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  1. Would love to hear us going for Solanke, Afobe or Long today on loan. We're in a great position right now and would hate us to fall short because of an injury or lack of depth up top. C'mon, there must be a contact in the 'black book' that we haven't spoken to yet!
  2. Ok, a little over 24 hours until the window shuts and a striker still wanted. Who can Steve call from the little black book of Bruce? Are any of these then possibles during tomorrow? - Gayle, Ings, Solanke, Wells, Long, Afobe, Defoe, Mitrovic, Berahino, McBurnie. Can't think of any others at this time.
  3. I assume during the aforementioned video that the annoying background noise is a woodpecker pecking at the back of his wooden head? Doesn't even feel it or flinch, which means it must be solid stuff! There's no veneer in ere!!
  4. A real shock and awful news. Saw some of our best football when he played. Thoughts are with his family. RIP BIG MAN. A true legend of the game.
  5. Sturridge is also in the same boat as Ings and Solanke. Wants games before the World Cup squad is picked. Again and i agree with you also, plenty of Premiership clubs would take a punt, but you never know. We need to be patient until the final week of the window i think, then we maybe surprised who joins on loan.
  6. My Liverpool season ticket Uncle has said that Ings and Solanke want first team football with the hope of making the World Cup squad. Both want loans to Premier clubs, but I wonder if this is what Bruce meant about being patient and waiting til the end of the window? If there are no Premiership takers, do they then consider Championship clubs? Wouldn't fancy Ings, but Solanke could be a good option. No doubt there's plenty of other Premiership squad players thinking the same. The waiting game is horrible, but can see why it happens.
  7. Managed to see some films at the cinema and at home over Christmas: The last Jedi: In the main I thought it was ok, but some bits I really didn't like. A little too much banter/jokes and not enough tension for my liking. Visually beautiful though. Paddington 2: I liked it and kids loved it. Feel good film and some real funny moments. Hacksaw Ridge: Good solid war film. Slow for an hour, but story building and then the action kicks in. Enjoyed it and nice touch at the end hearing some accounts from the brave who fought. King Arthur (2017): Guy Ritchie's attempt was an epic failure for me. Awful. Even the 2004 version was better. Good cast, let down by a poor script. I suppose some of the special effects were ok.
  8. McGrath, Regis, Merson and Keane. Really enjoyed watching them play for us.
  9. Whoever fed him a 'Tesco' turkey, thank you!
  10. Is this man making a difference or is it coincidence?
  11. The Queen Paul Gascoigne Clint Eastwood David Jason Duke of Edinburgh
  12. Love the optimism folks and I am a big Benkeke fan, but I cannot see a loan signing like this in our present position. Firstly, I think Benteke would flatly refuse to play in the Championship during a World Cup season. Secondly, his salary must be best part of 100k a week, so even if Palace subsidised this, we couldn't do it with FFP. I would take him in a heartbeat, but just won't be happening. We are more than likely looking at loaning an u23 player from a top club.
  13. Yep, can't agree more. Bit off topic, but if Barnsley think anything of him, perhaps a swap deal involving Tom Bradshaw and cash could be done? Can't think of any other Barnsley players worth having.
  14. It's a good point to be fair. Danny Ings is another, who would be a risk and probably need 10 games plus to start looking like a real player again. Iheanacho would be a fantastic loan signing, but not sure if he would be a realistic option? Clearly, we need a forward player though.
  15. Happy with any of the above on loan mate. I'd also take either Crouch or Long on loan. We just need another striker to take the pressure off Davis.
  16. Got to play him now and over the Christmas period. Don't care if at centre half or centre mid, he just has to play.
  17. I think its Oscar Borg? Although, many on here better than me will confirm if this is fact.
  18. Reminds me of Gary Penrice and that's not good.
  19. Most of my favourites have already been mentioned, the Tranmere and Inter games at home. However, supporting the Villa during big Ron's time has to be my favourite period to date. Big Ron's first game and I was there with my dad, such a special day. I could have cried when Staunton scored at the death. Beating Liverpool at home when Saunders scored two on his home debut. The cup final win v Man Utd of course and a real stand out away game for me was beating Spurs 5-2 away in April 1992. I was 17 years old and my dad surprised me with two tickets the night before. Two nil down then Regis, Daley and Yorke tore Spurs a new one with some fantastic interplay and goals. Great time to be a fan.
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