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  1. Thanks for that CBR. Ill see how the figures measure up.
  2. Eames: it was originally up for 5k more than it's up for currently. Which was probably 15k more than it's worth! If she put it up at what I offered, Im sure it would get far more interest. But hey, I'm guessing.
  3. Eh Gareth?? Offer lower than what I offered first time?
  4. Its been up for a year and there's no one else interested. The estate agent's figure is about £5k above what I first offered.
  5. Right, she's rejected my firs bid but apparently gave it serious thought and checked her figures and went to the bank to see if it was enoough to clear her mortgage. She's in negative equity. The estate agent is very shit, but he's told me a figure he thinks she'll accept, which he reckons covers what she owes What to do now?
  6. I agree about the banks being bastards theory. Saw a mortgage advisor yesterday and he shit all over the bank`s advice. I am trying to keep emotion out as the likelihood is, i`ll live there 5 years Max... But it is hard not to get attached when you can picture yourself living there!
  7. Yeah I was going to do that. But still, I want to be taken seriously and have as much chance as I can of getting a good price.
  8. Gents: I'm looking at buying my first place in Erdington- looking at 1/2 bed apartments. Any advice? I'm interested in putting an offer in for one place at about 10k below asking price cus her valuation is a bit out... but will she think I'm taking the piss? Its already been reduced once and is currently up for 2k less than what she paid 3 and half years ago. But as nice as it is, its not worth what she wants and Zoopla agrees Cheers.
  9. avfc443

    John Terry

    I can't wait for this whole drama to piss off. So bored of it now.
  10. We hit 20,000 last year, and that was well into August. I'd say we'll get at least 25,000 this year (we haven't had a marquee signing yet)- the good times are back at VP!
  11. Being 22, I didn't really get to see or appreciate McGrath. I'd say it has to be either Yorke or Barry. But Downing has to be given a mention too- £12m, 2 seasons, helped us get to Wembley twice, player of the season then £8m profit 2 years later. Sounds pretty good when you put it like that! Ignoring resale value, Laursen? £3m quid and one of the best defenders I've ever seen.
  12. N'Daw, Guirane N'Daw. There's no N'Dah. Ok N'Daw, big lad, bosses the midfield well plays a simple pass breaks up play etc Yep I'd take him over Makoun who is just another Djemba Djemba If you'd ever seen him play you wouldn't be saying that. He is useless. Just big. Any prem side would pass it around him.
  13. He was my number 1 from the start. He's achieved far more as a manager than OGS or Martinez. Would be an amazing appointment.
  14. Froch hasn't looked great in his last few fights. Even against Glen Johnson he didn't smash him. But I think it will be close tonight, Froch will want to impress the home crowd and Bute has never had a big test.
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