa thats so great anyway ? he had no option to but to sack Lambert then recuited the easiest available option, hardly a great visionary is he ? The CEO is the most important person within an organisation. The Chairman, invariably is a non-executive director. If the Principles of the Corporate Governance Code are followed, the role of a Chairman is as follows: http://www.out-law.com/page-8215 The chairman The chairman leads the board, sets its agenda and ensures it is an effective working group at the head of the company. He must promote a culture of openness and debate and is responsible for effective communication with shareholders (but note the role of the senior independent director as well. (See:Composition and structure of the board, an OUT-LAW guide.) And he must ensure that all board members receive accurate, timely and clear information. The Code says the roles of chairman and chief executive should not be held by the same person. “There should be a clear division of responsibilities at the head of the company between the running of the board and the executive responsibility for the running of the company’s business. No one individual should have unfettered powers of decision” – main principle A.2. The chairman may not always be a part-time non-executive: many are full time and describe themselves as executive chairman, but the roles of chairman and CEO are at least distinct. In addition to the responsibilities described above, the chairman ensures there is a good working relationship between the executive and non-executive directors and sufficient time to discuss strategic issues. By contrast, the chief executive has responsibility for the day to day management of the company and putting into effect the decisions and policies of the board. Any big public company combining the roles of chairman and CEO will have to persuade shareholders that the right checks and balances are in place. (See the case study on Marks & Spencer below). Equally to be frowned upon, according to the Code, is the previously widespread practice of a chief executive stepping up to become chairman of the same company. Those against the practice argue that a new chief executive is going to have a next to impossible job if his predecessor stays as chairman, constantly looking over his shoulder and perhaps disagreeing with any departure from past policies. Those in favour sing the praises of a chairman who may have years of experience with the company, still has much to offer and who is quite capable of establishing a good working relationship with a new CEO. The Code does concede that in exceptional cases the rule may be broken. Any board in breach should consult major shareholders in advance and set out its reasons for the appointment, both at the time and in the next annual report. Banks, in particular, have argued that only the incumbent CEO has the knowledge and experience of a large, multinational group’s operations to fulfil the chairman’s role. This view received some indirect backing from the Walker Report, which argued for a greater emphasis on relevant industry experience among non-executive directors. And much play was made of the fact that of the three UK banks that failed in 2007–2008, RBS, HBOS and Northern Rock, none had a chairman with a banking background. In contrast, the chairmen of HSBC and Standard Chartered, which emerged relatively unscathed from the banking crisis, were lifetime bankers (and both had stepped up from the chief executive role). Case study: How Marks and Spencer got its way Marks & Spencer is a rare case of a major company where the roles of chairman and chief executive have been combined. In 2008, the chief executive, Sir Stuart Rose, was handed the chairman’s job as well – in contravention of principle A.2. Shareholders muttered that this was contrary to the Code, but the company stressed that the roles would be split again when Sir Stuart retired in 2011. In the meantime, the new chairman’s dominance would be counterbalanced by the senior independent director, who was given special responsibility for governance issues. When a resolution was tabled at the July 2009 AGM calling forthe early appointment of an independent chairman, it received an unusually high level of support, from 38 per cent of voting shareholders, but 62 per cent backed the board, and Sir Stuart remained in place. Despite that, a new chief executive joined in early 2010, and the roles were once again separated. Jeremy Peace is chairman of the albion - he runs the show - Likewise Ashley at Newcastle. If you own a business, you can have staff employed calling them what you want, and performed tasks roles you state. What you have quoted would seem to be best practice guidelines. This is best practice guidance however I would expect RL to follow this guidance given his experience with large MNCs and the fact that so much faith has already been put on the Fox. He may appoint an executive chairman although I would imagine that the Fox's role wouldn't change to much and would continue to have the balance of power (as he currently appears to have with RL as chairman and business related decisions).
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