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  1. Alabama Shakes~ You Ain't Alone (live version)
  2. Etta James- Make it One for my Baby ( One More for the Road) I just prefer her version more than any other.
  3. Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers- Honey Pie
  4. Friday night- was birthday dinner for my best gay man. Took him to Dave and Busters where we all beat him in almost every game....Won a lot of crappy stuff, it was fun Today/tonight- I am working alllllllllll day then getting incredibly gussied up *it is NOT easy impressing a gay man* then we are throwing him a surprise birthday bash pub crawl! I will behave so everyone gets home safely, so much dancing though, can't wait Tomorrow- hopefully sleeping in at least until 9am. Then visiting with my dad per usual. Looking forward to it all I'm just soooo tired.
  5. ME

    The Boring Thread

    My client didn't show + no one else is at work but me + my work out this morning was brutal = think I'll take a nap.
  6. ME

    Gym Routine

    I've improved on dead lifts, on tri extensions, on squat jumps for distance, on abs, on cardio, but I just can't seem to get any improvement with single leg box step ups. it's actually starting to irritate me. I've even made more improvements to my diet! But those damn box step ups keep killing me. :-(
  7. ME

    General Chat

    you still got the bodies? If so you fancy coming to mine tonight. Ate them with Peaches. Peaches come from a can. They were put there by a man, in a factory downtown. Can't stop singing this now!!
  8. ME

    The Boring Thread

    I have been awake since 330am. I worked out twice , worked 8.5 hours with no break, ran errands, met a friend for a beer, came home and took a bath. it's now 10:39 pm and I'm still wide awake. I want to sleep. Also, it's raining. A lot.
  9. ME

    Gym Routine

    Been doing 2 a days for 3 weeks 5 days a week and running Saturday mornings. My diet is boringly healthy for the last 4 weeks to "jump start" my body since I have some slight hormone issues aka I'm a woman. The very restrictive diet in only for 2 more weeks. I can do that. Then I can have fruit again. I really thought the 2 a days would make me feel stronger, maybe even a little buff. But I actually I just feel DEAD! Every day. I laugh at how I swear I've gotten no better at it. But people insist they see a difference. Not doing a measurement for another 2 weeks either, so we shall see. Th
  10. mini egg season is here!!!! (I know the U.K. gets them year round but we dont ) my trainer is just going to have to understand. Soooooo many mini eggs.
  11. I still listen to both bands from time to time. I saw Kiss with Aerosmith several years back. Really was a great show. ACDC rock. what they do might sound all the same....but it's a good sound.
  12. ME

    The Boring Thread

    I can't sleep, again. I don't like how dull the walls in my apartment are but I do like my ceiling fan.
  13. Chris! Love that tune ^^^^^^ just rocked it while sweeping the waiting room at work!
  14. Alex, for shame! 10 cool points for Rob have been awarded.
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