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Wasn't there myself but 2 of my mates were and they called me immediately after,

Both very impressed by an apparently down to earth, apparently honest bloke with a sense of humour.

Said the right things and both have come away looking forward to the season

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I was there, and although all very PC, is was ok. General points

1. Wouldn't recognise Makoun if he was stood in front of him, and as reported said 'if you put Makoun into a sat nav it wouldnt find him

2. Kept re-iterating that all he knows is to try and win, and at no point will he not try and beat anybody.

3. Made many references to his desire to get the crowd on side

4. Made many references to villa being a very big club

5. Said there was good morale amongst the players

6. Said Brett Holman was incredibly quiet and that Chris Herd should leave barmen alone

7. Said that Delia had never cooked for him

8. He once inherited a player at Norwich that was so bad he genuinely googled him to see if he was actually a footballer!!!

9. Said Ciaran Clark is never a midfielder, emphasised several times, but he is a very good centre half. and would work really well with Vlaar.

10. Laughed rather uncomfortably when someone made reference to the fact that he had worked out Hutton and Warnock were not good enough!

11. Said he would be happy to go into the season with the squad he has - as he would do

12. He just wants hungry players who care and want to run for the club

13. Has banned all mobiles, tablets, etc from the training ground - they are there to play football and that is all that matters

14. Asked about Grant Holt he said he would not be allowed to buy fresh air from Norwich, and that they would probably price Holt at £100m if he asked about him. Also referenced his age of 31 not being a worthy investment, before back tracking a little on that.

15. If he could buy any player it would be Messi

16. Asked about Snodgrass he said that not every player that would have been right for Norwich is the right fit for Villa

17. Said he is very influenced by MON, as he is the best motivator he has ever worked under

18. Said there are a few options on captain but still a few days to decide

19. Was very appreciative of the support for Stan, as very close friends, and very pleased to hear 19minute applause will continue

20. He felt very uncomfortable when away fans chanted 'Paul Lambert's Claret and Blue army' at Norwich match, and felt very sorry for McLeish

21. he has changed the dugout, as right hand dugout is where linesman comes to, so he get in his ear - whilst also being nearer Holte end

22. He said he would retire if he won the Champions League for us

23. He hasn't got a plan for the future, he doesn't work to plans, he just aims to give his best everyday and win - he doesn't know what could happen tomorrow

This is all i can remember of the top of my head at the moment

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He hasn't got a plan for the future


An 11 old lad asked him if he had a 5 year plan, like we have always heard. he said he is not a big planner in that sense, and asked the boy if he had a 5 year plan of where he would be at 16. The boy said, i want to be playing for Villa - which of course drew good crowd support.

He basically said that he cant count on what happens tomorrow, and always approaches each day one at a time and aims to win. I am sure that his team do have plans for many things, but i guess i can understand his lack of commitment to forecasting where we will be in 1 or 2 or 3 years.

He did laugh and suggest that if he did fall short of any quoted expectations that it would of course be Paul Faulkners fault!!!!

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I12. He just wants hungry players who care and want to run for the club


I dont know how true this is... for e.g if a lot of senior players wernt bothered would he just bring through a load of youngsters ? However i do like the sound of it.

He made many references to changing the culture of the squad, and i guess we all appreciate who these players are!!! He also asked for patience from the fans for the youngsters that he said will now be trying to express themselves through attacking football - because that are going to make mistakes sometimes and he wants us to give them the leeway to do this.

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He hasn't got a plan for the future


Lambert doesn't truly know what kind of team he's inherited yet. He's had a pretty easy pre-season where his team against lesser opponents bossed games. Yet despite a few stumbles towards the end he still doesn't really know how his team stack up against Premier League opposition. He can't really make plans like "get Villa top 6" when despite his best efforts the side could currently be only worth 10th. I think if he makes any plans at all it will be next season.

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