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The Facebook numbers fad


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I presume anyone on Facebook knows about this fad, for those that don't, here it is.

You send a number, any number (meant to be between 0-1000 though) to anyone on PM.

They post your number, and say what they think of you.

And so on.

Obviously its a trend everyone seems to be participating in as it were, so what do you think of it? Are you annoyed by it, or do you you like to see what positives people can struggle to think up about you?

Myself, not overly bothered by it, facebook is a site popular with fads, like the cartoon pics earlier.

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Facebook is the best site on the internet & is not a fad.

This fad you talk about with sending a number sounds crap, and i hadn't even heard of it.

but i don't care, no-one will remember about it by next week.

Same here. Along with VT, Facebook is probably my most used site, but I haven't encountered this numbers game (yet). Might be a generational thing.
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Practically everyone I'm FB friends with is doing it. Number after number! I just ignore it generally, although a few of them are humorous.

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It just started happening for me in the last day. It's getting a bit much but I guess I don't care either way. I didn't participate in it, much like the cartoon picture. And I'm not going to. Facebook is both annoying and useful for me. So I take it as is.

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Sounds quite childish to me. I'm with the Moon Man. You guys experiencing this fad must be relatively young, I'd guess.

Dons his I agree with Jon & Mike T-shirt .. got it dirt cheap from a bloke in North Queensferry , you can barely see where he crossed out "Nick" and wrote Jon and Mike in marker pen

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Its **** annoying me...

Best ones i have seen so far are

123 - I was the one who let your cat out of the house and then it got ran over... Sorry, i also think you smell like a tramp and i swear you never wash and your mum looks like herman munster.

125 - Your a prick and ive already deleted you. Same goes for anyone else who sends me a shitty number thing.

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It's shit.

18.. cute, funny, smart, handsome, kind, caring, 12'', into all sorts and all ethnics.

we are meant to be describing ourselves right?


438. The amount of bellends who have statuses about numbers. (well 437 before this one)

Is the best I could come up with. Damn kids. Always the same people as well, I did delete loads of people of my facebook who are 'gay'....you know, post really gay/serious statuses. You know the kind but I've slowly been complacent and allowed them back on facebook over recent months and it's clogged up my homepage.

What's even more stupid is the fact it's meant to be private yet the person who PM's the person with a number just 'likes' that number anyway.

**** off.

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