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  1. Fair enough, wasn't having a go, just I see it a lot as if Sinclair scoring for Celtic means he's suddenly amazing.
  2. I don't really get this sentiment about Sinclair, not just on here but from football fans in general, that him doing well means we've lost some great player that could help us currently. He's playing against League 1/2 level opposition, the standard in Scotland is atrocious. I was at their game v Motherwell a couple months ago in the cup, they won 5-0 and Motherwell were possibly the worst team I have ever seen, could hardly string together more than two passes, our team from last season could've beaten them by a few goals.
  3. His crosses have always been awful, they look fancy and he puts curl on them that makes you think they're good, but they rarely beat the first man.
  4. Also not actually true. If you don't arbitrarily cut off the Bournemouth game to make it worse, it's 8 in our last 55. Not saying it's good, but why lie to make the shitshow look even worse?
  5. Not to mention he denied that he refused to play (or sit on the bench), as well as most evidence pointing to Black being a bit of a dickhead.
  6. Unless I've missed something, aren't the Sun (and those quoting the Sun) the only ones talking about that? There not exactly the best source for truth...
  7. How disrespectful to tell fans why he decided to block a move
  8. That West Ham fans sit too far away from the pitch in the new stadium I believe, that the atmosphere will be better. Or possibly that he didn't think the quality was great, therefore if we got promoted the Europa won't be far away.
  9. Whilst that would be amazing and unlikely anyway, he announced about an hour ago that Man Utd would be his last club in Europe, so even less chance of him coming here.
  10. He has 1 in 4 games, if he plays 46 games he'll get 11 goals at that rate
  11. I assume DoF will be the same as Technical Director, if so, suggests it's not Round after all?
  12. I know which one you're on about, but I'm not just thinking of that one pass, I was thinking it pretty much throughout the entire game, the one that got intercepted was just a particularly bad example. On the whole I just felt like it was all a little too slow, I remember Grealish or Bacuna often having to almost stop their runs to control a pass behind them. By the time pretty much any pass Westwood made over 10 meters got to the intended target, the ball was almost stopped. The rest of the game he was good, I just felt he had a bit of an unusually poor game for passing.
  13. Whilst I thought he mostly played quite well, his passing last night was really bad. They were accurate, yes, but he never hit them with any pace at all, by the time the ball reached it's man, it was practically at a standstill, and most of the time his passing absolutely killed any pace we had in counter attacks or when switching flanks. Other than that he put himself about well and until the last 20 was very good, but most players tired in the last 20 so not much of a specific criticism. I do really rate Westwood, but his passing last night was poor.
  14. Well, this is Inflation in football compared to UK Inflation, that is not sustainable at all.
  15. If Clark couldn't break his legs in training, then I'm sure he'll be fine
  16. Did you accidentally post something about Tony Xia? Easy mistake to make. Beaten to it, Damn you Richard
  17. Rumours that were started by one of those Forest Echo News tits, so definitely not true.
  18. Didn't realise it was possible to be a bigger laughing stock than ourselves
  19. Have you never heard of Ian Holloway? I would've thought it would be obvious over the last 10 years that Holloway is a bell end.
  20. Pulis was at Palace, presumably that's what he's on about, that Steve Clarke would replace, but it obviously didn't happen.
  21. 1. What's wrong with ambition? Man City made it fairly high in a short space of time. Maybe top 3 is slightly OTT, but again what's wrong with ambition? 2. And what if RDM only thinks we need £5m this summer? Is that Tony's fault? Should he say **** you I promised the fans money and buy players RDM doesn't want? 3. Guzan has already left and Gana is close. Plus, Tony said players would be told they were leaving, how do you know that hasn't happened? Telling a player you don't want them doesn't make them instantly leave. 4. But they haven't left? If we don't want to sell, we don'
  22. Unfortunately that isn't due to him leaving necessarily, it's due to it being internationals season, he was taking part in the blockbuster that befits a player of his ability... He helped Curacao beat US Virgin Islands 7-0
  23. By just plugging the text at the bottom in to google translate, he says something like "I'm bound to Aston Villa by a contract. If it pleases God you'll hear in the coming days", then "Three years. Not Two years." when asked about how long his contract was for, and judging by the next question I think his previous answer can be interpreted as "I signed for Three years, so Two left." Then when he's asked if he'll stay for the two years of his contract in the second decision "We'll see. We'll see." It's all very non-committal. Personally it seems he'd be willing to give it a year in the Cha
  24. It was fair, if only to counteract Con's ludicrous praise he constantly heaped on him. Plus he was shit.
  25. Looks decent, especially as he's only 21, and I think I'm right in saying he'd count as Home Grown due to his time at Utd. All round looks like it could be a pretty good signing.
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