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Best football kits ever


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As mentioned in the other thread i thought id start this as the latest barca effort got me thinking back to some of theirs which i love

so what is the best kit of all time? go back as far as you like

can do best kit, best template, best year as a set of home / away / third, based on one of @NurembergVillan youtube videos i will do favourite shirt i've had to wear as a fan 

i'll start with the easy one, best shirt ever IMO

See the source image

Barca 2001/2 home shirt, i've still got it albeit as a spill over from the 90s im a medium and the shirt is large

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and thats my favourite template

Image result for inter milan home shirt 2001Image result for boca juniors home shirt 2002

Rob i'd love you to do old famous template specials on the channel, the nike ones that came after these for the world cup 2002 in my head are really famous and id love to know about the stripe that went around the back and then the mesh detail

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this was then the best kits to wear as a fan, england home 2010

Image result for england 2010 kit

the red away was good too but the 2012 blue away was better

Image result for england away 2012 kit

i've still got the away shirt, the white home i ran in to the ground, that is the ultimate pub football shirt, never been beat

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7 minutes ago, villa4europe said:

I'm not that big a fan of the shirt but some of the training range that went with it was great, I can see why it sold like hot cakes 

I have the training gear as my house clothing, well the joggers at least. CarryOnLad keeps steeling the tracksuit top, to impress he’s mates with. 
least I still have some style worth steeling 

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5 minutes ago, The_Rev said:

Roma 2013/14.  They had amazing home shirts with no sponsor on for three or four years in the middle of the decade. 


Nike had a great run with roma too in the 2010s,their colour scheme just fits even when they then went dark blue for the 3rd 

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