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  1. Brilliant. Tough result to swallow but we were superb today. 8 months ago we were 13th in the Championship and we just gave the current champions of Europe their toughest game of the season and were unlucky not to come away with a win. There'll be some overreactions on here no doubt but I don't think we could've asked for more from the lads today.
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    Lottery numbers please @mjmooney
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    Why though? I realise my post may have come across as dismissive rather than curious, I should rephrase: what makes you think the women's record is going to go <2:00 within the next ten years? As I said the likes of Dibaba and Cheruiyot - both superior athletes to Paula on the track - can't get within 2 minutes of the current WR, where do you think they're going to find those 17 minutes from? I appreciate we can never really predict when the next big breathrough is gonna come, and I guess we haven't really had one since altitude, but to assume one is round the corner is speculative at best, and without looking at the data I doubt any great breakthroughs - barring the early revelations that training helps you run faster and drinking water isn't just for pussies - have managed to bridge a gap anything like 10%. Given similar artificial conditions to today's effort it's not unreasonable to think someone like Mary Keitany could go <2:15, but that's still a lot of ground to make up. Again I don't mean to come across as dismissive, it's a subject I find fascinating and I'm genuinely curious to know your reasoning.
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    I admire your optimism Mooney but some of the greatest athletes in history can't get anywhere near the nigh on twenty year old (highly suspect) 2:15 of Ms Radcliffe, but we're going to surpass it and then take close to 10% off that in the next 10 years? It's taken in excess of 50 years to take the equivalent off the Men's record.
  5. By the same logic it's too early to judge that 'the likes of Bournemouth, Burnley, West Ham and Crystal Palace' are the teams we should be beating this season.
  6. Of our 8 games 6 have been against sides currently top 10, 2 against sides currently bottom 10 (and we've won both).
  7. A unanimous Supreme Court judgement. Well at least we know what it takes to reach the threshold now.
  8. We've been brilliant so far, we're 1-0 up, Arsenal are down to ten men, and some of you want Deano to make subs at HT
  9. Sorry to quote you again Stevo but I just wanted to pick up on this point because it's something I hear a lot from people new to matched betting. 'I've already got accounts with most of the bookies so is it really worth me doing?' Firstly sign ups are just the tip of the iceberg (and having accounts with a history of normal betting activity could potentially be seen as a positive), secondly there are so many bookies. I have accounts with over 100 bookies and casinos and there are loads I still haven't got round to doing.
  10. Probably be fine. I've had a couple of dupe accounts over the years and the only one to catch me out was 365 who just merged the two accounts together and gubbed* me, no threat to withhold funds or anything of that sort. Matched Betting isn't what it was a few years ago, there's a lot less value about and the bookies are a lot more switched on to it, but anyone who hasn't at least done all the main sign ups is a fool, frankly. It can be a steep learning curve to begin with if you're not familiar with a sports exchange, and if maths doesn't come naturally to you then you may struggle to get your head around the concept initially, but it's easy money, and more importantly almost entirely risk free. The only real risk being human error. *matched betting term for no longer being allowed to partake in promotions. ps. Just for @Wainy316
  11. Bit of a disappointing ending to what was a fantastic Tour really. Gutted for Pinot, that wasn't nice to watch. Movistar again the most frustrating team in the universe. Fair play to Ineos they won it in a way they're not accustomed to doing so, and Bernal winning is quite remarkable, but I can't help but feel the history books will remember this as just another Sky 1-2. Somewhat fitting the only man to break the Sky domination in recent years was the man who won the penultimate stage. Unlikely with Carapaz supposedly moving to Ineos as well, and Bernal is only going to get better. The team dynamic going forward could be interesting, if Froome gets back to full fitness he's not gonna let that 5th jersey go easy, and he'll now have two previous TdF winners and a Giro winner to compete with, but they've handled similar situations before. I'm hopeful this year has shown teams that you can take the race to them, or the success (in entertainment terms) of this year's Tour will influence Brailsford's philosophy going forward, but I'm not optimistic.
  12. Cracking Tour, perfectly set up for a brilliant last week. Wouldn't surprise me to see DQT try something tomorrow, they know they can't do much for JA in the mountains so the slightest sniff of wind tomorrow and I think they'll be all over it.
  13. They don't stitch shirts together down the middle, the misalignment is intentional. For better or for worse.
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