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  1. I thought we should have been talking with Swansea about Warnock, they need a Left back at the moment. Surely we could come to some sort of arrangement where we pay him off and make him a free agent. In turn Swansea then sign him, and make some type of creative payment to reimburse us at a later stage or in another way, to hide the transfer.
  2. Was just wondering if anyone on here attended the fan forum with Lambert and have you got anything to report from it?
  3. And to be fair to him, we have proven to be a half arsed club this past couple of seasons judging by the way we are being run both managerially and at a higher level
  4. Things are always said in the heat of the moment. Lots of people have said things, you have to over look that
  5. Ian Holloway, we need someone to play attacking football and bring a smile and some fun back to Villa Park. For me it has become very dour and depressing. We need charisma back.
  6. I have been trying to get on the ticket website for 2 days now and cannot! It keeps saying they are experiencing high demand. When will this problem be sorted?? I dread to think how the ticketing site would be coping if we were selling tickets at the level we were 3 or 4 years ago!!
  7. I just want to point out that I didnt ask the question about season ticket sales hoping that they were low! I asked the question because I am interested in how OUR club is fareing at the moment. I like to know if the fans are still buying as many as ever, personally I would expect them to be down as there is a percentage who didnt like the managerial appointment, a percentage who are dis-heartened by big players leaving and also the simple fact that the economic climate is not good so some people cannot affford season tickets at present.
  8. I was going to ask the same question, what are season ticket figures? You have been pretty vague when answering this question of late by saying things like "they are on target" Whenever we were selling record number of season tickets when MON arrived you were happy to tell us exact figures. I would like to know how many have been sold, and how that compares to this time last season, and how it compares to when MON was here. Thank you
  9. "Steve McClaren was left out of the process due to Randy taking the fan opinion into account." I apologise if I have gotten this wrong, however it is how it was reported all over the Uk regarding the matter, and Steve McClaren was also quoted as saying he had a meeting set up with villa only for us to cancel it. May be all mis-quoted press rubbish, but it is all us fans have to go on as the club has been pretty silent throughout the summer!
  10. I have one question General that seems not to have been answered. During the managerial selection process, Steve McClaren was left out of the process due to Randy taking the fan opinion into account. Why was Alex McLeish then appointed who had an even greater outburst of opinion against him? I am not saying that Randy doesnt have the right to appoint him, but why did that opinion from the fans change in a matter of days?
  11. Kit Release Date: I was in JD sports over the weekend and they had a list of all the kit release dates. They had our away kit down as June 23rd release and home kit down as July 23rd. This sounded unusual for us to have the kits released so early, and I think it has usually been the home kit that has been released first. Can you confirm or deny these dates and schedules please.
  12. On the subject of the official site, In previous years when away game details were announced under ticket news, it also had details of official club away travel. It would have bus price, departure times etc. This hasnt been on it for the Liverpool game this season, why not???
  13. A great result for everyone tonight. Really lifts confidence and raises optimism around the club. Hopefully everyone is behind MON and the team, we all know we need players in, just have faith and trust the man to deliver the goods. Now my question: Will the club be doing anything before the game on Saturday to show off the peace cup, and allow us to congratulate all those involved? WELL DONE EVERYONE! :notworthy:
  14. I have a season ticket in Trinity Road Lower just beside that area. We have all received a letter from the west midlands police and the club, asking for information and naming and shaming.So the club are doing their best. It did however give me a shock when I arrived back from England and opened my mail to find West Midlands police headed letter, I started to wonder what id done over the weekend!
  15. I think he means the bridge at Witton train station. Was going to be painted in the summer. On another point, I just wondered if the updating of the P.A. system would take place this summer?
  16. Have just managed to salvage the Blackburn game, by spending ANOTHER £30 on flights. I know its peanuts in Villa terms, but I spend over £3000 a year getting to games etc. then have them re-arranged very late in the day!!
  17. I feel gutted that I have yet again lost a flight late in the day. I feel that if I wait until the tv schedule is finalised, this should be enough "due diligence". I have now lost the away game at Liverpool, and the home game at Blackburn in a matter of days!!!! Really saddened and depressed now
  18. I agree totally with BOF, I also have my flights booked for the Blackburn game and dont want to lose them. I have already lost my flights for the game away to Liverpool. Please dont change it General. I always wait for the Sky and Setanta schedules to be revealed before I book my flights, so I dont need this to worry about as well!!!!
  19. Just a quick suggestion for next years season tickets really. A little cheap plastic wallet type thing to hold the season ticket card in would be nice, with a fixture list printed on the inside of it. Its nice to have the fixtures to hand, beside your ticket.
  20. It was great to see a good attendance and result onb Saturday again General, but if we keep getting attendances of 40,000+, as I hope we do, the trains and buses need serious consideration. Saturday was the worst it has been in a long long time. Queues were running from Witton station ,down the rampways, along the pavements and spilling onto the main road. This is quite a concern for the club,the railways network, and the police. I wondered if the club are in consultation about how to improvew this situation? Can we get more trains/buses more often?
  21. One other small gripe. When soft drinks are purchased at villa park the lids are removed from the bottles( to prevent it being thrown onto pitch i believe). However at Newcastle the bottles were sold with lids still on them, why cant we do this? During the course of last season I had fizzy drink spilt on me or around me 5 times. When we score a goal we all celebrate which is good, but the bottles with no lids, go everywhere.
  22. Two queries for you general. Firstly season ticket holders always had a 10% in the club shops, does this still apply? secondly. Can anything be done to improve the P.A. system at the ground, when the guy is on the microphone before the game, I have to listen so hard and I can just about make out about half of what he says, I have to guess the rest
  23. Hello General, This is my first time posting in this section. I am a season ticket holder from Ireland and I think its wonderful the job you are doing at the club, and the fan access has never been so good. First point is about the villa world section of the club website, in the past we got free access to this with our season ticket purchase, will this be available again in the future? Second point. The club has always been very easy to contact any time I wanted to buy away tickets,extra tickets or had a problem. However during the last few months the telephone service has got quite awful. It ususally takes at least 15-20 minutes of waiting on hold before you get to speak to a human. In the past I have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes (even during busy times) Will the club be upgrading telephone sales and help? Or be employing more staff to deal with these issues? Thanks for all the time you take on these boards, Roy
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