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  1. Anyone remember a player of the name Stan Petrov. Came to the club from a league in another division and struggled, written off etc. I think he came back stronger and proved people wrong.
  2. We seem to accept that players have to adapt and improve when they come from outside the Premier League, whether transfers or promotion. Well Managers have to learn their trade as well. In that Dean Smith has shown the ability to learn and tweak his beliefs. Best example is that when we went into lockdown the team was in big trouble. He took that time to review and decide on a different plan of action that kept us up. Again improved of the close season that for most of last season we were a much better team.
  3. Too young to understand the possible outcome of Gray and Gidman leaving, especially as we went and won the League. Cowans and Rideout leaving for Italy was sad but you understood the lure of going to Italy, even went and bought Bari Subuetto team. Was suprised we sold Mcmahon so soon after signing him as he was meant to be the one to replace Bremner etc. Hodge actually hit me the hardest. Before that I understood selling some of the European winning team as they were getting on. Just cheered him on in Mexico 86 as a Villa player was part of an England team that was the best performance since '66. He then came back and said I dont want to be here. As a kid it was hard to take. Platt and Yorke was a worry as I didnt trust Ellis to reinvest but luckily those two time he did. I think Young handled his leaving well but Melburg leaving has got to be one of the best goodbyes, buying the shirts for all the away fans.
  4. Swain was a winger as well when he arrived.
  5. Echo what people are saying like this signing. Reminds me a bit of when Villa sold a superstar in Andy Gray then replaced him with a good solid pro in Withe. Withe proved to be the better fit.
  6. Anyone else wondering if Matty Cash has takne a drive Manchester way and people have got confused again
  7. Thing with Villa, every Generation since the 50s have had this moment: 50s : Danny Blanchflower 60s : Gerry Hitchens leaving. Not sure of any others during 60s as we were mostly crap then 70s : Bruce Rioch, Andy Gray, John Gidman 80s : Gordon Cowans, Paul Rideout (I was gutted at the time so added him for personal reasons!), Alan Mcnally 90s: Platt, Yorke 00s : Barry 10s : Delph, Benteke 20s : Grealish It doesnt kill the club and has at times made us stronger. Rioch left to join Derby (One of top teams at the time, youngsters look up Cloughie's Derby), Villa get promoted back to Div 1 after nearly 10 years away. Sell Gray (British Record I think at time) and John Gidman (Former Youth Player). and we go on to win League and European Cup just a couple of years later. Sell Platt (I think World Record Fee at time) and rebuilt a team that just avoided relegation that began to challange for the League and won trophies. Sold York and again rebuilt a team just Ellis wouldnt add to that money to push us over the line. Grealish : ?????? The future is ours to control. We are a wealthy team and have exciting youngsters, the next Shaw, Cowans, Grealish coming through. Stripped West Brom of their highly rated youth coaching team and players I am comfortable with Grealish leaving. A bit like when Gray left. Saunders built a Team. This might release some of the other players instead of just get the ball to Grealish. Im excited to see what our Ambitious owners do next. They seem the type of people that will not let this pass without showing a sign of their own intent.
  8. Ive been to the new Spurs Stadium for the NFL games and it is a total different beast compared to the other Footy Stadiums in the country. It has been built with the food etc selling opportunities in mind. They are not Carts or some shack wedged in (Like Villa). You walk in and the lower area is open with Bars etc. A Big wide space allowing fans to meet and drink before the game and after the game. Those bars reopen after the game to allow the fans to spend more money celebrating or to cry in their beer. As you go up into the higher areas of the ground their are other specific kiosks built in selling different rages of food. Burgers etc in one and say pretzels in another. Also they at end of the Curve their are vip style area bars with more comfortable seats and big windows so yu can still see the pitch from the corners. It is very impressive. The Spurs Stadium was built with investment from the NFL for the London games (It has two pitches that can be rotated, one NFL one proper football, two sets of changing rooms for same reason). They took the knowledge from America of building a Stadium that not only allows the fans to see the game but also part with their cash.
  9. I have come around to thinking that Southgate doesnt have anything against Grealish but he is a Manager that manages 'scared' Defensive , shows a few signs of attacking but once in front backs off. With Grealish he just doesnt know how to integrate him into the team. Take last night, Jack comes on and a few touches shows he could create something but the team kept pushing the ball down Sakas wing, who was totally outclassed and bullied (Take foul when shirt pulled back for example). With players like Grealish and Foden, you need to build teams around them. The Team has to have a style a play that pushes the ball through our most creative players, use those talented players to make the team tick. Instead and it sums Southgate up he uses Henderson. Last Night all Southgate did was place Grealish on the pitch and let him run around. Same with Mount, who I have seen no point of him being on the pitch in his games at Euros, but he is a talented player as he has shown for Chelsea. Apart from a brief time with Gazza, this has been Englands problem since 66. In '66 England won with what was seen at the time a more defensive but effective formation. Since then our most creative players have been side shows to the team instead of the center.
  10. Losing 4-1 at home to Coventry was pretty bad But I think we lost only 1-0 to Spurs under Graham Taylor at home but I remember thinking I wanted to go home and not really come back at that point. That game just got to me on how awful we were.
  11. And to think they until just before this summer Emi could have still played for England!
  12. The Surname carries a lot of weight at the Villa (One for Oldies or those interested in Villa History )
  13. Martinez was excellent last year and as important to the team as Jack. The defence excelled due to the confidence they had in Martinez and as mentioned here Martinez organising the defence. With the Defence being confident the Midfield and Attackers felt more freedom to attack. The Previous Season we held back more to stop the other team scoring. I feel that was because of the lack of Confidence in the Goalie. A big character like Pepe coming in changed that for our final run in, even if his goalkeeping skills were not what they used to be. In a way I feel the team could survive losing Jack more than Emi. The Test is that Second Season Syndrome. I know Martinez has been around a while but the best Goalies (As an Oldie thinking Shilton, Clemance and JIMMY JIMMY RIMMER) they were very consistent week in, week out. EM announced himself as a top quality goalie at the end of that season with Arsenal, showed he could do it for a whole Season with us. Its looking good at the moment.
  14. NIVillan

    The NSWE Board

    Are we see Villa Merch in Morrisons instead of Liverpool , Manu Utd etc?
  15. This and the ESR links at Arsenal could all be a smokescreen to help with the work permit for the Alvarez. Rules might have changed but if you could show that a similar talent was far more expensive it would help your case. Alvarez is being quoted at 15 million while these pair are quouted North of 35 mill. Villa could just be playing the system. Also unsettling other teams just like they have done to Villa in the past.
  16. Gary Shaw one of my all time favourite Villa Players though Julian Alvarez, Julian Alvarez, Julian, Julian Alvarez, When he gets the ball he is bound to score doesnt quite go.
  17. NIVillan


    Luiz is only worth 5 million really not worth Man City buying him back
  18. The time out may help Wesley in another way. He will now have over a year training in an Premier League Environment not Belgium (is it Juniper) League. Time away from the sniping to build up the strength and develop the skills he needs. Also as said last season we were a different team and sat back a lot (something one of the players mentioned recently in an interview), perhaps being more attack minded Wesley may come good. Im hoping for a physical presence from Wesley that can dovetail with Watkins. I like Watkins but he seems a bit lightweight at times. Wes sometimes battered defences last season but as we know didnt have his shooting boots on. Maybe together than become the perfect partnership. Or maybe Im too old and living in the past where having a Big man was always partnered with a smaller/more mobile forward.
  19. Growing up 70/80s the big Derbies were Albion and Blues. Wolves was a local rivalry but it didnt feel the same as Albion and Blues. Albion felt bigger as late 70s/80s they were competitive. Blues was just seen as a brawl for 90 mins. Thats about it really. The Newcastle and Leeds thing bores me. Their fans trying to big themselves up to be a big club. Leeds at least won something in recent memory unlike Newcastle. Both are one club cities. Leicester and Wolves has only built up since both of those teams have done well. They have gone all bertie big bollocks crowing at Villa who were seen as the big dogs of the Midlands. In the early eighties I had subuetto for Xmas. The Villa 82 side and I was also bought Blues and Albion (No Wolves though the Birmingham one could also be Leicester) so I could hold Derbies. So there you go scientific proof that Albion and Blues are our main rivals.
  20. Personally I do like him but think some games such as Leeds and Southampton he needs a physical presence alongside him. Big man/little man might eb lost to the days of Withe and Shaw but for some matches it is needed.
  21. The thing I noticed in the Leicester game that we didnt have to rely on Emi too much BUT the defense does seem more relaxed and playing with freedom. It is as if they dont have to protect a dodgy Keeper
  22. oh that was so 38 years ago. Still remembering with the eyes of a 10 year old a Gary Shaw hattrick at home in the European Cup
  23. One of my early games was an European Tie against Dynamo Bucharest. We were European Champions and this was the first game we could Villa at home defending that title a first round was behind closed doors. Gary Shaw scored a hattrick and was replaced by Mark Walters who also scored. Also remember Walters scoring a great goal against Moscow I think in the UEFA Cup. Sad when we sold him to Rangers but I was there on his return with Liverpool. He scored and from my distant memory made the outline of a lady in front of the holte end. Shame Deano ruined that home coming
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