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  1. Tony told us we’d win the Champions League in five years. “It’s happening gif”?
  2. Brilliant touch that Chester raised the trophy with Jack. He represented everything good about our time in the championship. A true pro. Didn’t have a great season because of injury, but should be remembered by fans for the way he’s carried himself in the previous 2 years.
  3. Don’t really have an issue, Villa Park has no realisable value without the team there. Isn’t it protected again demolition too? This will only be a paper exercise for FFP, and the reality is if the club is sold, the ground will form part of any agreement.
  4. Club legend status awaits this guy if we go up and he stays with us. A complete class act.
  5. Whatever he wants to look like if he bags a couple tonight.
  6. This is a long day. I just have the feeling they will score first, also think this is going to 120mins. Hope I’m wrong and we get 2 in the first 20 mins. One thing is for sure, we won’t sit back, and neither will they.
  7. Tammy Abraham is a really good striker.
  8. This comparison is perfect. In ten games we accumulated 30 points, Blues got 0. Spring is a wonderful time of year.
  9. 109 years. Unreal. Smith is not a flash in the pan is he?
  10. Class act even when not at his best.
  11. Sheffield Utd. We will tear them in a one leg tie the way we’re playing especially if Sharp is out
  12. Find the responses here incredibly interesting. If this was 12 months ago everyone would be lapping this up. Just goes to show the general satisfaction of the leadership (and spending power) of Sawiris and Edens I think.
  13. It’s unreal isn’t it? We play the first half of the season with Chester half fit and being the clear first (only) choice centre back. Now, when he returns to fitness, he comes in to a squad blessed with centre back options. Mings is brilliant, Tuanzebe was outstanding before his injury, and Hause has been pretty rock solid since coming in at cb with Mings. I think when all are fully fit id go Mings and Chester (if as good as last season again). Hause to move to RB.
  14. Absolute boss. It’s all just too easy for him. Mid Chester gets fit that will be quite a centre back pairing

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