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  1. Totally agree. They are displaying an incredible amount of bitterness. And yet a poster on here was commending them for their "dignified" response! They are behaving awfully. Really hope they go down.
  2. Are you kidding? Have you been in their forum? You are way off if you think Norwich fans are being dignified about this.
  3. Why the insult? My point is that the level we are currently at in out re-building stage only permits us to sign the best Championship players. Once we are further down the line, we will be signing ready made CL talent. But for now, it's just not possible. I also stated that he is a good signing and shows a solid long term plan. There's no need for the insulting post.
  4. I'm sure Man City will be quaking in their boots to see Villa sign a Norwich player. There's a fair few overreactions going on here I think. Don't get me wrong, I think he is a great addition and shows we have a good long term plan, but it's not like we are signing Champions League players. He hasn't chosen us over Arsenal. The Arsenal bid got rejected because it didn't meet the valuation.
  5. Inseed. All the talk was of Villa doing a Fulham but we didnt. However Fulham came back up and did another Fulham so it remains to be seen if Brentford do a Leeds. Or a Fulham.
  6. Oh no! They haven't closed Pizza Hut have they?
  7. Yeah. Imagine reaching the pinnacle of success in club football and recording the moment.
  8. Football was always going to be the loser today with one of those clubs winning the Champions League. But Chelsea winning was the lesser of 2 very ugly evils, as at least we have still got the big one over Man City.
  9. The irony of Manchester United losing on penalties is hilarious. Live by the sword....etc...
  10. Probably because he is a dreadful pundit who talks utter rubbish.
  11. Well I used to fly with them back to my family estate in the shires. Although it was difficult to get a seat after a home game.
  12. Don't forget Flybe... Now, whatever happened to them. Lol
  13. 13 points from Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs this season. 3 points from West Ham, and Palace. Such a shame as we would have been knocking on the European door with a couple more wins against lesser opposition. Still, another fantastic achievement from Smith and the players this season. Fantastic manager.
  14. "They will be lively again at Stamford Bridge, especially with Jack Grealish getting more and more minutes under his belt, but I thought Chelsea won comfortably against Leicester on Tuesday and I'd expect them to get the job done here too. Lawro's prediction: 0-2" Stamford Bridge? Anyone think maybe Lawro knows bugger all about what he talking about?
  15. There could be a thread entitled "best curry houses in Brum", and by the 2nd post da Vile and "Greasy" will be crowbarred into the comments, before the whole thread becomes and argument about our club.
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