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  1. If we give 100% then we’ll have a chance. If we give 99% we won’t
  2. United fans really are dumb if they think they can win the league any time soon with this team. Pogba playing well half decent, must be a transfer window open? Liverpool & City will not be losing sleep over this
  3. I was surprised by Le Saux. Thought he came across well. The guy hosting was desperate to make it sound like we were very lucky
  4. If that was Spurs and José you know everyone would be saying it was the perfect away draw
  5. A top draw team performance. Everything was spot on. More of the same after the International break, please.
  6. This. I've not missed it at all. I don't think I'd care if it were to never come back
  7. Hahahaha VillaReport. The copy and paste kings of twitter. Shithouse of a twitter page
  8. If this turns out to be the worst then I fear for his future at the club, in the short time that's probably left. We would have to make a strong stance in the current climate.
  9. Bruce even admitted on TV the other night that results have been OK, and need to be improved. Fair play to him.
  10. Bruce has played this well in saying he's not leaving. It means he's got a chance to fight for his place. Hopefully showing some more effort etc. If he was to come out and say he's available would mean less effort from Ross, why would he bother? If the right bid/swap came in then I reckon Bruce would get rid. We would have to change the team/formation to suit Ross and I don't think he's good enough to warrant that.
  11. If he's up to no good or not, I trust Bruce will get to the bottom of it and he'll deal with it in the right way. Out of interest....Does this stuff show up in a drugs test?
  12. 4 points from his first 2 games is a good return. He wasn't my first choice, but I'm pleased with his start. It's clear the players aren't fully fit (not the first time we've seen that at Villa). I think we'll get through the next 2 games without being beaten.
  13. I reckon Bruce will go in for Colback at Hull
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