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Player of the Season so far?????

Boskos Angel

Pick one  

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  1. 1. Pick one

    • Richard Dunne
    • James Milner
    • Stephen Warnock
    • Gabriel Agbonlahor
    • Brad Friedel
    • Ashley Young
    • Stiliyan Petrov
    • James Collins
    • Carlos Cuéllar
    • Other (specify)

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1. Dunne

2. Warnock

3. Milner

4. Gabby

These four, you can put them in any order you like to be honest. They've all been outstanding and all deserve it.

Collins and Cuellar have both been excellent as well, I think Petrov brings a lot to the team and although he's only just got in Downing looks great. We also have a fantastic goalkeeper. Competition will be fierce for this award this season if we keep up our form.

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It's brilliant that we have so many genuine contenders for our player of the season.

It could go to any one of Milner, Gabby, Dunne or Warnock and it would be hard to argue that it is undeserved...

And as has already been mentioned, before his injury, Collins would have been right up there as well, the same could also apply to Luke Young.

What a team we have! :D

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All of them have been great and really pleased for Gabby because he is progressing brilliantly. However I went for Cuellar because of the amount he has improved in such a small space of time. Those who were saying he was a good player were completely spot on, though he did look poor last season. Obviously Dunne, Warnock and Milner as well. Hell they have all done well.

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