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  1. Unfortunately for him I think his opportunity will come in the cup game against Chelsea, and that will be extremely difficult to leave a lasting impression.
  2. Apologies you may be right, but you highlight a really good point. We are really going to have some selection headaches this season, especially with El Ghazis seasonal purple patches, the emergence of younger players such as Philogene Bidace and also because now we have tactical options rather than having to go 451/433 like last season. I really do think Bailey is going to be the jewel in the crown though, he has proven himself at the highest level.
  3. Ollie - Ings - Bailey even more so! Things are starting to look up now.
  4. Probably doesn’t mean a great deal, the arrangement of overdraft facilities provides more liquidity of sorts in the short term. Nassef made an absolute fortune during Covid, so I doubt he’s particularly worried about our relatively small profit/loss account compared to his huge multinationals. My guess would be that this is nothing more than a company taking advantage of a vastly improved credit rating, and securing a debt facility it would previously be unable to obtain. Good business practice.
  5. 100% and that is the way it should be. It certainly will be interesting to see the nature of our sponsorships now we are established again.
  6. I don’t think it’ll be a sweetheart deal or overvalued at all. As a shareholder he would look at synergies and mutually beneficial arrangements, Adidas taking control of our distribution channels benefits them too.
  7. Still out of the U21s with Covid. Would have thought they would have called him back in if he was all clear, like McGinn?
  8. Would not be surprised if the Fanatics deal was a reason for Nassef not pushing for a nice Adidas deal for us. One thing is for sure, with all those deals up we are in for a significant sponsorship boost this summer I would expect.
  9. Benni McCarthy as back up for Ollie and Danny would be a magical window.
  10. It’s an opinion piece so Preece is well within his rights to say what he has. To be honest I feel the same, Jack has not shown Villa much respect from the moment he left. And as the club have intimated, he’s pushed for a move subtly for years. Remember he removed villa from his social media within hours of his move. Probably his PR agents, but the fact stands he talks about us like some terrible ex. Sick of his nonsense to be honest.
  11. I think a lot of the frustration wouldn’t be here had Bailey have been fit for the opening games. Without him we look clearly light.
  12. “The view that really took my breath away”
  13. Yep. No point getting knickers in a twist over a kit that will probably get 2 viewings max.
  14. Very true. I suspect we will end up paying a nominal fee to him to leave. He’s a good pro so I expect he will want football, but he’s fully entitled to expect some compensation from us to leave.
  15. What a club we are. Brilliant by the owners.
  16. Tom Fox would have been all over this. As well as official wine partners and soap suppliers. In all seriousness, I do wonder how much these deals are actually worth the the club. I struggle to believe that they would be paying 6 figures for it when the highly prominent Cazoo sponsorship is worth “only” a few million.
  17. I thought Hourihane showed what he is all about with those threaded passes. I imagine he will have plenty of suitors in the championship and will get that move. I find it all a bit strange with Luiz. After the clamour to make sure city didn’t buy him back, there doesn’t seem to be much bother if we do sell him now. I must admit I don’t quite get it with him and wouldn’t be upset if we replaced him either.
  18. Absolute clubman. We will always remember.
  19. Would imagine Ings coming in sealed this move. And the emergence of Archer in training and Davis unlikely to be heading out before January too.
  20. 100% There’s a really good footballing brain in there to see that pass.
  21. Outstanding performance young man. Spoke really well on Sky too. I think he may have put the final nail in Wesleys villa career with that performance.
  22. Could we actually see Sanson tonight? Looking forward to it in a weird way.
  23. Sorry to repeat the obvious, but that was a helluva strike yesterday. Looked even better this morning.
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