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  1. Steve Bruce

    We finished the season in 13th and thats as low as i wanted to go,were not even close to that waterline.
  2. Steve Bruce

    It was such a negative setup to start the game,he didnt want to lose more than he wanted to win.Its over to you Dr Xia.
  3. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Should he not bring Adomah on for Barney?
  4. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Villa shocker RB out of position
  5. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Im surprised its as much as that
  6. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    When we do get the ball off them we give it right back.
  7. Josh Onomah

    Run the video a bit further so i can see what the end product looked like.Or would the mere fact of what he did with the ball next burst our bubbles.
  8. Steve Bruce

    Ironically in his press conference yesterday Bruce emphasized the importance of having a good away record and we end up on the end of a beating.
  9. Park Life: AVTV Live

    im going to try one month see what the quality of the stream and the footballs like.
  10. Park Life: AVTV Live

    cheers mate
  11. Park Life: AVTV Live

    I have ESPN 3 through youtube TV and the Villa game is not on their in the morning,so i think ill try the 6 pound option.
  12. Park Life: AVTV Live

    Is their a way to find out how many games will be broadcast live in a calendar month on AVTV making the 13 pound option the better deal?
  13. Germany 23rd July

    Well it seems that our style of football is well suited to 45 mins per game
  14. Steve Bruce

    If they cant pass and move at this stage of their career,fit or not,i would suggest they take up brick laying for a career.