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  1. Okay point. Hause needs replacing with Engels, and the entire team should take tackling lessons from Guilbert.
  2. Picture is from 2017 when he apparentlyhad knee surgery.
  3. I don’t know why people find this so hard to understand. Maybe we did, and then on the 1st Jan our only fit striker got taken out for the rest of the season and every prospective transfer got 50% more expensive. We’re in a terrible negotiating position and I’m guessing the club are trying their best to find us a striker without being fleeced. Even the likes of Glenn Murray are probably thinking they could get a five year deal at £100k/wk out of us right now. It’s frustrating for sure, but I’m fairly certain the higher ups at the club aren’t just sitting round a table right now going ‘you know what, shall we just not bother lads? anyone fancy laser quest?’
  4. Rodriguez not in the Burnley squad, ill apparently. Must’ve been hanging out with Kodj recently.
  5. We've had a fairly favourable run but we're not the only ones. Man City have played Preston, Southampton, and Oxford. Leicester have played Luton, Burton, and scraped past a struggling Everton. And Manure's only difficult game was Chelsea's second string, their other games were Rochdale and Colchester. And it's not like we've been playing our first XI.
  6. Good for us this I think, Bournemouth's next four are Liverpool, Chelsea, Burnley, Arsenal.
  7. That's a refereeing issue not a VAR issue. I'd assume that's cause the encroaching players become 'active' if there's a rebound.
  8. Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff, Angel by Aretha Franklin, and I've always had this fantasy that some beautiful, tearful woman would insist on You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me by Gladys Knight. But who would that woman be? Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  9. Brilliant. Tough result to swallow but we were superb today. 8 months ago we were 13th in the Championship and we just gave the current champions of Europe their toughest game of the season and were unlucky not to come away with a win. There'll be some overreactions on here no doubt but I don't think we could've asked for more from the lads today.
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    Lottery numbers please @mjmooney
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    Why though? I realise my post may have come across as dismissive rather than curious, I should rephrase: what makes you think the women's record is going to go <2:00 within the next ten years? As I said the likes of Dibaba and Cheruiyot - both superior athletes to Paula on the track - can't get within 2 minutes of the current WR, where do you think they're going to find those 17 minutes from? I appreciate we can never really predict when the next big breathrough is gonna come, and I guess we haven't really had one since altitude, but to assume one is round the corner is speculative at best, and without looking at the data I doubt any great breakthroughs - barring the early revelations that training helps you run faster and drinking water isn't just for pussies - have managed to bridge a gap anything like 10%. Given similar artificial conditions to today's effort it's not unreasonable to think someone like Mary Keitany could go <2:15, but that's still a lot of ground to make up. Again I don't mean to come across as dismissive, it's a subject I find fascinating and I'm genuinely curious to know your reasoning.
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