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  1. As it is from @ThatcherLover can we assume it’s a right winger to replace Trez?
  2. Excellent appointment if true. His success with Copenhagen this year was down to good player acquisition.
  3. No theme park...no party.
  4. I know it’s easy to say on the crest of a great outcome, but these guys really are doing great with the club. Such a breath of fresh air to know we are ambitious and financially secure at the same time. Really glad for them and their considerable financial investment that we kept up yesterday. Nassef is quite some businessman, and Wes is obviously an excellent visionary in sport. Let the good times roll.
  5. Isn’t talk of Heaton and Wes being back a non-issue, neither of them are registered to play now.
  6. Feel sad he is going, not because it’s not the right thing to do but just because he’s a top pro and the best thing that happened to the team in the early championship years. Will be remembered.
  7. Did great in that horrible first season in the championship. We could have been in league one without some of those goals in fairness.
  8. Not another thread down the swan-ny. OT- would take Benteke in a heartbeat.
  9. Either way the club needs to be loyal to Chester after his loyalty, and service, to us.
  10. £20m-ish for Mings, or £27m-ish for Ross McCormack and Scott Hogan. I prefer Mings and the current transfer policy.
  11. I think when we were premier league last time we took that status for granted because we are Aston Villa, and this time I don’t see us making that mistake. I think Smith is too good a manager to allow complacency in this squad.
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