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  1. Is there any truth that Bent is injured for 6 months? My friend who isn't normally a bullshitter has text me saying so..
  2. I kid you not there are Blues fans on SHA discussing whether they have enough money to try and scupper this deal.
  3. I'm ebaying my copy and using Taemon Dools () to play as I fancy. I feel robbed to be honest as the game is totally unplayable. They have clearly rushed the game and knew about the bugs, and just wanted to save their income by not releasing a game half way through a season. I really don't understand how they manage to break a game year after year when the game is only given minor updates. This is even worse than the injury bug in 2009. It's been a disappointing couple of months because F1 2010 was bug crazy which caused me to get rid of a game I really looked forward to, and FM,
  4. There was a good one on about half an hour ago: How not to box by Audley Harrison.
  5. I am going to have to stop playing I think, the Balotelli signing has made me realise it's gone too far and it'll ruin my game. I'll wait til they fix it, at least I've been given a mini boost by signing a few good players easily. Do you test the game Andy? Every year there is a issue which makes the game unplayable, and obvious ones too. Not having a go if you do test it, but it's weird how they go unnoticed.
  6. The game is broken, and badly too. The transfers are ridiculous, I signed Wilshere for £5.5m, Balotelli for £9.25m, Shawcross for £5m, De Gea £2.6m (!), all because they were unhappy and put in a transfer request. Clubs accept offers of their value, and not their real transfer value. Tevez is currently on the transfer list for £12m, Messi was on their for £35m too.
  7. My friend has illegally downloaded this, but has a question regarding it. He has bought the game and paid already for the pre-order, but if he was to start his game early via the download would it mess his game up in any way? I seem to remember in the past people were getting messed up saves after a certain amount of time the game had progressed...
  8. Remember to go into the editor and change Rooney's personal status to 'Wants to leave club', 'Happiness' - 1 and maybe put him on the transfer list. Could be a cheap fee for a world class striker at a rich club.
  9. I haven't played for months... When is 4.0.1 released EU and what does it change? Is 4.0.3 the big one that is out 7th December or earlier without the new level cap etc? I remember for WOTLK the big update with achievements etc came out a week or two before as people were doing 'For the Horde' at 70...
  10. Was OBLS the guy on the OS forums (horrid site) that made that legendary thread 'My worst day' before the game away at Newcastle because Sorensen was in goal , and we won 3-0? Anyway, I'm just about happy with this appointment.
  11. Thompson sees the Villa fans protesting his appointment Phil Thompson after Villa score to make it 1-0 against Liverpool in the 90th minute.
  12. Can Citeh gel quickly enough in time to win the league though?
  13. Space combat confirmed. It was always the top of my list, but I didn't think they'd actually include it. Great news, if it works.
  14. Off topic but wouldn't it be better to have a WC sub-forum? Looks messy having it mixed with other stuff.
  15. If Jimmy goes I seriously think I'd be done with football, at least going to the games anyway. We won't sell him, so it would mean he wants out if he was to leave. It would be the last straw for me with the money in football.
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