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  1. It was a crime that more of that team wasn't taken to the 1982 World Cup, especially Shaw and Morley.
  2. I would say Paul McGrath was also a bit of a hardman. Not much got past him and he played on dodgy knees most of his career.
  3. The League and European Cup winning team didnt have what is considered a hard man as such in the Midfield. McKnaught and Evans were often quoted as being the hardest pair of center backs and Withe up front could throw himself around. The Midfield were grafters, skilful grafters at that, Bremenr never stopped and tackled the shit out of the other side, Mortimer organised and helped turn defense to attack quickly and then you had the sublime skill of Cowans. All could tackle and hold their own but were not hard men as such. Even Cowans tackled like a demon. Not sure if Morley or Shaw tackled anyone . But of course they had other skills
  4. Embarrassment??? Yeah an old fart like myself was very embarrassed as they won the League in 1981 wearing white home shorts and that I think the majority of our history has been with white shorts. Pure Villa to myself who started supporting Villa in the 1970s is Claret Body, Blue Arms and white Shorts. To me the love in for the Luke kit last season was embarrassing as it wasn't a Villa kit and I didnt like the Original Le Coq kit it copied from the 80s.
  5. ITSOTP! Will not jump for joy that we have been saved until officially confirmed.
  6. NIVillan


    Lol I was typing as reading the sky report and that is what they called it
  7. NIVillan


    Three Leicester players have exhibited coronvirus symptons. I dont think any names have been released but this might affect Villa seeing we played them only last Monday. In the US the NBA have cancelled all games to the end of the season so could the Premier League be heading the same way? No that team players might have been affected this could move fast.
  8. Yes they had one very near te ground but it was sold off before we went bankrupt late 60s. Charlie Aitkin talks about it on the history of Villa Video from years back how they then had to beg and borrow places to train such as school pitches and car parks. I think though will be correct fast if wrong that Bodymoor was Developed when the new owners (Ellis etc came in). One of the drivers was to develop a youth team that could supply the first team, and they needed goog training facilities for that. It is why Ellis was so proud of Bodymoor Heath as he was there at the start.
  9. NIVillan

    Scott Hogan

    I think with our current owners we already are
  10. I said earlier in the thread I think, this has the same feeling when Andy Gray came back mid 80s. Return goalscoring hero returns to a struggling team. err we went down
  11. For Older ones : Gary Birtles was a good example. Good at Forest earnt move to Man U, Bad.. Moved back to Forest.
  12. Perhaps homesick and as we now have the old Head of Albions Academy we get a look in signing him back.
  13. Crystal Palace are reportedly trying to offload Benteke. But Villa re-signing Benteke has the feeling of when Andy Gray re-signed in the mid 80s.
  14. Wasnt that because we had our own version of Peter Taylor in Tony Barton who spotted a lot of the players at that time.
  15. NIVillan

    Wesley Moraes

    He is all we currently have so we should support him and try and build his confidence up instead of booing and calling out he is shite. Jan we may be able to bring in some help/alternative but until then...
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