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  1. NIVillan

    Wesley Moraes

    There is a song ifrom the 1990s in there somewhere
  2. Xia judgement is dodgy but I dont feel he came in with bad intentions like say the Bolton Owner and strip the club. Wyness I never trusted. We have good (and Capable - See Lerner Good Intentions crap execution) people running AND Owning our club now, with the best intentions for our Club, Respect the History of the Club but want to push forward and create their own history. Last Time I think this all synced up was pre 1940!
  3. I took the view last year that yes Xia gambled and thought we would get to the Premier League but it was Wyness that pushed for us to be made bankrupt etc so that his new mates could pick the club up cheaply. Xia then did everything he could (and yes selling off the Villa family assets) to keep the club running and avoid administration. He did it long enough to bring in new investors.
  4. I get told stuff by VillaTalk! There my secret source of information is out
  5. Sorry I always call it the League Cup
  6. NIVillan

    Ethan Ampadu

    There are times it was needed. Take last year Tammy came and did a job for us but has decided to go back to Chelsea. We have since moved on.
  7. Yeah that was my thought. Average = mid table
  8. Seeing the prices that are coming out now for Defenders looks like we might have got ourselves a bargin! Saw Dunk who was mentioned here is going for 40 million!
  9. Had a Mortal Kombat image reading that
  10. Also Lamberts second Summer Window quite a few were brought in. But as for the 20 year mark was that the first summer of Big Ron? That really was mental. Didn't something like 6/7 players make their debut on the opening day of the Season? Trying to think back now : Teale, Staunton, Richardson, Atkinson, Regis, Mortimer , Kuibicki Originals : Spink, McGrath, Daley, Yorke?? So after Typing that looked on Wiki and following was bought in the summer as well: Sealey, Ehiogu Followed in the season by: Parker, Farrell, Barrett, Bosnich, Berry Selling Cascarino and Platt enabled us to pay for all the above Now that was a good time to be a Villa fan
  11. And at the time even though we were producing good Youth Teams the first team were a bit shite and the those promising Youth Players never really making it across the line. We wasted that NextGen winning team. Jack was heading that way as well until he got roomed with Terry who got inside his head and showed him how to progress. Not just about Talent but also mindset. At Arsenal even though making the first team was remote the youth players get sent to half decent clubs on loan to make a name for themselves. Though I didnt like it I can fully understand the decision.
  12. Did the original account have 1 at the end of their twitter handle? Recently the account has done a lot of gloating in the Villa ITK twitter war. I dont remember the old version ever doing that. The Jimmy McCann @JamesMcCann seems to be fairly reliable, though he has also got himself into a few spats recently.

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