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  1. Tony Xia

    Sorry I thought this was the Tony Xia thread
  2. Steve Bruce

    With a head the size of his you would think there was a brain in it somewhere, but he has been clueless when it comes to making changes to affect the games in a positive way
  3. James Bree

    I think he will end up in non league
  4. Steve Bruce

  5. Tommy Elphick

    Not in the 85 mins I was there he wasn`t
  6. Tommy Elphick

    Didn`t perform very good against Wigan the other week at centre backs, or at full back for that matter, happy to keep Elphick here
  7. Tony Xia

    The symbol means no vacancy in Japanese
  8. You could not make this up, Birmingham City’s afternoon at St Andrew’s on Saturday afternoon was certainly one to forget. The defeat by Reading leaves Blues with four points from their opening five games and doubtless business to come in the next few days. For one Blues fan, however, he’ll be able to forget the episode pretty quickly - as he fell asleep in a toilet cubicle during the game, and didn't resurface until hours after the final whistle Upon entering the ground again, portraying his incredulity with, ah, colourful language, the Bluenose approached an employee of the club for directions to the exit - and the final score. Learning that Blues were on the wrong end of a 2-0 score-line, he wasn’t best pleased http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/sleepy-birmingham-city-fan-gone-13537037
  9. Alan Hutton

    Looks like we haven't got a right back playing tonight
  10. Alan Hutton

    No from Brucies own mouth.
  11. Alan Hutton

    Looks like I might be wrong, Huttons not training due to an ankle injury, thought this might cheer a few thousand of you up
  12. Alan Hutton

    I meant to but ended up at Villa Park, as done for the last 49 years.
  13. Alan Hutton

    I did not see much last night that suggest that Bree or RdL (one nice cross) are a better choice at the moment than Hutton at right back, indeed they played much better when each played centre half, Hutton will start against Bristol Friday
  14. Tommy Elphick

  15. Carlos Sanchez

    Sure we sold him