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  1. Personally I do like him but think some games such as Leeds and Southampton he needs a physical presence alongside him. Big man/little man might eb lost to the days of Withe and Shaw but for some matches it is needed.
  2. The thing I noticed in the Leicester game that we didnt have to rely on Emi too much BUT the defense does seem more relaxed and playing with freedom. It is as if they dont have to protect a dodgy Keeper
  3. oh that was so 38 years ago. Still remembering with the eyes of a 10 year old a Gary Shaw hattrick at home in the European Cup
  4. One of my early games was an European Tie against Dynamo Bucharest. We were European Champions and this was the first game we could Villa at home defending that title a first round was behind closed doors. Gary Shaw scored a hattrick and was replaced by Mark Walters who also scored. Also remember Walters scoring a great goal against Moscow I think in the UEFA Cup. Sad when we sold him to Rangers but I was there on his return with Liverpool. He scored and from my distant memory made the outline of a lady in front of the holte end. Shame Deano ruined that home comi
  5. Another one but I cant remember the year. Sports Argos (Remember that, bombing down to Newsagents at 6pm to see if you could grab a copy) were celebrating an Anniversary not sure what. They promoted having a big exclusive for the front page in the lead up. The Exclusive - Villa were going after Trevor Sinclair I think I still have a copy somewhere and he didnt come close to signing it was horse dung.
  6. No you were actually sort of right. Not sure if it was just after we got promoted or the season after so summers either 88 or 89. Lineker wasnt getting games at Barca and there was a big splash on the back of the Evening Mail (In the Days before they became click bait r us) about Graham Taylor wanting to bring young Gary to the Villa. Not sure how far it went but one of the reasons for not going ahead is as you said would have wiped out the transfer budget and Taylor said it gave Doug heartattacks.
  7. My thoughts on seeing the photo. It is great to see Wes part of this instead of being isolated away from the squad.
  8. NIVillan

    John Terry

    A thing Bruce did right was bringing in John Terry and then rooming Grealish with him. We are seeing the results now. Apart from lockdown brain fart we are seeing a fine Captain in Super Jack who represents the club so well and inspires those around him. Last season could have broken Jack as he carried the club on his shoulders most of the season, dragging his team mates along but it didnt kill him and made him stronger (as Arnie would tell you). Now with other players like Barkley I think Jack will take another step towards greatness. But it was all harnessed and started
  9. Wouldnt that be Barkley then?
  10. NIVillan

    Matty Cash

    He also took one for the team, made my eyes water
  11. Sheff United had the 4th best defense last season, it was never going to be easy. My view of the game is that we did look a lot more solid and Watkins movement helped a lot. Target looks a weak link, as does Trez. Grealish didnt have one of his better games but still had chances to score 2 or 3 games. He did slow some attacks down thinking he had to take the United Defense on himself. Reminded me a lot of some old European games, especially under Gregory where we couldnt break through but stayed patient and finally nicked a goal. I saw improvements to last season. We h
  12. I hope he is as good as a previous Arsenal reserve goalkeeper we signed, and I am not talking about Stuart Taylor!
  13. Southgate is certainy no longer a Villan
  14. Saw Troy Deeney mentioned, and I know no chance as he is a blue nose but I think he would be useful as a mentor to Davis. Perhaps teach Davis to be a bit meaner.
  15. Talking of Salty and taking Managers. I began working at a college in Leicester not long after Little had moved from Leicester to Villa. I walked out of the staff room drinking from my Villa mug right into a group of students. Few shouts of abuse and turn around and walked back into the staff room. Was an interesting year
  16. Im sure Barry has said that after Liverpool had wooed him and he went to speak to him, Benetez told him he would be playing left back. Barry wanted to continue playing midfield which Man City offered (plus loads of cash). He was nothing to do with whoever was talking about the contracts
  17. Im undecided about this years kits as I have not seen them up close. I liked when it released the yellow Macron Shirt and my son wanted it but up close I went straight of it and the material just felt so cheap and thin. Personally feel some of the 2000s kits were far better than that Luke Kit, just they are associated with total shite teams.
  18. That, though I never liked the kit to wear because of the medieval larping. But probably remembered fondly it will be associated with one of the Best Villa Teams over past 30 years when they were runners up under Big Ron. I liked the previous season Umbro white away that had a black and blue boxes on the sleeves.
  19. Not a chance. I have already stated on here I can not see the love in with Luke. Luke didnt design or manufacturer the kit, just stuck a bloody ugly looking badge on it that looked cheap. I disliked the home kit and the white away was okay but as some said a bit boring. Gold Standard for me is 74-81 But you state last 30 years hence the reply and not a chance. The Umbro kits for example from the first part of that period out do luke easily. Includes the round neck with strings. We have had some disgusting kits in that time, mainly anything involving thick stripes. Las
  20. I signed up for the Athletic last year when they had their 60% off offer. I did it even though I do not like Gregg Evans writing. Didnt like it when he wrote for the Brum Mail but I thought new day and all that. Been very disapointed wit the Athletic. The articles you think are going to be great just filter out to nothing. One of the best was about two boys who were adopted by Cloughie but on the Villa side articles that had the potential to be like that just skimmed the surface of issues. I dont think I will be renewing as I just ignore most of the Villa articles now.
  21. I missed Savo's moment at Wmebley for same reason
  22. Only because of how well Angel did for 1.5 seasons. Angel was written off in exactly the same way. I saw enough in little flashes against Leicester which I think was his debut to think we had signed a decent player. Samatta before the restart had shown a few flashes such as his header in the Cup Final, no I dont think he is the same level as Angel BUT If Samatta can give the same return as Angel for one season and propel us to 5th in the Table, we are in Europe again and can attract better players. For what he cost is peanuts for a decent striker so we might as well see if it work
  23. I havent been too impressed with Samatta but I hold out hope that like Angel before him who came in half way through a season he is a slow starter that needs to settle.
  24. Just as the players , our manager was on a big learning curve this year. There were promising signs early on and then some low points but since restart we can see an improvement and signs that Dean Smith is also learning his trade. I think he will come good but it might be a bit more slowly than some people want or desire. When he joined we were what 15th in the Championship, against the odds he got us up. This season we looked dead and buried. I think with 4 games to go it was 93% chance we were going to be relegated. In my old mind this is up there with GT MK1 achievements
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