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  1. Not really as it was 2 years ago compared to about 3 days ago, not to mention that only 3 of the players that played tonight played in that game, most wouldn't give a shit about what happened before they joined. Edit - Just to add, if anything it would've been Leeds that were more motivated by that game, as they felt more aggrieved by the game than us.
  2. You just need to look at any Leeds fans comments about the result, most I've seen mention Gabby, it clearly bothered them, and that feeling was likely shared by their players.
  3. We played badly and the team certainly deserve flak, but Gabby wrote their **** teamtalk for them with a needless dig at them, he should just keep his mouth shut in future as we aren't in a position to give our opponents any extra motivation.
  4. First time he's ever done it I think though. Before Nuno joined Wolves, he was a central midfielder, so his primary experience in defence has been under Nuno's 3 at the back.
  5. Whilst I dislike the idea of a Super League, a part of me really wants to see it, just to see what happens to teams like Arsenal when 5 years in they've routinely scrapped at the bottom, barely won and their attendances have dropped to 25%, I wonder how the Super League's "Top 6" will respect Arsenals heritage and stature when they've become the turd that won't flush. And how will those teams like the Super League when all they're fans get bored of supporting teams that lose more often than win and move on? How big will there slice of the pie be when they aren't drawing the crowds the others d
  6. Our relegations were more recent, it's the 9 teams with the current longest spell in the league. It's arbitrary really though, the proposal has been designed so any 3 clubs could fill that slot, all that's needed is the top 6 to agree on something to implement changes.
  7. Man Utd and Liverpool in being huge words removed using a pandemic as a power grab shocker. Some of the notable awful suggestions; - Reduction to 18 teams in PL, which essentially means kicking two teams out of the EFL, which could well be a death knell to those clubs. - Scrap the League Cup and Community Shield, only to start the season later and introduce a summer tournament, so they can have their money making friendlies i.e. nothing to do with the complaints players have over playing too many games, just that the Cup doesn't earn them enough money. - "Special status" to 9 t
  8. Still won more post war than Leeds in their entire history...
  9. Oh, we are definitely getting pumped 4-0 or something. We were shocking against them in the Championship, and even the couple of years before they went down when they were terrible. We were actually decent against them when they were good.
  10. This is ultimately what I don't get about Bielsa. He's raved about as being amazing, and I get that he's certainly a manager's manager, but if you look at every manager inspired by him, they take his ideas but convert them in to something much better and add the stability that makes his ideas workable. That's why Bielsa hasn't won a major trophy for 30 years. Professional sport is littered with visionaries who are so obbsessed with their systems that they can't see the faults or can't apply the system to get sustained success, who are then followed by much better coaches that perfect their ide
  11. Hahaha, did you manage to miss Gomez playing attacking midfield against Leeds or van Dijk giving Bamford an assist?
  12. That he's not sure if Barkley is an upgrade for us and that being an England regular doesn't mean much.
  13. Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but there's no Alisson and no Mane for them, that's two huge players that they massively rely on. Still going to be a massive ask obviously, but with those two out, our chances improve massively.
  14. We could lose 10-0 and everyone would still be talking about Utd losing.
  15. Baggies losing 2-0 to Southampton. Starting to look like the bottom four could be cut adrift from everyone else come the end of the season.
  16. So how long after the match does Bruce say the win should "shut a few up"?
  17. Wesley and Kalinic I assume. Also wouldn't be surprised to see either Lansbury or Nyland have their contracts terminated as they both have just one year left on their contracts too.
  18. How the hell has Dallas got away with that?
  19. Scored on his League debut for us as well to be fair.
  20. More likely to be due to squad size, you can only register 25 players, and we have 28 senior players now that Luiz, Davis and Konsa(?) no longer count as U21. We could register a 25 man squad with Wesley, Kalinic and Nyland/ Heaton likely to miss out, but would leave us with no room for any additions other than U21s, hence we need to sell.
  21. Supposedly it's Leicester's club doctor (ex?) that died of cancer recently.
  22. Yes he did, but the point he was making was that the authorities don't respect them as they aren't "big enough", so they've given them a schedule where they'll be playing every two days over the next week or so.
  23. It was, for me it's what made the goal, drew the defender freeing up the pass from AEG to Trez and then giving him time to line up the pass across to Watkins. All round a well worked goal.
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