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  1. I wouldn’t say it was unimpressed, more a case of knowing what he is capable of when the team works around him, and he has confidence to take it on
  2. He is definitely subdued, not sure if Southgate direction, or ridiculously slow build up play, or preserving energy as already through, or lack of confidence playing with England - versus the confidence he has when playing for us
  3. Coufal did a number on Jack last time out, let’s hope he gets one back on him this time!!
  4. Best player for England tonight
  5. Almost like Southgate told them not to pass to Jack, totally isolated and ineffective out on the left!
  6. Any danger we are getting the sales in before Jack goes??? Three of four players to replace him?
  7. No......but probably a terribly underwhelming one. United wonder what on earth they bought him for, and no one seems to understand or know how or where is meant to play!
  8. Utd fans think they will rotate against Roma, as the tie is effectively won. They think they will play full side against us to secure points and pretty much secure second place. Then they will rest against Leicester as they don’t mind them displacing Liverpool or Chelsea or both from the top 4, and then will go full team and all out to beat biggest rivals Liverpool
  9. If I was the owner (and appreciate i am not) I would be concerned and asking some serious questions!
  10. Poor from Smith, Shy Barkley instead of Davis is beyond me???!!!!
  11. Simply not good enough. Manager needs questioning, recruitment needs serious attention. Clearly we are not getting relegated this year, but play like this next year then we MAY!!
  12. It says something when sides like Brighton seem able to create chances at will (ignoring the fact they can’t convert them). We look completely devoid of ideas without Jack, how can that be possible with highly rated well played players???
  13. What will everyone feel if we end up 14th/15th, because that is where we are heading!
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