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  1. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Wes Edens

    I would be surprised if this is Villa linked given the purchasing vehicle is Edens company, and it is not linked with Sawiris. Interesting that Edens seems to be expanding his portfolio in this area though.
  2. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tony Xia

    Ah Dr Tony has become like those people who refused to hand back their shares to Randy Lerner when he came in, poor guy - maybe they’ll do him a commemorative share ticket that he can frame and pass on like a family heirloom.
  3. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tammy Abraham

    Did not see this coming. A reverse Delph,.
  4. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    James Chester

    Chester has not had a good season, but I’m very surprised to see him being written off this way. Lets face it he has a very inexperienced partner at centre half, Neil Taylor and an aging Alan Hutton, who seems more and more like an attacking mid than a right back now. Not to mention Nyland behind him. Even Baresi would have looked a bit worse with that around him.
  5. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Pre-match thread

    Terrifying/exciting to know under Smith Villa are actually 4.5 per game on average. Remortgage and back 0-0.
  6. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Alan Hutton

    New Years Honours list. Nailed on.
  7. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Dean Smith

    Trying so hard not to get carried away by current style of play and improvement. But it’s nice to be excited by the football again. This style of play will help us keep the loaned players and attract other talent should we be promoted.
  8. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tammy Abraham

    Been trying to reserve judgment on Tammy, but clearly he is a talent and is only going to get better. Would love to see him be our striker for many years to come.
  9. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Ørjan Nyland

    This. Amongst the ridiculous moments, he has made some genuinely brilliant saves. If he can iron the mistakes out, we have an excellent goalkeeper in there. Big if though.
  10. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I still cannot believe that we are still in with a chance of winning this league despite our early form.
  11. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Fans Consultancy Group Meeting

    I would like to know what plans the club have in regards to honouring Ron Saunders, who is obviously very unwell at the moment. Thanks!
  12. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Dean Smith

    I wanted Smith from the moment Bruce left. I have a feeling we may be on to a winner here. Hope the rest of his staff are inbound too
  13. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    New Manager Speculation

    Dean Smith makes a lot of sense for this post, just hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Lambert. Someone the majority of the fan base wanted, but grew to dislike.
  14. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Steve Bruce

    I don’t hate Bruce, and as a man I wish him no ill will. He’s just not doing enough, and has to go. It’s best for all parties now.
  15. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    The NSWE Board

    Presumably if NSWE are injecting this equity into the club the good Dr must have an increasingly negligible shareholding now. Oh well.