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I'd like to see:

-------------------- Friedel -------------------

L Young --- Cuellar --- Collins --- Warnock

------ Downing --- NRC --- Petrov ---------

--------- Ireland ---------- Ash Young ------

---------------- the Emilinator ---------------

Play with a bit less width, more solidity, but with Ireland and Young having the freedom to drift in and out and link up. I think that this would make them both difficult to pick up.

Don't see why we can't get a result with them having had a tough game a few days ago. They are hardly on fire at the moment.

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I hate Spurs more than almost any other team in the league and it is getting to the point where I almost want us to win this game more than any other match.

Unfortunately I do not think we will

A draw is the best I think we can hope for and a defeat is , sadly, realistic

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Expect a loss. Hope for a draw, which is possible if the right team and tactics are employed.

anything more and i'm popping open the chably.

Just win the ryder, and then the weekend's complete. :mrgreen:

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I don't think defeat is that realistic to be honest. This will be Spuds 3rd match in 8 days, they'll be exhausted. I don't think we should have the same lineup as we did against Wolves. We need a bigger stronger midfield to boss it.


Young Cuellar Collins Warnock


Petrov Ireland

A. Young Downing


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Can someone tell me how long till kickoff?? For the clocks just changed last night here in Egypt. Are we only an hour ahead of England now?? My studies suggest that this is the case...
Cairo is one hour ahead of London according to my world clock, so you will see the kick off at 4 pm tomorrow. :)
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