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  1. McGinn = Player of the season so far without question
  2. This game really could go either way! Both sides missing chances, but they are no better or worse than us. Big halftime team talk needed and we can nick this one.
  3. Need to play on the front foot throughout today, score first, then you never know! Narrow win hopefully.
  4. Let them talk the talk, as long as we walk the walk on the pitch! Idiots.
  5. Having seen everything around the club now, what do the owners and board really like and dislike? Is the club going to work with the community/council to improve the look and experience around Villa Park? Perhaps improving any walk from the City Centre, Star City, Aston Hall, train station etc? Is the sound system around Villa Park still as antiquated as mentioned previously and does it still require a major overhaul? Any plans to rename a stand or Villa Park itself? Have the major upgrades with the club shop and north stand been shelved for the time being? At the very least, could the outside of the north stand have a pressure wash? Are the facilities and Bodymoor Heath itself still of the required standard or is work needed here? Does HS2 impact on any future upgrades/improvements? Is the club happy with the current crest/badge? FFP - can the club clarify where are are now and depending on our league status, where we'll be next season?
  6. So your saying there’s still a chance?
  7. Micky Quinn, but without the tash or the scoring touch.
  8. ferguson1

    Ørjan Nyland

    Not sure where, but just go!
  9. Kodjia for Elmo now? Or Angela Lansbury for Whelan??
  10. 19 minutes gone and winning 1-0 away from home? Smith out!
  11. Had come on here to post the same team. Elmo and Adomah offer more defensively than say El G, Baller and Kodj, so don’t expect any of those 3 to start. The only other choice would be Hourihane or Whelan? I’d go Hourihane. Would take a point, but a win would be fantastic. Think 1-1 here.
  12. ferguson1

    John Terry

    A majestic sight on the touch line.
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