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  1. Weve all been fooled by the youtube video before ,right? But damn he looks good value for 10 million.
  2. Good thing Reinas coming then,he'll save everything.Regardless of who's playing in front of him.
  3. Whats Nyland done wrong?Youre right about Drinkwater.
  4. I thought smith had learnt his lesson when it comes to 4-3-3,same performance,same result with it.
  5. Pellegrini sacked,and their not in the bottom 3....yet.
  6. As its still christmas what about Jesus,thats right,Jorge Jesus.
  7. Deano, its time to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror ,ask yourself this,as a Villa fan,not the Villa manager, would you want to watch that? Would you think changes need to be made?
  8. So how many goals down should you be before you put another striker on?
  9. When your young, people in sports leave you with such a good feeling inside that upon their passing they leave you with a feeling of sadness ,Bob willis earlier this week and now Ron saunders. I recall my dad and me signing a petition to bring him back,but obviously to no avail.Thanks Ron.
  10. Jacks wrapped up like a six year old going down the shops with his mom.
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