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  1. Weak goal by them, Mcginn can barely make a descent pass.. But Villa are the better team by a mile
  2. Yer lovely goal !!! I was just trying to knock off a bit of the gloom that most of us are feeling
  3. 2 goals in 2 games, get some perspective bud he has only just joined us
  4. We are a team that had a game plan to get the ball to one player, just need to find our rhythm of playing in a different style where everyone works together and spread the play and responsibility. keep the faith , we will get better !!
  5. He does not bark at others but Marshall’s everyone with authority. Whether he is captain or not this is what he gives to the team and is what I expect from an experienced defensive leader.
  6. To be fair most folks around here are pretty sound !
  7. Can someone move this shit to other football so I don’t have to keep seeing his feckin name… No longer relevant to this club
  8. Oh crap, it looks like there are people still in here
  9. The sum paid maybe on the high side but Dings is a quality player who will strengthen the team on and off the pitch. Some of the negative comments being posted about injury and age concerns are gut reactions but not based on facts, if people are going to drop these type of comments it shows they are not looking into his stats at all and probably have not watched him play for some time as this guy has been prolific for many seasons and is a real team player with very little injury issues. Welcome to the Villa
  10. They are clearly all Ninjas
  11. Probably just trolling the city fans
  12. The real question is what the **** have they been practicing with their penalties.. all this bullshit slow run up and stuttering should be cut out.. 10 steps, run up and just lace it… if it’s saved then fair enough but Southgate should have had the balls and strategic know how to instruct them all to do this.. All of the prancing before kicking a ball from 12 yards is just pointless… And on topic Jack should have been subbed at half time for mount but mousehate is a shister and his anti football tactics have been found out yet again… Roll on the new season
  13. Whether he was having mental issues or not this is totally unacceptable and shows what a terrible state the CPS and criminal law bodies are in. This is no justice especially when he will no doubt be released on good behaviour.. The only small saving grace is the fact that coppers do not bode well inside but that’s little comfort to Dalians family, friends and fans. RIP…
  14. Different players but maybe that’s the plan in one..40m is our ceiling for ESR and the arse can see we have it for another youngish player of similar prem experience..
  15. There could be real interest and it does appear to be the case …. But we have seen this tactic before where we are trying to turn the screw on our first choice by bidding elsewhere to force the move… The bids seem to be fully legit though so I have to think this is someone we genuinely want and feel we have a strong chance of getting. Slot him into our front 4 and we could have one hell of an attacking threat .
  16. This is a good point well made.. I suppose the players that we really want are the ones that fully buy in to what are doing and take our word that Jack is not being sold without him signing a new contract, or understand that even without him we are a seriously run club that can upset the sky 6 ( and Leicester ). It’s not that I would call players mercenary’s for wanting to play with Jack but we are clearly building towards a team that will challenge on all fronts and can play exciting football in front of real fans.
  17. Isak for Sweden looks a good player, 21 years old , strong quick and good ball control.
  18. Great result , energy and performance. DS too late with his subs, Luiz should have been taken off with at least 30 mins to go and Traore was starting to flag but played well. That aside it’s quite clear that the MOM was Pickford and the woodwork... . . Only Joking, Ollie is the main man, superb display bossing the toffees defence
  19. Absolutely agree and for this and other reasons it is making DS look like clueless..
  20. Normally like your posts but I can’t agree about our midfield, they have been poor so far which then unsettles the back four..
  21. Brighton’s form has nothing to do with our players not being able to pass. or DS not making subs at half time... or DS not changing tactics during the game.... Fashion has nothing to do with it so let’s just stick to facts and give a little respect to the fans as most of us know a good team when we see them. Brighton are a tidy outfit who most of us would have expected to be sitting above us in the league based on last season performance... Anyway at the end of the day we were dogshite tonight, some of it was down to Brighton’s play but a lot of it was down to the Villa players and tactics..
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