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  1. Get me a manager with a personality hes so bland youd think he was a brummie,.
  2. Do you think Deano will say "we go again" in the press conference?
  3. Which ****head at the Villa didnt want to give Albrighton a new contract?
  4. Why cant smith play two up top when were losing?
  5. well you better hope the corona virus goes away.
  6. I like it,i dont see Dean Smith playing two up front though.
  7. They coudnt maintain any possesion let alone string any passes together,totally abject.
  8. Needed an equalizer,needed two up front,took off samatta brings on davis,so much for the equalizer,you disapointed me Deano.
  9. Rule number one, dont let the ball drop in your own area .
  10. When was this game played? Cant find anything on the internet other than England drew 0-0 with Ukraine. Can you locate some highlights?
  11. Weve all been fooled by the youtube video before ,right? But damn he looks good value for 10 million.
  12. Its not what youve got its what you do with it.
  13. Good thing Reinas coming then,he'll save everything.Regardless of who's playing in front of him.
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