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  1. There's currently just 5 points between 3rd and 15th. We really need to start winning against the 'lesser' sides because our good start could untangle very quickly given how tight the table is. You can be top 6 one week and bottom 6 a couple of weeks later. Can't remember the league being so close.
  2. Newcastle will have THREE extra days rest ahead of our game next week. Considering how knackered our players looked last week, thats a huge advantage for them. The scheduling is ridiculous.
  3. 2020 doesn't give a toss what we, or anyone else "normally does. Thats the first thing. Second thing is that we draw almost all the time away to West Ham.
  4. A game we rarely win but far from our worst record as far as London away games go. I'd take a point.
  5. Is that really necessary? Ffs...
  6. This trolling is getting really boring now. Doesn't your team have their own forum?
  7. Interesting stats but there's more to it than meets the eye. We have a player who wins more fouls than any player in Premier League history, we break at pace (against the top clubs), and we are an attacking side that scores a decent amount of goals. It seems to me that given all the above, we should be getting more penalties. I don't have the stats but I'd be willing to bet we are far higher on the free kicks awarded table than the penalties won table?
  8. In light of yesterday's appaling decision, I've got a question about the apparent lack of spot kicks awarded to us in recent times. Considering we have a player who, "goes down easily" and "buys free kicks", how come we never seem to get penalties? This season is seeing a record breaking amount of pens given for all sorts of misdemeanours, and yet we seem to have failed to get the memo. Is there an actual tactical reason why we aren't getting them (such as players being told not to go to ground) or is it just coincidence? Its not as if we don't get into the opposition box o
  9. Predicted a 2-1 loss and so it transpired. However, I didn't expect it to happen in that way. It seems we can only win against teams we aren't 'supposed' to beat. This isn't a sustainable model. We are more likely to win 5-0 at Stamford Bridge than we are to get a draw at home to Burnley/Brighton/Palace, or even bloody Stoke! I'm all for an exciting transition but we need to start taking points from games like today. Last season we couldn't hold a lead against the top sides and that almost cost us our Premier League status. This season we have managed to win those games
  10. When our best players haven't all come back from playing a ridiculous amount of international games all over the world.
  11. Just another meaningless "shit on the villa" derby. One is homeless and the other one might as well be, given the shitness of their abode. Still, it keeps them happy and gives them a break from arguing over Jack Grealish.
  12. I'm learning to cope with the distress of it.
  13. More proof that Greasy (sic) is overrated. To only manage 3 MOTM performances out of 4 England games is shocking. And to not manage to stay perfectly upright for the whole game, whist being kicked all over the park shows that he does nothing but dive. No end product whatsoever. Ok, he gets loads of assists, scores goals, creates chances, wins free kicks and holds the ball up, but he does sod all else. He can't even play right back. A poor man's Jose Dominguez. Championship player at best. (Hope he's fit for Saturday)
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