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  1. Agreed, I was reluctant to include him for that reason (see also: every Michael Shannon character), but he made it for having a great smarmy pr!ck face.
  2. Anyone played by Liam Neeson. Skylar in Breaking Bad. Franny in Homeland. Arlo Givens in Justified. Charles Logan in 24. Pete Campbell in Mad Men. Paige in The Americans. Probably loads more if I spent time on it.
  3. Picked up Control for free on PS+ having almost bought it a few times previously. Kinda struggling to get into it, I really wanna like it, and there's so much about it I should like, it's just not clicking so far. Also the performance on a base PS4 is straight up bad, frequently experiencing massive frame drops, the map just doesn't load 50% of the time, and some textures are basically just a blur unless you stand right next to them, I can literally make them pop in and out by walking back and forward. Can't really complain having got it for free, but I'd be a bit miffed if I'd paid decent mon
  4. Howe got relegated.. But I agree with your overall point, although Roy doing better is debatable, Palace have been awful for two or three years now but somehow fluke their way to 40pts every season.
  5. Interviewer: "Christian, have you scored any more dramatic goals than that in a Palace shirt?" Benteke: "Maybe in a Villa shirt" His heart's still in B6.
  6. It's all part of the plan, next game Targett puts Jack back in his FPL team so Bielsa plays two RBs instead of Raphina.
  7. Took us too long to believe we could play without Jack. Targett immense, again. Ginny better. Some of our fans are embarrassing.
  8. But the target is the goal. You don't get points for hitting the post more than the other team.
  9. Are you suggesting shots that hit the post should count as goals?
  10. Everton seemed determined to play through the middle despite Toon having four players in there. The only player offering any width was Iwobi and Ancelotti took him off for a CM. Good result for us though.
  11. My favourite quote from that interview: "I watch the team, it's good football. Pass, attack, goal. Top." Seems geneuinely pleased to be here. Love that he says the team he's looking forward to playing against most is the derby against Baggies.
  12. And this man doesn't have a right foot ladies and gents. He's belted that in with his stump. What a goal.
  13. From Deano's presser today.
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