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  1. I've met him in Dubai a number of times, harmless enough but he definitely isn't the brightest, when Blose were doing a pre season tour to Hong Kong he genuinely thought HK was one of the Channel Islands would not have it was part of China
  2. its not that is the value of their holding company on the HKSE,
  3. BCFC Ownership: Understanding the HKSE – almajir.net BCFC Ownership: Understanding the HKSE Last week I wrote an article to demonstrate the convoluted nature of the ownership of Birmingham City Football Club, and also to show that what happens on the pitch doesn’t necessarily affect the amount of money the owners make off of it. In this follow-up piece I want to explain to people more about the Hong Kong stock listing and how Birmingham Sports Holdings is valued so highly.
  4. I've met Craig Gardener a couple of times in Dubai on holiday going back 6/7 years, and your right he is genuinely thick, when he and Gary were younger they both went to VP and the Sty, Craig though always a Nose but Gary always a Villan, a fact he has told me also
  5. Yes 5 year improved contract making him the highest paid player at VP
  6. yes but signed an improved one last year
  7. Yes I do, silly mistake blame my advancing years, still the worst Left back ive seen at VP
  8. As bad as any right back I've seen at VP in the last 50 odd years
  9. Pretty sure they wasn`t remember the Villa being mentioned once, but never the Sty or their supporters, the writer is a nose though
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