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  1. Words fail me General. They honestly do. I think everyone is struggling to put into words how they feel at the moment. The whole thing has been a farce. I dont claim to know what has been going on behind the scenes at Villa but from what is being said in the media I think the way this whole situation has been handled has been nothing short of a joke. Who the hell runs this football club? Seriously? Who is this Faulkner chap? The whole of England is laughing at us. I went into Subway today to order a sandwhich in my villa shirt and the bloke behind the counter was just laughing. He couldnt understand why a club like Villa (a club who has signed players like D. Bent for £24m) is about to make Alex Mcleish our manager. A manager who has twice relegated our local rivals having spent millions of pounds? To make matters worse, the other managers seemingly in line for the job were Steve Mclaren and Roberto Martinez. A manager who is generally hated by everyone English and another who has been fighting relegation ever since he took over WIGAN. Who is behind this manager search. I could name 10 managers off the top of my head who would be more outstanding candidates than the absolute dross you have lined up to be our new coach. Didnt it occur to the daft idiot who runs AVFC that when Mr Houllier went into Hospital with an almost fatal heart condition, that we might actually need a new manager? Heres an idea, how about making a shortlist then and speaking to managers about the possibility of taking over in the summer? you've literally had months to sort this situation out and the best you can come up with is Mcleish? ALEX MCLEISH? The man who has relegated Birmingham City twice? Is this one great big F*&*^*g wind-up? I absolutely love Randy, I always tell other teams supporters he is the best owner in the league. He has made a few mistakes but that is to be expected. This managerial debacle however has led me to believe noone on the villa board knows anything about football whatsoever. Seems I wasnt lost for words after all. Good luck watching Villa in front of 25,000 people next year. Disgraceful.
  2. So......let me get this straight..... - We currently have no goalkeeper. - We are about to sell our best two players in Downing and Young. - We have no fullbacks. - We are about to appoint Mcleish. A manager who has just been relegated after spending a lot of money. A manager who plays terrible, boring football. Jesus.... I love AVFC, Christ I do, but spells out real trouble. UTV.
  3. I want a toilet made out of solid gold but it just aint on the cards.
  4. Every man and his dog know it will be Hughes. No real point in voting.
  5. If he wants to leave he will leave, and probably to Liverpool. Meh. I dont blame him, id do the same if I was him in his position. We're a midtable club and will be for the forseeable future. We are not going to win any trophies in the next ten years so who can blame him?! Not a dig at the club, I love Randy and co. but its just the way it is im afraid. UptheVilla
  6. Disspointed by the Downing news General but you and Randy are still doing a terrific job. Football is a disgraceful sport. Look at Fifa for example. Keep up the good work.
  7. General, Post edited - TV Your the best thing to have ever happened to this football club. Unfortunately until you take a step back from football and realise exactly what its become, you dont understand what a state the game is in and Randy is doing his best to compete. Keep up the good work. You do need to sort out the managing side of things though or at least give a statement of intent to appease fans. Sometimes i think people forget we just spent 24m on a striker! UptheVilla.
  8. General, I know a lot of people who wont be renewing there season tickets next year. I dont quite understand why the price has gone up when you consider the season we have had?!! but thats not the reason. If the club could just show a little intent before the season ends, im sure this may change. By this I mean getting rid of Houllier and that idiot McCallister and bringing in a new manager. I know this isnt easy as im sure the process on hiring and firing is far more complicated than I could imagine but the club will suffer heavily if something isnt done soon. How can we go into next season with Houllier? We cant have a manager at the helm who will be in and out of hospital when the pressure gets turned up. Regardless of his record with us (which is embarrassing) how can the club continue with a man with underlying health problems and another man (Gary Mac) who all the players hate? Luke Young (model Pro) has even come out recently and said nobody knows what the hell is going on at the club. So where does that leave the fans? I dont blame the club for taking a punt on Houllier, his record is decent and some of the things he has tried to do at the club are commendable however the time to act is now. We cannot have a manager who isnt even fit and healthy enough to be on the touchline week in week out at the club. I dont buy into all the people comparing us to Liverpool and saying how sacking hodgson and bringing in Dalglish was a great idea. I admire the way we have stuck by Gerard and at least given him a chance but with all the health problems coupled with the problems off the pitch, its time for him to go. Please forward this general message to Randy. The last thing we need is a Villa park filled with only 30k people on a saturday. P.s. You and Randy are the best things to have ever happened to our great club. Keep up the good work. UptheVilla.
  9. The Villa job will be quite appealing because of the way we have underachieved so badly this season. Anyone who isn't a complete idiot would have us top 8 in no time, especially with a bit of money to spend. Instantly Moyes would be back in a job with a big Prem club with the fans behind him but crucially without his hands tied financially quite as much as he has at Everton. A bit like when Harry took over Tottenham when they were bottom of the league, it was a false position created by an idiot manager and quickly got them shooting back up the table, his media reputation is up there with the best. Fair point.
  10. With Moyes looking more and more likely to leave Everton, I think its a real possibility that he could become our manager. The question is whether Villa will stick with Houllier if he keeps us up. Id jump at the chance to have Moyes in charge.
  11. General, Please play that Video 5/10 minutes before the team comes out. It would seriously pump the fans up! And maybe play it in the dressing room! Great video. Seriously good. Watch it!
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