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  1. Gary Gardner

    Now if they could tackle, hmmmm
  2. Gary Gardner

    You wasn`t there today!
  3. Gary Gardner

    not today they wasn`t
  4. Gary Gardner

    You obviously wasn`t there.
  5. Gary Gardner

    GG/Westwood would have been better than the new rubbish 3 I have witnessed running around like headless chickens without a tackle amongst them.
  6. Best/Funniest Villa Football Chant/ Song Ever?

    The Dougal was a group of lads who met up in the old Parisian pub in the city center, most of them came from the Erdington/Sutton areas and some of us From Northfield/Weoley Castle areas. It started when 2 of the lads from different areas started to fight each other which was quickly broke up and after a chat found out we were all Villa fans, We agreed to meet up at the Aston Tavern the next match, around 20 of us which eventually grew to around a hundred if everyone turned up. we went to every game home and away in the old 3rd div days and back in the 2nd then 1st divisions. The Dougal was well known around the country in those days mainly due to Gary Hadden RIP, who left our mark where ever we went. We featured couple of times on the front page of the News of The World and also with another group on lads started the balloon craze, and the V shaped legs in the air which also make the nationals.
  7. Best/Funniest Villa Football Chant/ Song Ever?

    We started singing that in 1971 died out in the early 80`s as the Dougal diminished.
  8. Best/Funniest Villa Football Chant/ Song Ever?

    Very close and it was sung yesterday, but make no noise rather than cause no noise, seems a bit odd now we are all in our mid sixties, but we had the best time ever to be Villans
  9. Best/Funniest Villa Football Chant/ Song Ever?

    This was belted out today by the surviving members of the Dougal Mob at Garry Haddens funeral, a great turn out for a great guy, RIP HEITS. As i walked out at Villa Park one dark and dusty day, I spied a poor blues fan a running far away I said to this poor city fan it looks like you might die He said i know `cause I've just seen Holte Enders in the sk Yippee eye aye, Yippee eye ohh, Holte Enders in the sky, now he ran down the terraces and then towards the gate little did he know death was to be his fate he had one more short hour to live and then he`d hear the cry that every city fan does fear , Holte Enders in the sky, Yippee eye aye, Yippee eye ohh, Holte Enders in the sky, Their fists where just like granite and their pockets full of lead, and when they catch a city fan, you know he`ll end up dead `cause Villa fans rule Birmingham and city fans know why, the`ve all heard and th`ve all seen Holte Enders in the sky, Yippee eye aye, Yippee eye ohh, Holte Enders in the sky,,
  10. Best/Funniest Villa Football Chant/ Song Ever?

    I was reminded today at a funeral of a great Holte Ender and member of the old Dougal mob that I made a crown for Rioch, and his captain George Curtis let me present it to him in the dressing room before kick-off at Villa Park, the Argos showed him wearing it whilst holding his new born baby.
  11. Carles Gil

    Why are we talking about him?
  12. The push for the Play offs ?

    Don't have Sky I stopped years ago its ruined football for the real fan
  13. Conor Hourihane

    Give me Westwood any day over him and our other midfielders after the last 2 performances.
  14. Scott Hogan

    If only he was as fast as Charlie Aitken
  15. Alan Hutton

    Because 99.9% of the people on here don't go to the games