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  1. NIVillan

    Scott Hogan

    I think with our current owners we already are
  2. I said earlier in the thread I think, this has the same feeling when Andy Gray came back mid 80s. Return goalscoring hero returns to a struggling team. err we went down
  3. For Older ones : Gary Birtles was a good example. Good at Forest earnt move to Man U, Bad.. Moved back to Forest.
  4. Perhaps homesick and as we now have the old Head of Albions Academy we get a look in signing him back.
  5. Crystal Palace are reportedly trying to offload Benteke. But Villa re-signing Benteke has the feeling of when Andy Gray re-signed in the mid 80s.
  6. Wasnt that because we had our own version of Peter Taylor in Tony Barton who spotted a lot of the players at that time.
  7. NIVillan

    Wesley Moraes

    He is all we currently have so we should support him and try and build his confidence up instead of booing and calling out he is shite. Jan we may be able to bring in some help/alternative but until then...
  8. NIVillan

    Tom Heaton

    In my lifetime, it has to be Jimmy Rimmer, Mark Bosnich at the top followed by Big Brad and Nigel Spink. Heaton hasnt been here long enough to make that sort of claim.
  9. NIVillan

    Wesley Moraes

    Have to be a certain age to get the gist but: The thing is we have bought a Paul Rideout , paid the current rate for a Paul Rideout but a lot of fans are expecting a Peter Withe straight away,
  10. NIVillan

    Wesley Moraes

    When we have had Marvin bloody Harewood playing up front for us I am very happy with Wes!
  11. Cheers for the answers. Found it strange that Kappa would allow fanatics to continue to manufacturer the kit as in the initial report (as listed above) Also people should note who actually designed the kit, it wasn't Luke or Kappa. I wonder if Kappa will get more involved in the design of the next batch of kits?
  12. Sorry my wording, I know they are seperate companies but fanatics do the production and supply of the kits, while Kappa and Luke were brought in for the design of the kit. So two different designers but exactly the same manufacturer of the kit. Meaning the same supply and quality issues whether Kappa or Luke
  13. Early Seventies we did have a Yellow Kit with Dark Blue trim but that was early seventies when we were Div 2/Div 3 and not sure off top of head if that was just for one season. From around 74 onwards (after promotion in 75 we would have played West Ham in Div 1) we had the Classic Umbro kit that had a White away strip. We kept that basic design until 1981 when we changed to Le Coq Sportif (Still a white away Strip). A Friend was at the game (well this is the story he tld) they first wore the Yellow strip in a preseason friendly. Villa ran out and teh fans booed them as they didnt realise it was the Villa! Could be just an urban myth mind.
  14. Need something clearing up. People are whinging about this seasons Kappa Kits (I dont think they look too bad and my two boys kits have no QC issues with badges etc) and saying that we should return to Luke (I personally didnt like the Luke Kits). Isnt the kits produced/made by the same people - Fanatics and Kappa and Luke were basically fronts for the design. So it didnt matter if it was Luke or Kapp this year we would have the same issues with Quality and quantity/supply. Anyone have an idea about this?
  15. Cause we wore a white away strip back then. and While I am here I hated the black, red, green kit back then and dislike this seasons as a Villa Kit now.
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