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  1. As Hourihane ever crossed a ball without hitting a defender first?
  2. The Watford result is one more reason our mentally weak team won't show up tomorrow,they,we,know the writing is on the wall.
  3. Just want to remind Deano what it means to be a VILLA fan,Aston Villa,the heart of English football!
  4. Why dosent the most fouled player in the premier league get in the box more often?
  5. I heard that Dean smith used the 3 month lockdown period to formulate a plan of survival,whens he going to implement it?
  6. The complete lack of fight from anybody in a position to change the mentality on the pitch has been an absolute joke,the owners reluctance to change the coaching staff,the coaching staff doing the same things week in and week out has been a disgrace to the fans of this club and the club itself.
  7. Its to make up for the goal line technology against Sheff u,so i guess were even.
  8. Its not even a case of yeah maybe its a pen,not even close,i dont know what their looking at.
  9. Get me a manager with a personality hes so bland youd think he was a brummie,.
  10. Do you think Deano will say "we go again" in the press conference?
  11. Which ****head at the Villa didnt want to give Albrighton a new contract?
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