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Roger Moore is James Bond


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    • Sean Connery
    • Roger Moore
    • Timothy Dalton
    • Pierce Brosnan
    • Daniel Craig

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Just watching For Your Eyes Only and Roger Moore is the best James Bond. He IS James Bond in my eyes. I love his character, his accent, his look (oo-er), everything.

I know a lot of the old duffers will staunchly stand by Sean Connery because he was the first but in Roger Moore's defense he played the character more times than any other actor.

So who, in your eyes only, is James bond?

(No I didn't forget Lazenby)

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Even though I'm not an old duffer, it's Connery. He made the character his by, more or less solely, being the first to portray him.

I liked Brosnan in the role in his better moments (Effectively only Goldeneye). Unfortunately he was lumbered with some truly crap plots, even by naff bond standards.

Craig is too cold, and in Quantum of Solace basically becomes a completely unlikeable word removed.

Roger Moore was a joke. He was far too camp and didn't really embody the role at all for me.

Dalton is the one I'm least familiar with but I've always been told in one of his roles he came closest to what Fleming's Bond was.

Gotta be Connery.

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I don't particularly like Connery's portrayal. I think a lot of the "Connery is best" comes from being the first (so there was no comparison possible), being followed by two questionable (at least at the time) choices (so he won the early comparisons and it became established fact), and being there when a larger generation had their first experience of the character. If Connery had quit after From Russia With Love or maybe Goldfinger, he'd have a shot, but sleepwalking through his last three (four if you count the execrable Never Say Never Again) films wrecks it.

Lazenby did a good job, though how much of that is one of the better scripts, crews, and supporting casts of the series would only be determined if he did a second film.

Moore had a couple of very good Bond films (The Man With the Golden Gun, until it got silly; For Your Eyes Only), but dropped too much into self-parody. The fact that Moore was (aside from the two I've noted) opposed to portraying Bond being a brutal person really downgrades things.

Honestly, I'd take any of Dalton, Brosnan, or Craig as the best, probably leaning towards Dalton or Brosnan. Dalton and Craig capture the literary character very well (Craig thus far being Dalton MkII). Brosnan didn't really bring anything new to the role, but he did balance the different possible interpretations to a far greater extent than anybody else. There are scenes in the Brosnan films that only Moore or Brosnan could carry, scenes that only Connery or Brosnan could carry, scenes that only Dalton/Craig or Brosnan could carry, and even a couple of scenes (e.g. the last Elektra scene in The World Is Not Enough) that I think only Lazenby or Brosnan could carry.

I'd probably go

1. Dalton

2. Brosnan

3. Craig (with potential to rise)

7. Connery

10. Lazenby (oh what might have been...)

20. Moore

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He's a word removed in the books, I don't think any actor has it nailed on IMO. Craigs had potential in the first movie but then he got all attatched and emotional over some bint which ruined it.

Considering that the literary character remained somewhat attached Vesper throughout the series...

(The emotional part is just part of the moving from a 1950s masculinity to a 21st century masculinity... or something)

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The similarities between Dalton's and Craig's tenures are striking:

First film (The Living Daylights & Casino Royale): one of the best entries in the series, balancing comedy and action very well with a fairly low-key plot; The Living Daylights was the closest the film producers could come to Casino Royale's plot before they got the rights.

Second film (Licence to Kill & Quantum of Solace): Bond goes renegade in Latin America for revenge, with MI6 tasking people with bringing him back

Third film derailed by financial trouble at MGM.

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A lot of this is really a question of how old you are, isnt it? To me, Roger Moore was James Bond simply because he was the guy who was playing James Bond in the films that were being aired on TV when I was a kid in the 1980s. As I got a bit older and watched more of the films then I got a more balanced view. To me, James Bond is in his late thirties/early forties and a bit of a hard man. Roger Moore is 10-15 years older than Bond should be in my minds eye, I think Connery and Craig fit where I think he should be the most. I've voted for Connery though because Goldfinger and From Russia with love are my favourite Bond movies.

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Brosnan. Simply because he was the first one I watched.

I never really had an understanding of Bond history, so when I was younger, I grew up, watched a few bond films, so then when I watch other version, it doesn't feel right because it's not the same character as I liked....

This but I was too scared to put it so I'll let you get all the slating. ;)

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I only watched the Bond films when I was a child. Being shown them by my father who was a staunch Connery fan belittling all the other attempts at the role. T Dal in particular. Didn't like Brosnan at all. Craig is alright, but it doesn't feel like Bond

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As a Bond fan (i have everyone on DVD) i think everyone who has played the role has done a good film, even Lazenby, OHMSS was probably the best all round story of any Bond film. Connery great in From Russia(awful in Diamonds), Moore great in Live and Let die(terrible in Moonraker) Brosnan great in Goldeneye(atrocious in Die another Day).

I like them all in some respects.

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