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Where do you sit?


Where is your seat?  

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  1. 1. Where is your seat?

    • Lower Holte
    • Upper Holte
    • Lower Trinity
    • Middle Trinity
    • Upper Trinity
    • Lower North Stand
    • Upper North Stand
    • Lower Witton Lane
    • Upper Witton Lane
    • I'm not a ST holder, I'll sit where ever I can.

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on my chair, on my sofa, on my bed, not on the floor.

ohhh, in Villa Park. i mainly sit in the Lower Trinity, sometimes in the Upper Trinity, depends where i can get tickets.

Have never sat in the Holte or North stands.

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Random for me , most often in the Lower Holte of late

Spookily enough seeing as my mate booked the tickets for West Ham and I had no input , I was sitting 2 rows behind Awol and Snowy for the West Ham game in the Trinity Road stand ... the temptation to lob objects at them during the game was strong and it took all my Jedi powers to resist

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Lower North H90.

So much fun!

Lower North looks quite good now mate with the banter with the away fans!

And a fair few songs now come from there, louder than the bloody Holte half the time :lol:

yeah im having much fun as all the nutters live there. :lol:

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