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  1. Thanks Steve for doing your best. Have a good break now!
  2. Look at the newspaper headline! It was Benni McCarthy!! Still aggrieved that we never signed him and finally released from Julie B's basement. Or is he grassing up Julie B??
  3. ...............all rolled up in a Naan!
  4. The rebuild starts tomorrow surely!
  5. So 6 point gap at present from top. How we are still in contention just shows how poor this league is. Can't afford for the gap to get bigger though.
  6. Pathetic and a disgusting player are not words i’d use to describe him. He’s simply not a centre half and shouldn’t be asked to play in that position. He’s a defensive midfielder, nothing more.
  7. I guess he gets the Bristol game then? Even if win 5-0 on Friday, how many false dawns have we had since he's been here?
  8. Great news for Jack, his family, us fans and the club! He's one of our own!!
  9. I do think JT as interim manager until the season end, isn't as bonkers as it may seem. Knows the place, knows the squad, respect of the players, vast experience. With a good coach or two alongside him, it could work. I'd be happy to give it a go from tomorrow.
  10. Hope he's got a carvery booked with the manager today and agrees on his exit package.
  11. 1 win in 8. I don't think it's too arrogant to expect more from a club and team of our size and stature. It's a piss poor league this year and am surprised that we're only 5 points behind the leaders. I said earlier, I don't dislike the manager and can see why he started the season with us, but enough is enough now. I don't expect him to resign, so we must act now and salvage our promotion hopes. Who, I'm not sure? Thanks for your contribution Steve, now move aside and let someone take us forward.
  12. "I hear people say that he can't play centre half". Well, I'd say people are right Steve!
  13. JT as an interim manager? His mate at Derby seems to be doing ok!
  14. I know a manager doesn't do this nowadays, but I would have more respect for him if he resigned now. He simply cannot motivate a very talented squad and to leave us with one centre half was sheer stubbornness, when he was clearly forcing the club to sign JT. I have no ill feeling towards him, but he has reached a point where he must be replaced now and we then have a slim chance of promotion. Thanks Steve.
  15. Could’ve been within two points of the top tonight
  16. Sign of a great goal when it gets better the more you see it. Simply fantastic goal.
  17. Can’t afford to keep dropping points when you want promotion. Needs to be a win today or it’s simply not good enough.
  18. The man mountain that was Richard Dunne! How has he been so overlooked? Get it done.
  19. ferguson1

    John Terry

    Disappointing if true! What a mess our defence is at present.
  20. ferguson1

    John Terry

    Don't think this is happening now, as surely we would have had him training intensely for two full weeks. Hope there's still a chance, but why the delay otherwise?
  21. I've had a few hours to reflect on the result/performance today and I would still like a change of manager right now. But and it's a very big but, I think one move could save Bruce. He convinces the board this week to sign a centre half who is currently a free agent. We all know who his preferred option is and if Terry came back, it would lift the players, fans and by the next game, we'd no doubt get behind the team again. Terry, Caulker, Huth? Any of these would do. However, I would personally change Bruce now with someone who can at the very least organise us correctly and get the
  22. "we didn't put our boots on today"
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