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  1. Premier League Final Day/Europa League Final

    Haven't watched a single Premier League game all season. Not remotely interested in who finishes 4th. It's not Villa so who cares? I do hope Ajax win the Europa League though, on the basis that it would mean Man United dont.
  2. Ugo Ehiogu

    Absolutely devastated. FRT have 90 people going to Dortmund and Ajax on our final tour of the season and every single person on the trip will be wearing a t-shirt with Ugo on the front at both games. Loved the guy. RIP big man. ;(
  3. Ticket information

    I don't believe that for a second. A derby between the Liverpool clubs or the Manchester clubs would certainly be televised no matter what. There were other Villa v Blues games that weren't on TV when we were in the Prem. The 2nd city derby just isn't appealing to anyone who doesn't support either club.
  4. Ticket information

    It's not the point. My question was which other city would have its big derby not televised.
  5. Ticket information

    How many other cities would have a derby game that isn't on TV? Liverpool? Never, Manchester? Not a chance. Sheffield? Possibly. But as a 2nd city it says a lot that SKY didn't see our game as relevant enough to televise. Now I don't give a toss whether it is or it isn't, its just very telling how unappealing our derby is.
  6. Steve Bruce

    I doubt very much that Dr Tony is gonna pull the trigger in the summer. I reckon he will give him the chance to strengthen in the summer and try to push the top 6 next season. I can't for the life me imagine us achieving the play offs within just 2 seasons but Bruce has history in this division and our best chance may be to stick with him. Next season is gonna be tough and people expecting us to be anywhere near the top 3 or 4 places are going to be left disappointed.
  7. Ratings & Reactions: Fulham v Villa

    Who actually cares? I know I don't. Not anymore. Next week's so called "second city derby" will be played out between 2 awful, insignificant, embarrassing football clubs. These really are sad times and I think it's looking like we may be spending a few years in this terrible league.
  8. Match Thread: Fulham v Villa

    This poor run was always coming. Even when we were winning games we looked poor. I have serious doubts about our ability to finish 6th next season.
  9. The Bundesliga Thread

    Dortmund is great but Mönchengladbach and Schalke are very good too. We have just added FC Cologne to our trips for next season too. Ajax is great as well. I personally am going to Dortmund tomorrow, Ajax on Sunday and Fulham on Monday.
  10. The Bundesliga Thread

    We did Dortmund v Ingolstadt with FRT a few weeks back and Dortmund were very fortunate to win. Thought Ingolstadt looked decent and we're the better side. Deserved at least at draw but couldn't finish.
  11. Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    Just got home. We were pretty awful and the midfield was non existant. Never thought we would win today but still a bit disappointed. Highlight of the day was meeting Gordan Cowans in the away end. At least this puts a stop to the nonsense talk of making the play offs. We are a long way off getting promoted. Even next season.
  12. Ratings & Reactions: Burton v Villa

    On the train back. Lovely sunny day.... erm...beer good....er....thats's all.
  13. The push for the Play offs ?

    You just answered your own question.
  14. The Championship thread

    Looking like a fight between Wednesday and Fulham for 6th place. That said, could Derby sneak in there given their recent form? Itll be interesting to see who is left once the 3 teams have gone up, as they will likely be our main competition next season.
  15. Pre-Match Thread

    I think this will herald the start of a downturn in results. I think we may lose this and draw with Reading. Hope I'm wrong of course!