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  1. If one thing is for sure, Nyland would not have caught it.
  2. Different gravy. World level keepers have gone for crazy money in recent seasons - I think we got one on the cheap.
  3. Back in Beijing there is a man who is raging that his bad leadership led to him practically giving away this club for less than £30mil. And now it’s flying and worth over £300mil.
  4. 40/1 now for relegation. Which means if you put £10 on Villa to be relegated, you will lose £10.
  5. Be interesting to see what the budget is. Suspect a striker, a centre mid to challenge McGinn and a RW might be of interest.
  6. I think this is an important point. There will be many negative weekends this season, but the trend over the next 3 years is going to be very exciting.
  7. Disappointing performance tonight. Bringing our average expected goals scorer per game down. I imagine Smith will bring the lads in tomorrow morning at 8am for double training.
  8. Currently on course for 114 points, anything less than 108 points has to be viewed as a failure this season.
  9. Smith is another year wiser at this level, and our squads much improved and a year wiser too. I really want this to work with Smith and have high hopes it will!
  10. Great to see Sawiris in the stand yesterday - probably coincided with his business in London. I think the vision and ambitions of men like Sawiris and Edens probably are greater than knocking down the North Stand, I have never bought into the financial merits of doing that. I think they would be more likely facilitate a complete stadium rebuild to future proof us. No one can say that these guys have not been anything but brilliant for us.
  11. Delighted for the team. Hopefully fans will be allowed in the stadium when we lift the trophy.
  12. Anything less than top 4 by tonight and I expect Smith will come under pressure. Any side that can afford to keep Neil Taylor on the bench should be there or there abouts.
  13. Just goes to show the gap between us and other lesser teams. Chelsea spent close to £200mil and still can’t see away teams like West Brom. it’s ours to lose now.
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