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  1. I think this is where there's a grey area. There's a big difference between a 17 year old lad sleeping with his 15 year old girlfriend and a 28 year old man and a 15 year old. And yes at 14 girls think it's all very sophisticated. I remember one of the girl's in my class when we were 14, stunning, looked a lot older, but she had a 28 year old boyfriend. And as teenagers we didn't see anything wrong with it. As an adult, I think, what a sicko! He definitely knew how old she was as well.
  2. This for me. Does no one else think he's a bit of a one trick pony? Stands around till ball delivered to feet, dinks it past one or two players down the right, hits byline, cross. That's it. That's all he does. This one move - he reminds me a bit of playing double dragon charac in the nineties. If the game was easy you could just chuck fireball after fireball at your opponent, if it wasn't you were *******. I always assume that's why he only gets 20 mins. Any longer and the opposition will adapt to it and he s basically ineffective. And yes it is strange, because he's strong, pacy and clearly
  3. This! He obviously cares and after month after frustrating month he's just snapped over something stupid. Not thinking about the red IMO, just wanted to lash out and Cresswell was there. Stupid, but he's apologised let's move on. It's not like he headbutted someone in the final of the World Cup because they called his sister a ho.
  4. Surely, surely the club wouldn't be stupid enough to sell him - loan him to NF - that is a great idea, he gets back up to speed and then can come into the team next season with a load of experience at that level and contaminated by the terrible toxic atmosphere of the current dressing room. But selling him for peanuts, why?!?!?
  5. My old boss used to be a teacher and he told me once that the reason he gave it up was because the kids in the country he'd moved to were so apathetic. When he was teaching kids in England he said they could be right little shits but if you could harness and redirect their energy it could be really fulfilling whereas the attitude in the new country was so apathetic they couldn't even be bothered to play up and give him a hard time. This team remind me of this all the time. They don't give a shit. It's no good shouting at them they don't care, their life is easy, loads of money, no particular
  6. Does anyone know if he's still going out on the piss all the time though? if he is then it's attitude if he's stopped and is getting his head down then it's a confidence thing imo
  7. The problem with Garde is that if we continue like this, he ll be ruined by the end of the season, in the same way Lambert fell apart at the end it will happen to Remi and then he really won't be the right person for the rebuild.
  8. I like Garde, and I can see what he's trying to do. We don't just need sorting out defensively we need a consistent starting 11 who each know where the other is without thinking about it and that takes time, requires team players and an awful lot of patience. Then you can start to swap players in and out. I think he's slowly turning the ship around but we just don't have time for it to keep us in the PL. But at least when we go down we 'll have a solid on field philosophy in place and hopefully won't lose too many players - who at that stage may be performing quite well. As for being uninspir
  9. I really don't have much of an issue with this interview. Comparing it to Sherwood is a bit disingenuous imo. Sherwood was manager - ie the boss. Your boss slagging you off in public is humiliating and soul destroying. Richards is captain, he represents the group, so I read it as him saying collectively we're not good enough, we need to run more, we need to try harder. The comments about foreign players needing time to settle are fair enough, and I didn't read the language thing as a Sherwoodesque put down. If anything he was bigging up Remi to bridge that gap. I mean everything he's said is t
  10. Agree with this. Tim Sherwood is basically still playing Captain, he wants to lead the team not manage them. If he were in a normal job he'd be the shop steward, he wouldn't be the boss. And this is his problem. He can rile a team up, the players like him and want to do well for him, but you still need someone to put in place a strategy or system.
  11. I could be making this up, but didn't he have endless run ins with duverne when he was here last time?
  12. I think this is from the game where he calls one of the opposition players an asshole quite audibly from the sidelines for diving
  13. Needs to be benched for a while, he was so static today. Yes he's only a young kid, but if he doesn't sort himself out, he'll piss his talent up the wall. The summer antics, his attitude on the pitch in some games suggest he needs to mentally get to grips with the position he's in and yes he's young, so he might not be able to.
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