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  1. You litelrallly used the laughing emoticon in response to my post that we were in different building stages. Stop lying. Also, you absolutely proved my point by repeating what I was saying. If you want to have a debate, do it honestly.
  2. You have literally just proven my point several times. I said we weren't ready yet and that we are in a rebuilding stage. You laughed. Then you write the above post which says we aren't ready yet and we need to bring in new players. Also, I couldn't care less about how many mangers they've had recently, they are 2nd in the league for a reason. They have also come from behind to win a record 10 times this season. This Villa side put 7 past the Champions and did the double over Arsenal so this talk about mentality is demonstrably incoherent. We gave Man United a game at their p
  3. They are 2nd in the league, have been competing in the upper echelons of the Premier League continually since its inception and have a far more expensive squad than we have for that reason. We got promoted 2 seasons ago and have made great strides, but we are in a rebuilding phase at the moment and will be for another season or 2 at least. They brought Cavani off the bench. We brought on Davis. It's not wallowing in a narrative to say that we are going to struggle against top sides as we rebuild and especially without our captain and star player. That you laughed at my pos
  4. I don't know as I don't watch Man City games but that was a clear foul on Pogba and there can be absolutely no complaints about that one.
  5. Its almost as if they are one of the biggest, richest clubs in the world and we are in a rebuilding process following promotion.
  6. Pogba was a stonewall penalty. Hell, it was almost 2 penalties as he tried to foul him a second before. I thought the VAR handball was a decent shout for us and you know it'd have been given the other way.
  7. I'd take Martinez and Konsa over Henderson and Lindelof every day of the week. I'd also take McGinn over McTominay but that one I could take or leave.
  8. It's not a mentality thing. It's just the fact that they are always a better team than us so we are always looking to overturn the odds every time we play them. Anomalies happen of course, but not once has a defeat against Man United in the last 26 years been an upset. Sure other, lesser teams have beaten them in that time but our relatively good record at Arsenal makes a lot less sense than our poor record against Man United. Our record at Newcastle is far more surprising given the level of the 2 clubs over the last 20 odd years. It also doesn't help when the ref is more Manc
  9. Same here in Thailand! Although I think it's Bielsa we should really be thanking for our meteorological fortune. #Smithout
  10. Man United to score a pen is 4/1. ***Runs off to sell everything I own and heads to the bookies.
  11. I'll never forget the banner when we played Man City in the 93 title run in. Beat them 3-1 on the Sunday and they had a huge sign that said "Good luck Villa from the City of Manchester". How ironic that we could actually be giving them the title today.
  12. Hope we start the same side as last week. This isn't the time to blood the youngsters. You'll never win anything with kids.....
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