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Syria / Turkey earthquake


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Sounds like a bad one. Tsunami warnings for the Mediterranean as well. 



Turkey and Syria: deadly earthquake kills more than 100 people with fears casualties will rise

7.8 magnitude tremor hit region early on Monday, causing widespread destruction and trapping people under rubble



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28 minutes ago, trekka said:

Sky News reporting at least 560 dead.  That number is bound to rise :(.

Those poor people. 

F***. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

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47 minutes ago, El Zen said:

Oh man, more than a 1000 confirmed dead now. This is bad. Very bad. 

An earthquake in Turkey in 1999 killed 17,000 people but supposedly this one is likely to be worse.

The last one as large as this was 1939 when 33,000 were killed. 

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One death is sad, two a tragedy

Ten is a disaster, dear god

At least it’s not us!


A thousand lives is a statistic

I keep refreshing the news, press f5

Poor people. Will it be a new record?


In Turkey, there’s a mother, a life in ruins

Literally, and because

One life was more important than hers

As was thousands more to someone.

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2 hours ago, El Zen said:

Former Premier League player Christian Atsu missing. 


That's very on brand for him tbh.

Seriously thou it's tragic and it must be utterly terrifying not knowing if another quake is coming.

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27 minutes ago, Genie said:

It looks like a warzone 😞 



The second voice in that sounds like the most Scouse Turkish person I've ever heard.

Sadly when I heard the magnitude above 7 I could imagine the carnage, really only specifically designed buildings can survive an earthquake that powerful I'd have thought.  I hope they still find plenty of survivors in the next hours and days.

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