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  1. Steve Bruce

    We have fallen as far as i want us to fall,we finished 13th so that will be the standard i judge Bruce by next season,get a bad start and struggle to get above 13th then he has to go.Keep us above that watermark and show signs of improvement and ill support him.
  2. Steve Bruce

    But the opposition in the premier league is not relative is it?Their is the top 4/5 and the rest are a poor imitation.
  3. Steve Bruce

    Your a pedantic
  4. Steve Bruce

    Im not reading your posts or even replying to them,try reading posts.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Are we inventing conspiracy theories to paper over the obvious?Bruce is failing!Best job hes ever had best backing hes ever had and he dont know how to put a finished product on the field.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Hes turned us into Hull City but without the promotion.
  7. Ratings and Reactions: Nottm Forest v Villa

    How many more years of this crap do we have to live with?
  8. Jack Grealish

    Hes a liability.
  9. Alan Hutton

    Some times its more about the mental side than the ability side.
  10. Ratings and Reactions: Wolves v Villa

    Right then,that should put any thoughts of promotion on the back burner till next year,need new players/team desperately until then we will be mid table at best.
  11. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Put Withe in a Villa shirt and hed still offer way more than these clowns.
  12. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Thats a new one for a match thread,SCIENCE.
  13. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    Was he Tugged
  14. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    who needs waterboarding when youve got this