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  1. tismyk

    Jlloyd Samuel killed in crash

    Puts whatever happens tonight into perspective RIP JLS
  2. tismyk

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Wood you believe it, drove to club shop and they had none.
  3. tismyk

    Glenn Whelan

    The Commonwealth
  4. tismyk

    Mile Jedinak

    Should have gone to Specsavers, he was garbage first half, cant comment on second as I left at half time
  5. tismyk

    The complete and utter chants thread

    Latest ditty from Keith Bryenton, the lad who wrote the proper lyrics for Holte Enders in the Sky, Hi Lads just finished Billy don’t be a blue nose song. It’s to the tune of Billy don't be a hero ( younger ones may need to check it out) I think it works ,let me know .
  6. tismyk

    Tony Xia

    Could be Tommy Elphick out
  7. tismyk

    Tony Xia

  8. tismyk

    Best/Funniest Villa Football Chant/ Song Ever?

    Maybe because he's not there, I said he could not make it
  9. tismyk

    Tony Xia

  10. tismyk

    Best/Funniest Villa Football Chant/ Song Ever?

    Eyes right, Dougal Mob From left to right, Loz Greaves, Dave Barr, Dean Miah, Rosco, Tony Hemmings, Archie Gemmill, Goldie(rear), Mickey Price Micky Standbridge, Keith Bryenton, (Holte Enders in the Sky lyrics and many more), Reggae Ray, Paul Ali at the front, Bobby Haywood had just left, Foxy, Martin Newton, Jolly Rogers, Klepto and a few others could not make it along with HEITS
  11. tismyk

    Best/Funniest Villa Football Chant/ Song Ever?

    Met up with Foxy just before Xmas with a few others from the Dougal in the Windsor, and last week around 15 of the old Dougal had a meet in The Rose Briar, we`re getting the mob back together and Foxy`s jokes are the same as in the 70`s, get me a crocodile sandwich, and make it snappy , we now have a Dougal Mob facebook page, which is open to anyone to see but not post atm
  12. tismyk

    Josh Onomah

    No surprise to me he has been played out wide for Spurs because what he does have is pace and can dribble with the ball well. I've not even seen this
  13. tismyk

    Josh Onomah

    We should ship him back to Spurs, to free up cash to sign a loan player who can make a difference, this kid cant or wont
  14. tismyk

    Tony Xia

    Show us the plans for the North Stand Tony, its only been minutes since reading and I need to know
  15. tismyk

    Josh Onomah

    Not sure how he gets in ours with his VP displays