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Is Cuellar a good player?


Is Cuellar good enough?  

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  1. 1. Is Cuellar good enough?

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Just wanted to gage peoples thoughts on him. I think we can all see Davies is a very poor footballer so what are your thoughts on his partner.

Im starting this thread on the back of one of the posts that was directed at me in the Cuellar + Davies thread by 'Carewseyebrowdesigner'

'You evident lack of football knowledge is laughable.

Cuellar is a good player. Infact, everyone with a **** half a brain knows he is a good player.'

So, what do you think? Can a player who cant kick a ball properly be good for us this season?

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no,not for me sorry, frail frame ,no football brain,passing poor,poor position play,marking is poor, tell me a game in which he "seen off" any player? ffs forget rangers! im not intrested in scotish football,im intrested in his performances in my club.

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Dont blame the defense,you need a midfield to slow down the attacks and give the defenders a chance.At the end of the day if your team spends more time having to defend you concede more goals and look useless.
your wrong,everythin is built from a solid defence,we all know what happened when laursen folded in january,the team folded, true gb hasnt been replaced,however if mon signed ...gerrard... the goals would still fly in
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Can people please vote based on the performances in a villa shirt.

Forget Rangers, Thats scottish football.

For me, he is utter rubbish, and i mean that. Over the years ive seen some good centre halves play for villa, Mcgrath, Mellberg, Laursen, Southgate to name but a few.

But to see Davies and Cuellar start on the opening day of the season.....Scary.

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For me, he is utter rubbish, and i mean that.

I dont think he played all that well yesterday, but against Porto and Juventus he was immense, really top drawer, so I know there is a player in there. its not jsut me either, I think most people who saw those those games felt the same way

I would suggest that any defender would struggle with a midfield of Petrov and Delph in front of them, and to blame the defence for yesterday is, imho, just wrong.

What was different from the Juventus and Porto to yesterday? Different midfield perhaps? I might like to suggest that NRC and Sidwell offer a far better midfield pairing than Petrov and Deplh - proper bite, proper fight, proper shield for the defenders

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