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  1. No, its because they are human and humans make mistakes at any level however versed they are in their profession. They are not perfect, the problem is some make more mistakes than others. This argument would of course hold more weight if these strange tactics and changes made came to fruition but more than often they don't. Its even more surprising how often managers get sacked too given your argument I mean they obviously know best.
  2. Lambert obviously thinks there's something in it, his comments do indeed suggest that Okore would be a back up too. Course he could just be using it as an excuse as to why we've been so poor at the back.
  3. This all day long Mike, it seems this bit is largely ignored and its better just to stare at the league table, snore.
  4. Well done Paul you managed to improve us in the second half against a newly promoted side, who have gone through a managerial change and are incorporating more new players than us and who have the second worst defence in the league. It's almost like that rally in the second half ignores Guzans saves and them hitting the woodwork, twice. A game is over 90 minutes and we didnt do enough in that 90 minutes to win or warrant winning that game. 442 worked in a second half against a team already 2 0 up, who knew this formation wouldnt work away from home with a player providing the width on
  5. This is very true Mantis but sitting back and attacking on occasion and having 1 shot on goal is more than likely not going to win you a game, its McLeish-esque. And yes Everton do play a different way to Liverpool they have more of the ball so yes I can see why he might have set up to counter attack but this is then completely negated by having Holt on the pitch. Also this was by no means a full strength Everton side and one that may have been susceptible to a team that was more positive in its thinking a team similar to the one that beat West Brom a team on a high and one that could carr
  6. None of them are anywhere near as effective as Gabby. Holt actually worked in the first half. Lambert's line-up for that game was spot on, it was not adapting to the changes Martinez made where he fell short. Just because we were winning in that first half does not mean his tactics were spot on. We were under pressure or at least in our own half nearly the entire game and Martinez just upped the ante by making even more positive changes. Had he kept continuity from the previous two games we may even have scored more than one goal which btw was our only shot on target that ent
  7. Sounds about right, thats what are well known for doing with youth players. And yet this is 100% not true.
  8. That's just at home though. What are the away defence stats like? The point is Mantis is you'd want the defence improved both home and away not just improved so significantly away (in part down to an 8 0 thrashing) that it means the overall goal difference is better. I couldn't really care less if our home defence was slightly worse - just so long our defence is better overall. Pretty sure that if we had a worse defence overall this seaosn but a better defence at home then it would be laughed off if used to try and defend Lambert. Be solid at home and build away, not usel
  9. That's just at home though. What are the away defence stats like? The point is Mantis is you'd want the defence improved both home and away not just improved so significantly away (in part down to an 8 0 thrashing) that it means the overall goal difference is better.
  10. You know that stat and defence of Lambert that he's shored up our defence, well after 13 games at home last season we'd conceded 19 goals this season we've conceded 21.
  11. He's brought an entire squad (and more) for under £50m. Unfair to judge players who have not played an entire season in the Premier League. KEA, Sylla, Tonev, Bowery, Bennett and Luna are a complete waste of money. Yes, he hasn't had a huge budget but what he has had, he has wasted on rubbish He spent under £12.5m on KEA, Tonev, Sylla, Bowery, Bennett, and Luna. Thats not much of a defence, in fact that just highlights a near £12.5m waste. Well from my seat he hardly touched the ball and did pretty much nothing. His departure had no bearing on Evert
  12. TBH I'm not that fussed about his buys, I just think his coaching and performance come match days isn't good enough. He just keeps making more and more baffling and wrong decisions I mean how many people on here would have started with Holt against Everton?
  13. Fingers crossed RL - Hi Paul its Randy PL - Hi Randy RL - Could you lose at home to Sheffield United please? PL - Aye no problem Really? Losing 8 times at home is a shit load of room for error.
  14. The argument that he brings experience to the dressing room is a weak one considering how bad a footballer he is and also how, in premier league standards, out of shape he is. I also imagine the experience he brings has been soured by the fact it must piss certain players off that he is higher up the pecking order than them and he is replacing certain players when used as a sub. This signing was just a bad idea whether it cost little or not, my thoughts were he would hold people back and bring nothing to the pitch and so far that is all that has happened.
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