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  1. Austria, Belgium, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, UK(lol), USA, Vatican So, 23 countries... think that's all of them! Favourite probably Costa Rica & Mexico. Love Italy too and Thailand was good. Next up... bugger all at this rate! Thinking Switzerland.
  2. Currently addicted to Dirt 2.0. Got a Playseat for my birthday and bought myself a Thrustmaster wheel (for anyone who doesn't know what these are....I'm not making the names up! ) I'm terrible at it, but it's good fun! Before christmas, I was playing AOE 2 & 3 as I bought the definitive editions on steam. Rolling back the years. Got me all excited for AOE4....if it ever gets released!
  3. I watch a lot of Cheltenham games, he's not had much game time so far. Just substitute appearances thus far. Not done much as of yet, the odd glimpses of skill but could do with more game time. Unfortunately for him, the other new signing Sam Smith is the preferred option currently and neither is going to take Alfie Mays place in the team. Am hopeful he will get more game time in the coming games though, Cheltenham have had a couple of bad results and injuries recently so Mike Duff (manager) may mix things up a bit.
  4. Agree with this totally. After the first maybe 6 or so games I was absolutely ranting about him, since then I think he's been quality. Did nothing wrong today in my eyes.
  5. Terrible first half but improved in the second (obvious statement of the day). McGinn gave the ball away far too many times today, maybe needs a rest in next match for Nakamba. I'd pick Ramsey over Barkley at the moment, he (Barkley) seems to be picked regardless of how he plays....can only assume there's something in his loan contract.
  6. Same here. Would be good if 3 or 4 can get a couple of first team substitute appearances minimum by end of season. Was particular impressed by Onodi and Revan. Unlikely that either will get a shot in first team this season though given the positions they play. Loans would be very beneficial too!
  7. Will be good to actually get a fee for one of the players after doing the usual releasing everyone for free! Best of luck to Bree though.
  8. They are being treated with a trip to Barry island I heard...
  9. I'm also happy he is staying. Was motm for me against forest green rovers the other week, donacien kept making mistakes and baker saved the day every time lol.
  10. Depends what it is renamed as.... I go watch Cheltenham town a fair bit and they've just renamed the stadium "the world of smile stadium" which is gay as fook, named after a local garden centre haha. People still just say whaddon road though just like people would just say villa park. I've never heard anyone say anything other than St James park for Newcastle to use a premier league example.
  11. I think he should be given a chance in villa team. A lot of the time last season we needed that selfishness instead of them pissing about passing it on edge of the box then someone ending up back in own half, found myself so frustrated at times it was like just take a damn shot someone!
  12. He started second half but got injured after 15 mins, not sure what injury is though hopefully nothing bad.
  13. What game is this?? Game was against forest green rovers who are in conference (or national league as it's now called). Wasn't just under 21 they were down as "Aston villa XI". Loads played, bunn, baker, Richardson, donacien, tonev, Cole, nzogbia, kozak, Robinson and 2 youth team first half then loads of subs 2nd half ending up bunn with 10 youth team. Hepburn-Murphy played 15 mins before going off injured so hopefully nothing serious. Players who I thought did well: Bunn, baker(motm imo), Cole, sellars, leggett and Ricardo Calder (I think it was him lol).
  14. Walked off I think so hopefully just precautionary!
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