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  1. Either way the club needs to be loyal to Chester after his loyalty, and service, to us.
  2. £20m-ish for Mings, or £27m-ish for Ross McCormack and Scott Hogan. I prefer Mings and the current transfer policy.
  3. I think when we were premier league last time we took that status for granted because we are Aston Villa, and this time I don’t see us making that mistake. I think Smith is too good a manager to allow complacency in this squad.
  4. Tony told us we’d win the Champions League in five years. “It’s happening gif”?
  5. Brilliant touch that Chester raised the trophy with Jack. He represented everything good about our time in the championship. A true pro. Didn’t have a great season because of injury, but should be remembered by fans for the way he’s carried himself in the previous 2 years.
  6. Don’t really have an issue, Villa Park has no realisable value without the team there. Isn’t it protected again demolition too? This will only be a paper exercise for FFP, and the reality is if the club is sold, the ground will form part of any agreement.
  7. Club legend status awaits this guy if we go up and he stays with us. A complete class act.
  8. Whatever he wants to look like if he bags a couple tonight.
  9. This is a long day. I just have the feeling they will score first, also think this is going to 120mins. Hope I’m wrong and we get 2 in the first 20 mins. One thing is for sure, we won’t sit back, and neither will they.
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