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  1. I said before I had worries about his off field antics but that and his wages aside he would be a great addition. The lad ticks all the right boxes for his skills and is a proven PL English player so would be right at home.. If we get this done then it would be fantastic
  2. I was worried about Barkleys off field antics but to be fair he would be a great addition who would improve us massively.. RLC is too much of an injury concern, Barkley would be a statement of intent
  3. Commentator: A very satisfactory start WTF, this was a piss poor , boring and extremely lucky start, there was nothing satisfactory about it.. Would rather we played our hearts out , created chances and excitement but lost than have to watch that shite all season.. There are glimmers of a team and thankfully a lot of positives, Konsa and Martinez for sure, Watkins played well but we don’t have the players to utilise him and not even Jack as he has forgotten how to pass the feckin ball.. Cash looks decent, some lovely crosses. Everyone else either are not good enough or we’re off there games, it’s the first game so they get some leeway but at the moment we are looking like it’s gonna be another relegation battle.. room for improvement for sure but yay 3 points
  4. Spot on, there are other areas that are far more pressing than another fricken striker. There are some folks who need to get a grip on things and stop playing Fifa... If Targett, Mings or Konsa get injured then we are in the shit cus there ain’t no one to cover. This is where we need to be strengthening first before anything else
  5. I agree with Martinez and Watkins but I worry that Barkley could be a bad influence on people like Jack. He has had a few drinking incidents so I would stick clear of him
  6. That’s all we ever do on VT... loads think it’s sorted and are trying to add him to their dream team, and loads of us are sceptical that there is anything in this.. Either way we are gonna jump to conclusions until anything that feels real is actually reported, for now we all keep hopeful that this one comes off
  7. Yup seen all that, read the sound bites but I still ain’t convinced there is any legs in this... Honestly not looking to piss on anyone’s chips but our business has followed a certain path yet this is completely different, so if somethings looks like it ain’t happening then usually that’s your outcome.. This being football can mean less predictability and I genuinely hope this does happen even if it’s on deadline day, but right now it just don’t feel right for one reason or another..
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