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  1. McGinn needs a rest for sure. Jack is not playing this game, I think that's pretty clear. Even if he was back to fitness, and his lack of training shows he isn't, he certainly wouldn't be risked against the bottom club in the league.
  2. Why do they want to have sex with with us so badly? Explains the man buns I suppose.
  3. Dirty girlie haircuts 0 Good guys 1. **** off Leeds. Well done Smith and the boys.
  4. We miss Cash. Seriously worried about Elmo 2md half. Need Trez on for support.
  5. Whatever happens. Please don't let it be Bamford....
  6. What on earth makes them think we aren't working class? I was having this very same conversation with my butler during supper.
  7. This is going to be a hard watch. 3-0 again.
  8. Apparently, they know for a fact that Jack isn't injured and it's something more sinister. Also, we are a relegation side and are in a downward spiral. We have apparently spent 300 million are no better than Southampton. Lol. They are desperate aren't they. We are 8th with 2 games in hand.
  9. If you concede 6, you haven't played the right way.
  10. Yes but Bielsa showed them how to do it.
  11. Exactly. Personally I am not just fine with finishing "wherever", I demand that we do! I'd much rather finish "wherever" than "there or thereabouts"
  12. Not bad against a fantastic side and we showed character to almost nick a point. Next....
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