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  1. Think it’s probably been said, but i hope us fans respect the minute silence for him at our next home game. RIP Doug.
  2. Without checking, i’m sure you’re right mate. When you also think of Keane, Clarke, Wilkins etc, we’ve not had much luck with assistant coaches.
  3. Just hope this isn't another false dawn. I've read comments on this site previously when we employed Culverhouse and Clemence etc, that they were the brains behind previous managers and what a coup it was getting them. Didn't quite work out that way for us though. I simply know nothing about the guy, but very much hope he's a success here, along with Smith and Terry. Welcome Richard.
  4. Let’s just put Dwight out of his misery and give him an interview. He’s like the last one to be picked in the playground every time. #indwightwetrust
  5. I’d honestly give Collins a go now next to Chester and change things in January.
  6. Another weekend ruined by utter shite. Second half was a disgrace. Can’t remember a shot on target second half? Grealish needs to start finding some kind of form again, because we create very little for our strikers. Bolasie needs to start games. New manager has got a massive job to do in firstly installing some confidence back into the players. Then sorting the car crash of a back four out. The squad is so disjointed. Thanks Kmac for stepping in, but these players now need a big kick up the arse,starting next week.
  7. Another weekend ruined. Sometimes I hate football.
  8. Bree would be a starter, Axel for main course.
  9. Need to get Collins fit during the international break and then start playing him next to Chester.
  10. Need to go 433 now, with Kodjia, Bolasie and Abraham up top. Shot to shit at the back, so may as well try and out score them.
  11. Well bugger. Could be 10 points behind the leaders after today.
  12. Looks like we’ve put our boots on today! I can smell the hotdogs!!
  13. It’s witchcraft this passing game! Kmac should get the ducking stool after this.
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