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  1. I tried to do this with the Salernitana game and the full match replays are uploaded with the score in the title of the video, not to mention you have to scroll past the highlights (which also have the score listed) to get to the full match replays.
  2. https://video.avfc.co.uk/video/dm9kJTdDMF96MjJybmZ1NiU3QyUyRnNlY3Rpb24lM0ZzbHVnJTNEaG9tZSU3Q2hvbWUlMkZoZXJvX2Nhcm91c2Vs?lang=en Interestingly at around 0:50 Ings and Ollie appear to be discussing playing together, with Ings sayig 'just let me drift'.
  3. I don't think it's far fetched to think we'd line up in a 4-4-2 of sorts, it's basically the shape we played out of possession for most of last season with Barkley pushing up to press with Ollie, in fact I remember people questioning why we were playing Barkley as a striker. I'd expect Ings to replace Barkley in that position only he'll likely be much more effective. I think the fact we appear to have been in for JWP supports this idea as well as it's a similar system to the one Soton play.
  4. As is former Villan Janoi Donacien who I'd completely forgotten existed.
  5. Plot twist: Southgate has known all along and kept him out the team as a punishment 'cause he **** loves the Villa. Cheers Gaz, never doubted you mate.
  6. I've slept on it and I've changed my mind. If there is a release clause as reported then **** him. You don't come out with this 'my club, my city, my home' bollocks having made sure you've written a way out into your contract. That's Delph levels of snide. He plays along with the Mr Aston Villa stuff 'cause it feeds his ego, but let's be honest the guy's tried to leave 3 seasons running and the only reason he hasn't is because our owners are **** brilliant. Hopefully the squad can grow without him and some players may even flourish without the fear of getting an earful from billy big bollocks every time they misplace a pass. Bye Jack, thanks for ruining the memories.
  7. I won't boo him but I'll absolutely join in with the 'you're just a shit Leon Bailey' chants.
  8. I’m over it. If he doesn’t want to be here then I’d sooner he left than continued to pretend to be Mr Aston Villa. I just hope his first month’s wages are spent refunding every fan that got his name on their shirt.
  9. There's been a lot of talk of us overtaking the likes of Everton, Arsenal, Spurs this season. Spurs aren't being sentimental with Kane, they're not thanking him for all he's done and letting him have a crack at the next level, they're refusing to sell their best player and I'd hope we'd do the same.
  10. Just started @OutByEaster?, looks like we've got Captain Jack and Tony Daley today.
  11. Feel for Saka, surely Sterling or Stones need to step up there? Saka has looked nervous all night.
  12. No DCL in the squad again. I can't help but feel for someone so risk-averse as Southgate it seems an oddly unnecessary risk to take, especially with the potential for the game to go the distance.
  13. That's a belter. Seems like it's only available in their club shop though, any Bahia based Villa fans on here..?
  14. Never understood the hype over Depay. Wijnaldum hasn't turned up today either.
  15. Don't mind that being a red tbh, zero intent to play the ball. It's not even a tactical foul it's just pure petulance.
  16. Bottom of the group North Macedonia's Alioski with the second highest rating of the entire group stage behind only Kevin De Bruyne. Klich (again from a team bottom of their group) also makes it into the midfield with a higher rating than tournament top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo. Anyone guess what they have in common?
  17. I don’t know why this doesn’t get pointed out more often. Considering how much time Gareth’s spent watching Leeds and harping on about pressing England are incredibly passive. Jack’s just being smart, he probably looks around at the lack of an organised press and decides he’s better off saving his energy.
  18. I never thought I'd celebrate a Raheem Sterling goal so enthusiastically. **** get it Jack.
  19. I think a poor performance/result tonight and the knives will come out. Lineker and Klinsmann in particular were quite critical of his coaching style during the HT analysis of the Belgium game yesterday. Lineker essentially said our performances so far are a reflection of the manager’s personality (pint of water anyone?).
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