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  1. Hopefully we don't go down the "got to be English" route again, all the English managers around right now are dog shit, would rather Pellegrini tbh. Maybe see if we can tempt Bilic?
  2. I know how we can fix that, scrap EPPP and make it even cheaper for big teams to hoard and then never develop young talent!
  3. Crouch on Kane - "We've seen him doing things we've never seen him do", yeah like taking **** Set Pieces! Why the **** was he allowed to keep taking them after he was so shit at them in the **** friendlies! The one time he didn't take one, Dier **** scored from a free kick FFS!
  4. Fair play Iceland, they deserve. Sack everyone but Rashford, the only player that can hold his head high after this tournament, maybe Vardy.
  5. Even we somehow score, Woy should be sacked the moment the final whistle goes.
  6. Well yes, I know, but that's kind of my point, the chances of us adopting the Euro were non-existent, now they're slightly higher than non-existent due to that future improbability.
  7. There's no now about it, it was never going to happen, in fact, a leave vote has increased the likelihood, because if we ever want to rejoin, we'll have to accept the Euro.
  8. With Xia in charge I wouldn't have thought we'd need to go to such extremes to raise funds.
  9. At least Remain voters waited until after the referendum to demand another, unlike Farage who was demanding one beforehand
  10. According to the CIA World Factbook, in 2015 in the UK, they were; 15-24:- 12.41% (7,951,742) 65+: 17.73% (11,365,586) So considering you'd have to shave off 15-17 year olds too, 65+ is significantly bigger. Edit: Added numerical totals, dunno what the statistics for registered voters are though.
  11. Just looked it up, and of course Barnsley is 95.2% English, and only 0.4% of the population is Muslim, with less than 1% having Religions which your typical racist would confuse as Muslim (i.e Sikh, Hindu, etc.), of course the prick* thinks Muslims are flooding into the country ruining the place, he's probably never even met a **** Muslim! *Note: This prick in particular, not all Leave voters before anyone says.
  12. That isn't an answer. That doesn't tell us at all what they plan to do about immigration. If we want to trade with the EU, we'll have to accept free movement, so what are Leaves actual plans to deal with immigration?
  13. The green movement as a force for ill The entire premise of it is saving the **** planet, how is it a force for ill!?
  14. "I hate how the government are running things, let's give them more power, that'll show 'em!" If people really have voted along this line of reasoning, there's even more idiots in this country than I thought.
  15. The one positive for me from this shit show is at least Farage and UKIP can **** off now, they literally have no reason for existing anymore.
  16. Ha Ha, as if that would ever happen... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3458534/Aston-Villa-suffer-humiliation-hands-21S-Remi-Garde-watches-team-lose-3-0-closed-doors.html
  17. At least they weren't both on the same day like Lewis Kinsella
  18. L'Equip were reporting it, although a Journo for the Liverpool Echo, who I presume is slightly closer to the club, has said they're not interested.
  19. What respectable source is telling us it isn't happening with firm proof? Because the Daily Mail certainly isn't "respectable".
  20. A two line paragraph, with no quotes in what is essentially a gossip article on the Daily Mail? Must be true...
  21. No. As an ex-nose and given his reputation, I think he'd rather stay at Norwich or wait for a Premier League team to come in for him, which I'm sure at least one will try and get a bargain, especially considering the rumours that Norwich might be financially screwed. Would love him though, the sort player we could do with, although I'd prefer to see Grealish and Traore on the wings personally.
  22. Never really liked Top Gear, and didn't watch it last night (well, I caught 5 minutes of it and turned off as I was thoroughly bored), but I see Chris Evans seemed to have a bit of a Benitez-esque meltdown on twitter. FACT. The one thing I did notice from watching that first 5 minutes or so, Evans was trying his hardest to be Clarkson. If you want Top Gear to become it's own, new thing, don't try imitate what it was.
  23. No way Leicester will allow Schmeichel to leave, he's way too important to them. I think a lot of the rumours about him being on his way because they've signed Zieler are overlooking the fact that Zieler counts as Home Grown for the Champions League, add that to how good he is and the fact he cost £2.6m, why wouldn't Leicester want him, even as a rotation/back up? It's a great signing, and the sort of shrewd signing that they'll need to keep making to keep a CL spot. As for de Gea to Real, I'm pretty sure that Zidane supposedly wants to keep Navas as his #1 and doesn't want de Gea, doubt
  24. Technically we're still a Premier League team, so were still bottom
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