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  1. NIVillan

    Dean Smith

    I thought we looked a bit disjointed at times and played with fear. One of the good apsects of the run is the playing without fear and prepared to try things. Albions goal in the first leg came from their striker prepared to chase down lost causes, no one expected Whelan to make a howler but he was in the right place at the right time. Against Albion I think we were a little scared to lose and played within ourselves. But also throw in that it was a local Derby the games are often not pretty and the best time doesnt always win.
  2. NIVillan

    Dean Smith

    When Paul Lambert went off and spoke to Pep at Bayern he had us play a passing game that meant we had the majority of possession in most games. We were still shite and played like shite because we didnt create anything. He got sacked. Even Timmy improved on that by getting us to take a chance more (Turnaround against Leicester in Cup ). We didnt play well at all over the two legs, slipping and sliding around.
  3. Just put any old team out there as opposition on May 27th Because We Are Aston Villa
  4. NIVillan

    Dean Smith

    Albion kept most of their squad from the Premier League and were one of the favourites to go up. We were considering using the rest of the season to blood youth players etc ready for next season back in Feb. We played like shite and yet managed to win the Tie. Last year in the final we played like shite and lost the final Yes I am going to celebrate, not only the win, not only a trip to playoff final, not only a win over a local rival, I am also celebrating the rebirth of a club after just short of 10 odd years of shiteness. As a Kid I celebrated every single win.
  5. NIVillan

    Dean Smith

    Same way we got past Boro last year, which is why I am enjoying this years attempt more than last year. As Grealish said Last years team had a lot more experience but I just believe more in this years team
  6. NIVillan

    Dean Smith

    Have we not been waiting for a long long time for a manager that could identify early enough when his tactics are not working and adjust?
  7. I think the fans will play a big part in this and the size of the club. Think about it - Go back and play in front of 10-11,000 who are not that into you OR Play in front of 40,000 + Fans chanting your name and cheering your every move Seeing Mings interaction with the fans etc I think he has been caught up with the possibilities that being at Villa can provide. Hoping we keep him as he has become one of my favourite players
  8. Villa return to the Premier League and our new Owners want to make a statement of intent: They Bring Bale back to English Football :):):) OK I was just joining in with our wild transfer predicitons
  9. NIVillan

    Alan Hutton

    Lambert was given directions on excluding Hutton from higher up and never had a personal issue with his fellow scotsman. This is why Hutton does not have any hard feelings towards Lambert. As soon as Lambert was able he brought Hutton back into the fold.
  10. NIVillan

    Dean Smith

    Personally I expect Aston Villa to compete with every team how ever big or small they are, every single week. If Villa compete with the team they are playing against I will be happy as I know results cant always go our way but we need to at least compete.
  11. I know Albrighton won the League with Leicester but I honestly think Gabby achieved more and not be written off as a journey man. His last 6 years were fuelled by laziness rather than lack of Talent. The Championship contains quite a few of our old players in various teams so the Academy has not done a bad job at all in developing players. What has failed is the coaches/people in charge of the tranisition from Acadmey football to First Team Football. We have had as proved by the Nextgen win and successful youth/academy set up, but what we dont do is bring many of those players through. Grealish looked like he was going sideways until he started rooming with John Terry who sorted his attitude out. That one thing, not in a way football related just who you shared a room with has helped create one of our most exciting players for the past 30 years. Just think again about Gabby and if he had a pro like Terry looking after him instead of the likes of Dunne. Sliding doors and all that
  12. These players are 22-23 and I dont doubt they are excellent players as to get to this level you have to be, BUT something just hasnt happened for them. I think this clearout is to create room for the next batch of players. As said it is a gamble and some may come back and haunt us but it is too the future we must look.
  13. First time I think you have described one of our academy products as less than World Class
  14. Probably to hide form the 'whatabout' tweets from the Leeds Fans
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