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1000th Premier League Goal At Villa Park?


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Apparently, if the stats are correct there have currently been 999 Premier League goals scored at Villa Park since the leagues inception.


Hopefully it will be one of our claret & blue heroes who scores the 1000th & hopefully at the right end too.


Whose your money on to score the next Premier League goal at Villa Park?


Despite the fact that we don't currently look like we could score a goal in a month of Sunday's, I'll be really positive & go Gabby Agbonlahor & I hope I'm right, though I don't mind another Villa player proving me wrong..


What do you reckon VT?

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I'm just impressed that someone somewhere has been counting the number of goals scored at VP since the premier league began.




That's just counting for counting's sake, isn't it?


Didn't you know Carol Vorderman was a Villa fan? ;)


Makes sense....as we used to be one from the top an now we're as good as any other five (from the bottom half)

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If ever there was a time for the 12th man to score a goal this is it.

Yes, Lambert brings on Jordan Bowery as substitute and he spins around in his wheelchair and knocks one in from 25 yards!  :D

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