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  1. Adama Traore wants to be Leon Bailey when he grows up
  2. Don't you think Fernandez is past it , I mean she's nineteen now
  3. She has played fourteen sets against players in the top 50. So far the score is Emma 14 the rest 0
  4. Just checked the spuds sha result. I feel sorry for the sha ladies. 1st game and hadn't even got a full subs bench.
  5. When people talk of the landmass and must presume it's all flat and there are no lakes and rivers. There is a reason there not more trees in the fells or welsh hills or brecon beacons etc.
  6. He's been a Villa fan for about 20 years. So If your son wasn't quite as good and on say, El Ghazi's wage and then Chelsea offered him chumps league, would you say he wasn't a real fan. How is it different to Francis, 1 team qualified for the European cup not four. We wont make chumps league this year.
  7. like I said It's probably better not to play for your home town club.
  8. Could be a joke there, A scouse an Irishman and 2 Geordies walk into Villa park
  9. I think It's better if you don't play for your home team club. He's been our best player for a generation, maybe all time. He played when we were crap, went down a division. And then when the best team or one of the top 3 in the world, makes you the one chance to go and play at the highest level, Plop man u etc won't really win the league many times in his remaining career. And he takes it. Then all of a sudden he's Ratboy? I remember laughing at small heath fans reaction when Trevor Francis left, I'll bet a few of them laugh at us now.
  10. People go on about Levy being tough, that maybe the case. I heard a cabinet maker wanted 2 grand to make a trophy cabinet, he said no way, I'd rather not win any trophies than pay that.
  11. Read the Barrow forum, this made me laugh My Canadian wife who knows nothing about football (only Ice Hockey) said the problem with Barrow is the goalie, as he has let in 6 goals... I'm going to put the kettle on....
  12. makes you wonder, what did we leave behind,? A trained army, weapons? Any infrastructure? Any leaders? And 20 days later some of the cruelist of the cruel, just take over and 100's of thouasnds are fleeing. What power do they have
  13. Isn't that exactly the same as the EU position?
  14. This didn't make me smile I laughed my head off. Just watching the hundred, Surrey Notts. Reece Topley 6 foot 6 84 MPH bowling to Alex Hales. Straight in the nuts. Because he was so far back in his crease, he was close to stump mic. The uuurgh was so loud. He went down like a ton of bricks. I'm sure we have all been there. He was down a good few minutes. The players, umpires and crowd were sniggering. He finally got up and composed himself. Next ball exactly the same thing happened again. Straight down, same uuuurgh this time everyone was really laughing.
  15. I guess we could call Danny and Tyrone, Althea and Donna, we've got Ings and Mings Uptown top ranking
  16. Thing is with Kalinic, he never inspired confidence in the team or fans. Watching him flapping for the ball at a corner, was like watching a sealion trying to have a wank.
  17. A guy goes to heaven and Peter meets him at the gate. Peter says we weren't expecting you yet, never mind. Have you been a good man. The guy replies yes, I've never drunk or smoked or took drugs, never been in trouble with the police. I did once tell Tyrone Mings to wind his neck in and keep out of politics. When did this happen, About two minutes ago.
  18. International football is so different to league. You will never win the league playing England, or most other other national teams. They have the players for such a short time. They can't really be coached into a new system. If Pep is playing Burnley in the league and it's 1-1 after 80 mins, he's going to go for it. If it's the same in the cup, not quite so much
  19. nearly all games are on the fa player. You have to sign up but it's free.
  20. wonder if he knows Spinksy or Alan Macinally
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