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Ratings and reactions: Swansea 0-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Hutton
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • N'Zogbia
    • Delph
    • Herd
    • Bent
    • Agbonlahor
    • Heskey
    • Jenas (for Heskey 69)
    • Bannan (for Delph 79)

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Given - 6. Not much to do, watching our team make two passes, go back to the keeper and hoof the ball forward towards Bent/Heskey can be pretty uninspiring though i suppose he was following instructions

Hutton - 0. Hope I never have to see him in a Villa shirt again. Pathetic. Offers nothing going forward and cant defend for shit. Thought the tackle on Long might have been an outlier but he should have been sent off today within the first 5 minutes. shit footballer and scumbag

Dunne - 6. Certainly our best defender

Collins - 4. Between the hoofing and allowing Lita to turn so easily for that chance he should have finished had another in an extremely long line of disappointing games. Surely he has to be dropped? (said that a few months ago...)

Warnock - 3. Beaten way to easily by Dyer and still dives in way too often.

Herd - 4. Seems like a good kid and always works very hard but I can't imagine Herd making it at Villa, atleast not as an anchor man in midfield. Would love to see Herd/Cuellar switch off at right back for the rest of the season.

Delph - 3. Still hoping we will see a better side of Delph but had a very poor showing today, few if any positives to take from it. Agree with the popular sentiment that playing out of position is not helping him

Heskey - 1. This one clearly doesn't need explaining

N'Zogbia - 5. Still disappears way too much for my liking and certainly not a great display by him today but I think he looked a bit better today but really needs to start producing some end product.

Gabby - 7. No question our MOTM. How many times have we said this season that he is the only one who looks interested or capable of making something happen?

Bent - 5. Once again I don't blame the player here and I can't help but wonder how much longer things can go on like this. Looked lonely and frustrated up top, a feeling that is certainly understandable.

Subs were good, should have been on much earlier.

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Manure at Home - 0 pt

Screwon away - 1 pt

Red Scouse at Home - 0 pt

Arseholes at Home - 0 pt

Clay Pots away - 0 pt

Chelski away - 0 pt

Hopefully I haven't printed a fixture list and contravened any FA bollocks and hopefully I am completely wrong and we get loads of points from these 6 games.

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MOTM for me is David Pleat and his "amazing" footie facts on my stream LOL.

No seriously Jenas and Barry have to start next week with Heskey & Delph away from the starting 11. Carlos has to come in for Collins or Hutton both poor. Gabby and Warnock looked the better two today.

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I woke up at 5:25AM to watch. Really wish I had stayed asleep. Wake me up when:

A) McLeast is fired

B) Randy opens his wallet (although giving Eck the credit card to go shopping might be an even bigger disaster)

I know how you feel!!

Someone please wake me up as well when either of these two happen, oh and add 3) when we next win, should give me a few months sleep

Yes... stayed up until half midnight here, and that was the kickoff time. It's quite possible I've defied everything scientifically established about physiology or neurology to have stayed conscious until the end of that one. Good. ****. Night.

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If we sack him before next week, I still might get a chance to buy the kids a Villa strip for Chrimbo.

Not doing that with this fool in charge, not putting a penny into a club run by dicks like Faulkner and managed by a non manager like McLeish.

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Did not see the game as I had to watch my son playing football and I would hazard a guess I saw a better game and they lost! It shows how far Villa have fallen when I was actually pleased we got a point.

Bottom line for me is McLeish is a nice guy but a very poor manager and sadly I think we will achieve nothing with him in charge.

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I did hear a rumour Randy was going to spend big in Jan

Not always easy to get good players in that window though

we will not attract good players, i can only see good players leaving i.e. bent

Based on his performance today I wouldn't lose much sleep if we sold Bent, lazy again today

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The first 80 mins aren't worth talking about, we only started to play once Bannan and Jenas were on the pitch, why they didn't start the game is anyones guess.

The way we're set up and playing means we're also a man down playing Darren Bent, he offers nothing in the current state of our game.

Hutton, Heskey, Collins and Delph are utter dogshit, we have far better players at our club that should be put to better use, instead of warming the bench up each week.

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I reckon Bent could have his lowest scoring season in many a season.


McWank hasn't a clue how to win to games.

He is naturally negative.

Birmingham lost ONE more game than we did last season.

Wolves lost FIVE more games than they did ...but it was Birmingham who went down.

We are playing his antifootball he had the Blues playing.

Utter shite manager and should be nowhere near a Premiership side let alone us.

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Paul Faulkner reckons we're having a go at Europe so perhaps we are reacting in haste and we will have a storming second half of the season!!

I think he meant that the players can now begin focusing on their summer holiday plans with their families. As you know, Europe in the summer is spectacular!

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