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  1. Delphouneso

    Scott Hogan

    His perceived attitude problems probably arise largely from his body language on the pitch, much the same way we all thought Jordan Ayew was a miserable bugger. And perhaps his reputation for throwing his toys out of the pram at Bristol (though largely excusable when you factor in having to listen to Lee Johnson day in day out). I don't think anyone is saying that makes him a bad player, you seem to be zoning in on the wrong points in order to create conflict where there isn't any. The concept of humans giving more chances to nice humans over not so nice humans isn't a difficult one to understand. Kodjia is a good player, I don't think many Villa fans would disagree with that. Kodjia is and has been better for Villa than Scott Hogan, I don't think many people would disagree with that. I also think they're both behind Tammy in the pecking order. I don't really understand the overall point you're trying to make. You seem to be criticising fans for being optimistic that our new manager may be able to get something more out of a player most of us had written off as a waste of £13m. Even if it's just to raise his market value, or to play a bit part in cup games, it's not a bad thing, right?
  2. Delphouneso

    Scott Hogan

    I don't think anyone is saying drop Kodjia for Hogan, they're saying we have a new manager so everyone gets a clean slate, and having had one of his better spells under our new manager it might be reasonable to expect Hogan to be one of those to make the most of that clean slate. I'm fairly certain no one is saying Hogan is the better of the two players. I also think it's fairly obvious why fans might be quicker to get on Kodjia's back than Hogan's, their perceived attitude to the game couldn't be more different. Hogan has always come across as a decent bloke with a decent attitude, fans like that. Kodjia behaves like a petulant child when things aren't going his way.
  3. Delphouneso

    Jack Grealish

    It may or may not be Jack’s Dad but it took me less than 30 seconds to find that image on Facebook, as anyone else could’ve done.
  4. Delphouneso


    Yup that’s the plan! Used to live down that way so it’s a race I’m familiar with, was hoping to run something different this year as Eden was also my back up last year when I didn’t get into Snowdonia. Last year however I ended up running it as moral support for my sister, so it’ll be quite nice to run my own race this year especially seen as I know quite a few of the St Austell guys so it might get quite competitive!
  5. Delphouneso


    Any October marathon suggestions? Failed to get in to Snowdonia. Again.
  6. Delphouneso

    News story of the day

    'Don't block my drive' note left on ambulance BBC Only in Small Heath..
  7. Delphouneso


    Play it by ear and see how you feel, but I can speak from experience that resting up and getting rid of the cold with have much more of an effect than any training you do between now and then, and running is just likely to make the cold last longer.
  8. Delphouneso


    Horrible marathon over the weekend. Had a proper chesty cold going into it, stupidly ignored it and set out at goal pace regardless. Got to about mile 18/19 and could hardly breathe, throat closed up and I was getting light headed, it was a death march from there on in. Finished in 4:06 with a +40 split. I've had better days. Being stubborn can be an asset in running, Sunday was one of those days where it wasn't. Lesson learned.
  9. Delphouneso

    General Chat

    £5 from a market in Beijing, best wallet I've ever owned. Also potentially the only useful thing I've ever bought whilst on holiday. Goes in the back left pocket.
  10. Delphouneso


    Cheers Steve, that's somewhat reassuring. It's the Coastal Trail Series Dorset, it's a revenge run of sorts after having to cancel my entry last year due to work. It's mostly the ~6000ft of climbing that concerns me, I do most of my running on hilly trails anyway and average about 3000ft a week, and I'm hoping to get down to the coastal path for a couple of training runs between now and then, but it's still a daunting amount of climbing in one go. The fueling is definitely something I need to work on as well, I don't seem to have the strongest stomach.
  11. Delphouneso


    Incredible effort Steve well done mate. Which 100k was it? Got my first ultra in December, only 33mi though! Got a marathon to get through before that as well so I've not even started thinking about training yet, any tips for when I do? Back to back long runs galore?
  12. Delphouneso

    Things You Don't "Get"

    I walked into that.
  13. Delphouneso

    Things You Don't "Get"

    This is don't agree with. Sprinters are operating right on the edge of what's humanly possible, but a foot outside their lane and they're out, a millisecond too quick off the blocks and they're out. Long/triple jumpers, shotput, javelin, hammer, all throwing every ounce of their body weight in one direction but a toe over the line in that direction and it's void. And if we're being pedantic, if two feet are off the ground at once is that not by definition running?