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  1. Does anyone think Jack might be doing this out of his love of villa? Perhaps he fears his shin problem is worse than we all think, and he knows that his career will be hugely limited, so he is sacrificing himself and playing for the club he loves, to give us a huge boost and lift up in our quest to reach the top 4. If his shins deteriorated he would become near worthless and would also not contribute in a team that over-relied on him. With this move he sorts out out investment in the team for several years, he levels out FFP, which has to be a consideration, he allows us to significantly strengthen and better balance our team, and he sets himself up for life. who knows Will Jack wear villa pants under his City shorts???
  2. I truly believe we will be stronger without him, and with the money reinvested
  3. I don’t think he will fit peps style at all, and could struggle, and he won’t be the big star up there. I also think we could be more balanced and stronger with three quality replacements. Even before his injury teams were working him out, and with threats from different areas I think we can be more effective and stronger. And if he continues to struggle with his shins then perhaps we could be cashing out at the right time
  4. I have sat in a player negotiation with Jonathan Barnett, albeit for a cricketer, and 20 years ago - but it is purely and simply about the £££. The player wasnt there, and he said they wanted x, we countered and offered y, and after a bit of back and forth we settled in the middle - 5 minutes over a cup of coffee. The fact is City will offer more than Villa, and the only decision is heart versus head. Does it make any difference to Jack if he earns £300k or £200k a week - after tax its hardly like his going to struggle ever. His decision is his lifelong love of villa versus chance of guaranteed success - not a easy call at all
  5. Absolutely, City have more than likely broken many ‘rules’ to get to where they are, but how are we me meant to compete ultimately if the investment can only be made to a limited level. it doesn’t matter how rich our owners are, unless they have a very creative plan to bridge the gap. With our turnover so low in comparison to Arsenal for eg, developing, keeping and attracting the players to maintain a top four position is beyond our current financial means - legally! Leicester are the closest to breaking the cartel legally, but that model is based on selling their stars to balance the books, whilst finding and developing new ones.
  6. Signs are building! As I mentioned earlier my contact at City told me they have a hospitality box reserved, and he was under the impression it was for Jack - as he knew i wouldn’t be happy!
  7. There is a chance Jack might go, but life moves on and it wouldn’t be the end of the world - it could actually move us forward. I have heard that City have a box on hold for him, so it is definitely something that is a possibility. They have had boxes on hold for other players that never came off, so not guaranteed, but cannot be discounted. We have seen already with Buendia that there are other ways to win football matches, and there is no guarantee that Jack would be as effective when he wasn’t the only focal point. It could make him even better, or he could look a little lost like he did at times for England, when he wasn’t brought into the game as consistently as he is at villa. Our owners are astute, and whatever happens we are moving in the right direction, and you can guarantee that whatever happens with Jack that they have a plan that is more likely to succeed than not!
  8. Southgate is a disgrace with this performance! If England win it will be in spite of him, or because of him!
  9. I wouldn’t say it was unimpressed, more a case of knowing what he is capable of when the team works around him, and he has confidence to take it on
  10. He is definitely subdued, not sure if Southgate direction, or ridiculously slow build up play, or preserving energy as already through, or lack of confidence playing with England - versus the confidence he has when playing for us
  11. Coufal did a number on Jack last time out, let’s hope he gets one back on him this time!!
  12. Best player for England tonight
  13. Almost like Southgate told them not to pass to Jack, totally isolated and ineffective out on the left!
  14. Any danger we are getting the sales in before Jack goes??? Three of four players to replace him?
  15. No......but probably a terribly underwhelming one. United wonder what on earth they bought him for, and no one seems to understand or know how or where is meant to play!
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