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  1. NIVillan

    AVST : AGM with Christian Purslow

    isnt one of the reason Cowans decided to retire because of the way they treat them when transitioning from Youth to Senior team?
  2. NIVillan

    Henri Lansbury

    We went something like 6 games/2 Months without scoring in Big Rons first season. But yes Under Big Ron the football was good to watch and under Little the first couple of Seasons
  3. NIVillan

    Henri Lansbury

    Our Troubles started in May 1981 when with a League Championship winning team we only brought in Andy Blair, followed by the Following year after the European Cup win I cant even remember who we bought that sumer.
  4. NIVillan

    Tammy Abraham

    America OnLine ???
  5. NIVillan

    Scott Hogan

    Bruce does take the blame for Hogan. He bought the player wasting a big chunk of money on a player he had no idea of how to use or wasn't suited to the style of play he liked. Just like Hogan, Brucies Villa had one purple patch at the start of the new year ending when we beat Wolves 4-1.
  6. NIVillan

    Scott Hogan

    I have hazy memory of around xmas/new year Hogan was selected and started scoring/playing well and then Bruce just dropped him again.
  7. NIVillan

    Tammy Abraham

    Didnt realise we sold benteke to Wolves thought it was Liverpool. Also sold Delph and Vlaar and the other midfielder on loan (cant remember his name while typing) left. So that was pretty much the spine. Bought a load of players with no plan and with a complete muppet as Manager in Sherwood. Hoping that the current regime have a better plan and organised way of doing things.
  8. NIVillan

    Tammy Abraham

    If Tammy goes he goes. We find a different way to play with the players we have got or are going to get. It is what Dean Smith is paid to work out. People should sometimes look back at history to maybe predict the future. We sold Andy Gray (A much better Striker) to Wolves for 1.5 million and ended up replacing him with some Journey Man called Peter Withe. Wolves finished above us in the 1979-80 season in the old Div 1.
  9. NIVillan

    James Chester

    Well I now live in Norn Iron and both my boys are Villa Fans. When they go to the local football camps they love it when they find out one the coaches is a Blues Fan and they tell them exactly how much better Villa are They both have grown up here but they just know!
  10. NIVillan

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    That was one of the reasons I didnt like it and couldnt understand people saying it was our best shirt ever
  11. NIVillan

    Nassef Sawiris

    Nor me
  12. NIVillan

    Neil Taylor

    For me he looks a little scared to make a tackle and has been that way since his tackle on Coleman while playing fro Wales. I think the backlash he received after that has out him on the back foot. His performances also dropped from that point. A bit more confidence and maybe get him back to where he was when he first came, when the majority of us considered him a great improvement at left back.
  13. NIVillan

    Mark Bunn

    Bunn came in when Sherwood was Manager.
  14. NIVillan

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Though I was too young to know what was going on at the time, Late Seventies there was a boardroom battle where it was basically Ellis vs Saunders. I think Saunders stood up at a Shareholders meeting to speak against Ellis. Luckily Saunders won the battle. Ellis left the Club and I think invested in Wolves.
  15. NIVillan

    Dean Smith

    I bet most of us had a big smile when Smith was appointed, not because he was our choice for the job simply because that it could have been one of us getting the Job, someone who grew up a Villa Fan.