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Only 2 months until the end of the year. Time to pick a best of the 00's Villa XI... I've come up with a list of whom I believe to be the main candidates. (The person you pick should ideally be somebody who excelled post 2000, rather than excelled previously and crossed over into post 2000)

So who was our best right midfielder from 2000 to now??

Only run it for 4 days...

Team so far is...









This one isn't even a contest, i'm only running it for a day

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Hendrie, Hitzlsperger, Kachloul (?), Berger,

Also I'm only coming up with 3 names for the left and one of those is not an option anymore. If anybody has any other names to add to Whittingham and Young let me know.

Did you read the last post?

Also none of them, with the exception of hitzlsperger, played a significant amount of games on the left. And he never got anywhere near the left by the time he was good enough to be considered for a poll like this.

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I guess this just highlights how bad we were prior to RL & MON arriving. You could add Barry to that list as he played there under GT Mk2. But he is already playing in CM. Ginola could be added to the list, though he would be way down the list with Kachloul & Berger who probably struggled to muster 30 starts between the 3 of them.

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So who was our best right midfielder from 2000 to now??


Speaking of which though, I missed that poll but I see Milner won it.

I would have voted Solano because he was class.

Yes he was only here for a year and a half but Milner has only been here a bit longer and was very poor most of last season.

Anyway, left wing - I vote 'lets move on to the strikers'.

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Its the nature of internet polls. People will always vote for the silly option. Just look at the post directly above you, which basically translates as a vote for Whittingham because opposition teams now double or triple mark Ashley Young.

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