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  1. Micky Quinn, but without the tash or the scoring touch.
  2. ferguson1

    Ørjan Nyland

    Not sure where, but just go!
  3. Kodjia for Elmo now? Or Angela Lansbury for Whelan??
  4. 19 minutes gone and winning 1-0 away from home? Smith out!
  5. Had come on here to post the same team. Elmo and Adomah offer more defensively than say El G, Baller and Kodj, so don’t expect any of those 3 to start. The only other choice would be Hourihane or Whelan? I’d go Hourihane. Would take a point, but a win would be fantastic. Think 1-1 here.
  6. ferguson1

    John Terry

    A majestic sight on the touch line.
  7. Can’t believe we haven’t scored a second yet, Bruce out!!
  8. If fit, i’d go with that team as well. Think it’ll be tight, but also think we’ll manage a narrow win. UTV
  9. Very attacking, but we’d be completely overrun in midfield playing that team mate. Grealish can’t be part of a two man midfield, unless we were playing five at the back and even then, I don’t think it would work.
  10. Not arguing, but i’d say McGinn has had a more than decent start to the season. Especially when you take into account his age and the move south. Back on Grealish, I don’t think he’s been as bad this season as some have made out. He’s just not hit the heights of last season yet!
  11. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    I’d say those orange plastic things you refer to were “trick or treat” sweet collectors left behind by Bruce! He loved Halloween and sweets I believe. Smith simply sent the players out to collect them up. Nothing to see here.
  12. Totally agree, actions speak louder than words, so we shall see. I could be wrong here, but didn’t Purslow invest in the club upon joining? If he did, that would also suggest commitment and not someone that’s just here for the ride.
  13. I for one won't take this guy seriously until we receive his first cryptic tweet, then I'll know he's the real deal
  14. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Haven't listened to the interview yet, but what's happened to the "Villa engine"? From the comments on here this evening it all sounds very positive. Onwards and upwards.
  15. Anyway back on topic, with Terry joining us I wonder if he could convince Gary Cahill to drop a division? He's 32 now, but would be good for 2/3 seasons. I suppose the other option would be to go back in for McKenna again. Either way, we need a centre back. I also wouldn't be against a new keeper and left back joining us in January. Probably been discussed, but does anyone know we can cancel any of the current loans in order to free up some space again? Obviously, I don't mean Abraham, El G or Baller.
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