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  1. Jack is the sort of player that you build a team around and we need to when promoted. He really is that good now.
  2. Villa Park could be the difference during the run in and our crowd shouldn't be underestimated. Who will want to come to Villa Park now.
  3. Horrible club, horrible fans and deserve relegation.
  4. Wolves fans are a confident bunch at the moment aren't they and rightly so I suppose. No doubt we'd be the same if we were top. However, their over confidence could be their downfall tomorrow. I just hope we are all fired up and rise to the occasion. We have the players to hurt them and we'll need to defend well throughout, but I predict a very nervy, perhaps fortunate 2-1 win. UTV
  5. Just read the comment from villa89 above and think it's harsh. I'm pretty sure Hourihane can make simple passes, he's a professional footballer after all. He may not dominate the midfield or control a game, but is that his role? I've watched David Platt and Ian Taylor many times down the years and don't remember them dominating a midfield most weeks. What they did do well however, was provide a goal threat from midfield, something Hourihane does very well. Not many midfielders in this league will reach double figures this season, but Hourihane will.
  6. Simply has to start on Saturday ahead of Hogan/Davis. Looks to be a very good loan signing indeed.
  7. Agreed. Don't think anyone would fancy a second leg at a packed Villa Park.
  8. Now nine points above 7th place, which is significant. Minimum objective this season would have been a play off spot and we are not far away from that now. I must admit with others that if we fail to get a top two place, I would like to avoid Wolves and Fulham in the play offs. If Wolves fail to win this evening and we beat them on Saturday, then the top two spots will be wide open again. C'mon Dirty Leeds.
  9. Haha, i think my shell suit caught fire? It was highly flammable
  10. Mid eighties (i think?), youth club, wearing a yellow Slazenger jumper, grey flecks and grey slip ons. I was looking the dogs! Roll on a couple of years and it was shell suit time and Reebok Pump (for anyone that remembers them). I also managed to get some 'Troop' trainers and was the envy of my mates at the time. Great times. Or was the above the other way round?? My brain isn't what it used to be.
  11. ferguson1

    Joe Lolley

    Should have had a Villa shirt under his top to show everyone on scoring! Lolley out!!
  12. ferguson1

    Joe Lolley

    Joe, if you read this later.....i bow to you sir!
  13. Hopefully this is the season that they are flushed down to League One and never return. Administration looms for them. Could be a great summer for us if we're promoted.
  14. No consolation, but if we fail to get second place I would rather Fulham get it. Would then fancy our chances against the rest in the play offs.
  15. ferguson1

    John Terry

    Agree with this that he's the best defender in this league this season. Also, if we are in a play off game/games, I couldn't wish for anyone better in the dressing room. He must be a major influence to the rest of the team. Great signing.
  16. It's either that or shopping with the wife! Bloody tough call.
  17. Totally agree here, top player and surely good enough for the league above. If we get promoted we'd have a chance of signing him I reckon, if we don't, next to no chance.
  18. Let's campaign for agent Dwight Yorke to get the job. Send him in, then ruin them completely. Ian Taylor can be his assistant. It's a plan.
  19. Eleven point gap between us and seventh now. Massive, massive win today.
  20. In no order - Only Fools & Horses I'm Alan Partridge Blackadder Porridge The Office Phoenix Nights Steptoe & Son Fawlty Towers The Likely Lads Early Doors Special mention - Hancock's Half Hour, Rising Damp, The Inbetweeners, Gavin & Stacey, Knowing me Knowing You, Max & Paddy's Road To Nowhere.
  21. Mate, I'd much rather have it this way for sure. Monday's first hour is talk about 'the Voice', but me and the other two lads discuss the weekends games/results. I even mentioned the Stone Roses the other day when discussing music and one of the women rolled her eyes. I nearly stabbed her with my Bic pen.
  22. Talking about toilet stuff at work etc, someone at our work keeps getting piss on the floor around the urinals. We have our suspicions, but there really is no need. A drip or two yes, but this guy must have a real problem or blatant disregard. Basically, I don't want to stand in your piss mate .
  23. It's not a great place that's for sure! I'm on a bank of eight tables of five women and two other lads. One lad was on leave and other was agreeing with me on most comedy levels. It was the women bigging up what I would call 'the shite stuff'. You should have heard the film discussion. Suffice to say 'Dirty Dancing' was being quoted several times.
  24. I totally get you mate, but wanted to see what the fuss was about with the Grand Mac. We only tend to have it now if the kids insist on it and we're hungry. I also totally get the hungry bit!
  25. Tin hat time, but I really can't understand the love fest for 'Mrs Brown's Boys'? People at working quoting lines from it the other day and talking about it as the best comedy ever, and I'm sitting there thinking it's shite. I love lots of comedy in the vein of Only Fools, Partridge, Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, Porridge, Steptoe, and underrated stuff like 'Early Doors'. Someone at work even suggested that 'My Family' was up there with the best! Each to there own, but dear me. Perhaps I'm getting very old and showing my age?
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