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Medical advice needed.

Got a pain/ache at the left hand side of my head, at the back from the ear to the top of the neck. Had a flu type bug last week and coughed a lot, was thinking I jarred by head but not sure.

I've no time to go to doctors as I am usually sat in their waiting room for between 40 and 60 minutes.

So wondering if anybody here can throw me some advice.

I have tried over the counter lain killers but cannot use those for long.

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Boots Web MD lists 12 possible conditions. I will rate their severity via the medium of emoticon...

Middle ear infection :(

Auricular haematoma :unsure:

Swimmer's ear :mellow:

Earwax blockage -_-

Chronic sinusitis :(

Foreign object in the ear canal :wacko:

Perichondritis :huh:

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TJS) :huh:

Shinges (herpes zoster) :blink:

Thyroid cancer :wave:

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