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  1. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Dean Smith

    I wanted Smith from the moment Bruce left. I have a feeling we may be on to a winner here. Hope the rest of his staff are inbound too
  2. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    New Manager Speculation

    Dean Smith makes a lot of sense for this post, just hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Lambert. Someone the majority of the fan base wanted, but grew to dislike.
  3. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Steve Bruce

    I don’t hate Bruce, and as a man I wish him no ill will. He’s just not doing enough, and has to go. It’s best for all parties now.
  4. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    The NSWE Board

    Presumably if NSWE are injecting this equity into the club the good Dr must have an increasingly negligible shareholding now. Oh well.
  5. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Ron Saunders in care

    This is the least we should do, and I hope the club are mindful of this. Maybe this could be brought up at the next fans consultation if it hasn’t already.
  6. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Steve Bruce In or Out?

    I genuinely am not sure. But as the old business saying goes ‘where there is doubt, there is no doubt’.
  7. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Villa and FFP

    If we bought the league then we could remove FFP regs. Blue sky thinking. I suspect the mortgages that have been paid up today will most certainly be linked to the scheme the new owners want to implement.
  8. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Time for a takeover

    It’s all a storm in a teacup if you ask me
  9. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tony Xia

    I hear you, the headlines they use are extremely frustrating though when scrolling through NewsNow or alike.
  10. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tony Xia

    The Birmingham Mail have written an excessive amount of articles regarding potential new owners which don’t actually really have any information or journalistic content. Otherwise, no. im looking forward to the Birmingham Mail’s exclusive tomorrow which outlines what fans think the new owners should wear at any press conference.
  11. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Alan Hutton

    Excellent news. Well deserved!
  12. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tony Xia

    On a brighter note we are only 2 years away from European domination. Tone said so.
  13. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tony Xia

    Harsh to blame him for the first one I would suggest.
  14. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Lewis Grabban

    Gotta day watching this guy is so odd. He looks really bang average, but scores goals like they are going out of fashion. Poacher.
  15. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    End of season awards/POTY

    This is probably the first time in years that the team have deserved an end of year celebration. Chester for POTY for me. A tremendous clubman.