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  1. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Alan Hutton

    Excellent news. Well deserved!
  2. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tony Xia

    On a brighter note we are only 2 years away from European domination. Tone said so.
  3. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tony Xia

    Harsh to blame him for the first one I would suggest.
  4. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Lewis Grabban

    Gotta day watching this guy is so odd. He looks really bang average, but scores goals like they are going out of fashion. Poacher.
  5. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    End of season awards/POTY

    This is probably the first time in years that the team have deserved an end of year celebration. Chester for POTY for me. A tremendous clubman.
  6. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    The fact that it will be ‘innovative’ is quite believable given the work the corporate side of the club has been involved in over the last season ie 5G bids, Season Ticket contactless payments, various partnerships setup etc. But it does indicate that we will not have a mainstream manufacturer. as said before UA have done alright by us, the kits and training gear is high quality, but if it brings in more monies to change so be it.
  7. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    We promoted yet? Keep winning, and it doesn’t matter what agents other teams use.
  8. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Keith Wyness

    Wyness has been reposting articles and links about Wolves this morning, it makes me very uncomfortable. if Wolves have done something wrong, we should let the league handle it, and don’t make noises publically. We are a better club than that. Also pretty much done a team talk for the weekend too. Not impressed
  9. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    James Chester

    Represents everything good about the club at the moment.
  10. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Steve Bruce

    Bruce has done great. Tonight’s game was strange, one of those where I expected us to trip up. That doesn’t happen anymore.
  11. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Haha Yes. Well played Joe.
  12. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Tony Xia

    I am liking Tony’s approach to Twitter now. Message the fans when needed, but not watering down the significance of his role. He seems like an incredibly busy man, but you have got to admire how he has basically rebuilt the clubs culture in 18 months.
  13. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Albert Adomah

    Interesting points made in this thread. I would never describe Albert as lazy at all - he, Grealish and Hutton work the left side so nicely. I really hope we don’t make the mistake Boro did and try to swap him out if we go up.
  14. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Steve Agnew

    Agnew dawn awaits us.
  15. DevonIsAPlaceOnEarth

    Steve Bruce

    100%, I think we as fans overanalyse recent history sometimes, especially when things are going great now. As the adopted club song says ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger”.