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  1. Smith is fortunate Grealish's injury wasnt season ending.
  2. Some of you are going to have to hate on somebody else to keep your post score ticking over.
  3. Well if they are tired maybe they should think about changing careers to shall we say bricklayer.Tired my A*** .Their lifestyle might explain tiredness not energy levels on the pitch.
  4. Its not a question for me how good his squad is ,its what you do with it.Worse players on smaller teams have come to Villa park and out played us.Ive read on here that certain players have been told their surplus to requirements which explains their downturn in form,what i cant get me head around is why Smith continually picks some of them.Cant he put Davis alongside Abrahams in a 442 once in a while especially when were losing heavily at home.
  5. Do those stats indicate he has played zero through balls?
  6. Message to Smith.....Stop trying not to lose every game and start trying to win some,you did it when you got here and now you look like a sad Bruce imitator.
  7. ill support Smith if he can put a product on the pitch thats entertaining regardless of result but this is dire.
  8. They've gone and spent the entire transfer budget on a 5th or is it 6th goalkeeper.
  9. Look at it like this ,a good cup run generates income, to be able to buy players you need that income to satisfy the FFP regulations.
  10. If Dean Smith says the same ill agree with you.....until then i want to see the Villa win more games.
  11. Im looking forward to January and the FA cup,do you think well get turned over by lower league opposition?Not under Dean Smith we wont,in fact id love us to draw a premier league side just to see how we stand up against better opposition,better yet draw Fulham at home and do to them what Bruce should have done in the play off final.Damn it if i dont love what Dean Smiths serving.UTV
  12. No mate i did it,i caught him banging my missus,realized who it was and let him have another dip.
  13. Condolences to his family
  14. Just get the Villa to play to win instead of playing not to lose,play some attractive football and youll be praised by the Holte enders for years to come.
  15. Its simple really...is 13th in the championship good enough....if yes Bruce stays,if no...........

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