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  1. On the subject of difficulty I'm not keen on the super passive AI on Survivor+, it's not that I need or want their help, but it makes them feel less a part of your experience when they keep getting stranded half way across the map, and I've actually missed a couple of bits of dialogue due to them being so far away from me.
  2. On my second play through on Survivor+ difficulty, which is described as being more difficult than normal Survivor difficulty, but I don't know whether that extra difficulty is enough to compensate for having already unlocked most of the talent trees? You'd assume so, but thus far it's not been as difficult as I was expecting, though I'm not too far in, and I think the fact I tend to avoid using guns where possible means I'm not really noticing the lack of ammo all that much. I'm really enjoying how detailed this game is as well. I thought I'd been quite thorough the first time through but I'm noticing even more second time around. There's some interesting references in letters/dialogue to events later in the game, or characters who've yet to appear that I wouldn't have clocked first time through, stuff that carries some extra weight knowing what's to come, but also little (or big) environmental details that I either hadn't noticed or hadn't clicked that actually add a lot more depth to either the story or the characters involved. Slight gameplay spoiler:
  3. I've not tried it myself and I'm not sure I'd use it on my first play-through but I read you can turn on 'enhanced listen mode' in the accessibility options to 'scan' an area for items. Might be a useful half-way house between googling and maintaining immersion.
  4. Finished it yesterday, thought it was brilliant. Don't need to go into how good the game looks, but it does. Enjoyed the updated combat mechanics, melee kills feel really satisfying and well earned, the enemies feel less scripted, stealth seemed a bit more difficult to accomplish at points during the game but the addition of full prone and larger more detailed environments again makes the process more engaging and more rewarding, stealth killing an entire area without being spotted is immensely satisfying. Hate the dogs. I had the same problem as I had in the first (and in many other games actually) which is largely my own fault for being a compulsive completionist in that I can't leave anything un-explored, and so rather than enjoying the splendid environment I ended up spending large portions of the game with the camera pointed at the floor/walls looking for items. I only include it as a slight criticism because I wouldn't do it if the game didn't reward me for doing it, however I will say (as far as I'm aware) they didn't hide items during key plot points. And actually whilst rooting around for collectables can sometimes be a distraction collecting and reading all the letters really added to my enjoyment of the game. As for the story:
  5. It's really difficult. My grandad passed from Covid-19 a few weeks ago, I didn't get to see him before he died, neither did my Dad, because of social distancing. Now thousands are gathering in the streets together to protest. But some of what I've seen and read in relation to BLM and the protests over the past couple of weeks, the violence, the hatred, the aggression, the ignorance, has genuinely brought me to tears. It makes me so angry shᴉt like this is still prevalent in this day and age. And I'm a straight, white, middle class male. I can't even begin to imagine how it feels to be black/asian/disabled/gay/etc in Britain or the wider world right now. I can't begin to imagine how angry I'd feel every fuckᴉng day that this stuff still goes on, that it's still deemed acceptable by society at large. So if Tyrone thinks that the right thing for him to do is join the protests, he's got my backing 100%. And everything about his character suggests it won't be a decision he took lightly.
  6. Just got back from the supermarket. I saw a man who I'd put in his 80s coming out with nothing but a bag of potatoes, another older gentleman with nothing but milk and bread, and a woman of a similar age loudly declare she'd 'had enough of this distancing rubbish'. There were also loads of couples going in together despite being told that if two of them were going in they'd have to wait for two people to come out thus further holding up the rest of the queue. The builders on the site opposite our house also seem to have gone back to work as normal, and the amount of traffic on the roads didn't seem out of the ordinary for any other Wednesday. Whitty was right when he said people would get bored of the restrictions if they imposed them too early, but I'm not even sure he imagined it would happen this quickly.
  7. Might be some staffing issues if they decide to restart the economy in London whilst still restricting travel out of Devon.
  8. I know you're not being overly serious, and if the cyclists are indeed taking up 3/4 of the road some of them are driving into oncoming traffic, but it's actually safer for cyclists to ride side by side than in single file, and safer for you to overtake them. See crude illustration below: That being said if they're not all from the same household they shouldn't be out on group rides giving the rest of us a bad name.
  9. Okay point. Hause needs replacing with Engels, and the entire team should take tackling lessons from Guilbert.
  10. Picture is from 2017 when he apparentlyhad knee surgery.
  11. I don’t know why people find this so hard to understand. Maybe we did, and then on the 1st Jan our only fit striker got taken out for the rest of the season and every prospective transfer got 50% more expensive. We’re in a terrible negotiating position and I’m guessing the club are trying their best to find us a striker without being fleeced. Even the likes of Glenn Murray are probably thinking they could get a five year deal at £100k/wk out of us right now. It’s frustrating for sure, but I’m fairly certain the higher ups at the club aren’t just sitting round a table right now going ‘you know what, shall we just not bother lads? anyone fancy laser quest?’
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