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spa.png SPA Spain


ned.png NED Netherlands


chi.png CHI Chile


aus.png AUS Australia

SPA vs NED Fri 13 June 20:00 BBC ONE

CHI vs AUS Fri 13 June 23:00 ITV

AUS vs NED Wed 18 June 17:00 ITV

SPA vs CHI Wed 18 June 20:00 BBC ONE

AUS vs SPA Mon 23 June 17:00 ITV

NED vs CHI Mon 23 June 17:00 ITV

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The media absolutely crave a story like this that they can exploit.


Martins Indi ws a bit overzealous with a tackle in training on Robben, anyone would be unhappy about it, especially if like Robben you are made of glass and you're at the World Cup.


They'll get over it, unlike the press.

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In fact, I just had a look to find the Dutch media's take on it and only one of the top newspapers had a story on it... a couple of sentences and a quote from Martins Indi to say it is behind them.


The Dutch media are more interested in Davids whacking some guy, who presented You've Been Framed for one series, in the face during the Soccer Aid game.

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Spain and Netherlands to advance, I am pissed that I am going to miss their match on Friday -- I'm driving down to visit my Dad and will be in the car the whole time. Poor Australia. I hope they get a draw just to make things interesting among the top 2.

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