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The Hardest Poll Question Ever


What Do You Choose?  

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  1. 1. What Do You Choose?

    • Sex
    • Drink
    • Football
    • Music

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I might spend the next 4 days devoted to each one, then compare and contrast them, then have a long hard think and then answer your question.

Right so today.

What's the first one then?

Ahhh sex. Right, here goes.

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I choose Sex.

Currently managing to go without drink, not too fussed about music, but without football, whilst hard - well exactly, what would you do with your constant hard on ?

go to a bar, get drunk, watch the footy, listen to the music, ogle some women, go home, and 'sort yourself out'.

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can i have sex with whoever i want, whenever i want?

if not, if i still have to find my own sex, then whilst its great... it dependas on how much you can get.

all the rest are freely available.

Nail on head there. For me, these are two pairs - drink/football would be the first choice to eliminate, then sex/music. TBH, at my age - and assuming I can live to be into (say) my 80s, I think music might be the better long term option to keep, due to better availablility!

Whatever I chose I'd regret it, though.

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