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  1. One For The Road

    Ratings & Reactions: Yeovil v Villa

    Anyone who thinks we can sneak into the top 6 with Elphick as Terry's replacement is sadly mistaken. We are a weaker side than last year, where we finished 4th, and therefore it seems absurd to think we can do as well with the current squad. CB, GK and ST are huge postional problems for us and unless we make some seriously good loan signings asap, we won't be doing much this season. This isn't a reflection only on the game just played but in general. Tonight just showed how weak the squad is.
  2. One For The Road

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    Let's hope so.
  3. One For The Road

    Match Thread: Villa v Wigan

    We are going to have to score a hell of a lot more goals this season if we are to push for the play offs. We are not remotely good enough at the back,
  4. One For The Road

    Jack Grealish

    Yeah it's almost as if Sky have a betting company and are trying to manipulate the market.
  5. One For The Road

    Jack Grealish

    I'd prepare to be shocked.
  6. One For The Road

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Last season we had Snodgrass creating chances and scoring the odd goal as well as Adomah on a ridiculously good run for the 1st half of the season. Add to that the solid defence that allowed the likes of Hourihane, Bikir and even Jedinak to push foward a little more to support the attack and you can see how we scored so many goals. Then throw in Grabban and it all makes sense why finished so strongly. We have none of the above this season (apart from Albert who was dreadful at the back end of the season) so will find goals harder to come by. We are desperate for a striker who is proven at this level and all the signs are that we are struggling to find one with our pretty non existent budget. Kodjia may be one of the greediest players in the league, but he can score goals. We will be heavily reliant on him this year. Top 6 this season will be a massive ask.
  7. One For The Road

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Last year I predicted we would miss out on promotion mostly because I felt we didn't have enough goals. This season not only do we not have enough goals but we are weaker defensively. No chance of a relegation battle but unlikely to threaten the top 6 imo. 9th for us with Leeds, Swansea and Stoke to go up.
  8. One For The Road

    New Manager Speculation

    What the hell? I'm not employed by any football club. I work with people in the game and the general consensus is, and had been for some time, that our problems are severe and whilst it may have been relieved somewhat with the arrival of new owners, there is still a huge financial hole to fill. That is a bad position to be in. Especially when we have already lost so many players.
  9. One For The Road

    New Manager Speculation

    My word.
  10. One For The Road

    New Manager Speculation

    Yes he is my grandfather. Now, anyone who thinks that Aston Villa is not a club in turmoil is someone who needs to take of their claret and blue tinted glasses. I work with a number of football clubs and happen to be hear a hell of a lot that goes on. Let's agree to disagree and move on.
  11. One For The Road

    New Manager Speculation

    Ok. And my thoughts on our state are based on knowledge. We are in turmoil. It's that simple.
  12. One For The Road

    New Manager Speculation

    I think you'll find that it was you who called my post ridiculous.
  13. One For The Road

    New Manager Speculation

    Haha. You have got to be kidding. OF COURSE we bloody well are!!! We are having to sell off our best players because we are in breach of FFP of we don't. We have already lost several of the players who helped us get to the Play Off Final and we are about to lose several more, with no really way of replacing them. I genuinely can't believe you don't think we are a club in turmoil. Wishful thinking on an astronomical scale.
  14. One For The Road

    New Manager Speculation

    Talk of Henry as manager is absolutely ridiculous. We are a club in turmoil and stability is what we need. Bringing in a totally inexperienced manager at a time like this is tantamount to professional negligence on the part of the new owners. This would be like the Remi Garde appointment but without his managerial experience.
  15. One For The Road

    Villa and FFP

    It's not just the £40 million we need to find though. We have serious debts and need urgent investment ON TOP of selling the above players. FFP is one thing. Not paying your bills is another. And it's the latter we need to worry about. FFP really isn't the biggest issue here.