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  1. I like watching this Italy side. They play like I imagine a team of 11 Matty Cash would play.
  2. I can't see us actually signing him but it's a great bit of marketing by the club.
  3. Lawro coming 16th of 16 in his own prediction feature was just the start my day needed.
  4. Danny Murphy with some great tactical nous there. Spain should bring on Traore (the only player he's actually seen play) to run in behind Sweden's low block.
  5. He seems to be of the opinion he's coming back: https://www.goal.com/en-tza/news/samatta-how-aston-villa-will-receive-after-fenerbahce-loan/161udn6oxeq3p1ioawu0aa1eir?fbclid=IwAR0Lj9ZAOctGRU1GEhtRKw_YO0CAZsvsSDJjyIMcK7if2yQDNjhOhDgDaxg
  6. If 6 eggs were 40p and 1 litre of milk was 40p you might think the eggs were better value too, but they're not going to help you if you're trying to make a cup of tea.
  7. Shame for Ezri, he could've declared for Portugal and he'd be going to the Euros to play alongside Dias, as it is our coaches don't think he's good enough to play alongside Harry Maguire.
  8. Brilliant noise from the fans. Kids must be loving it.
  9. Anyone ever seen these two in a room together? Save some space for me on that hill..
  10. Still haven't forgiven Ryan Mason for this.
  11. Monkey Island on an Amiga 500 was the first actual game I played, but my Amiga came with a load of educational 'games' I probably played first before my cousin gave me Monkey Island.
  12. My mate was in a game of Call of Duty with Carruthers the other day, didn't have much to say about Villa apparently, although my mate's a Bradford City fan so I doubt he asked him much about Villa anyway. Crazy to think he came through in the same Next Gen team as Jack considering where they both are now.
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