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  1. Twice now I have wondered why Traore was the sacrificial substitute lamb, but after watching that second half who would you a have taken off. Trez was shit then came good, now AEG is superseding him as he has more skill and is putting in the work to keep us on top of games.. We just look great all over the pitch, it’s fantastic
  2. So lucky but such bullshit, that was a goal all day long..
  3. Leeds fans have raised 76k,,,,Villa fans Just 390quid...Here is the link below but does anyone know of any other fund raising that’s happening? Joined Twitter and can see it on there but I not much traction.. Maybe there is something else happening out there but if not then this is very disappointing compared to how well the Leeds fans have done. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/villafoodbank?utm_source=Sharethis&utm_medium=fundraising&utm_content=villafoodbank&utm_campaign=pfp-email&utm_term=b6127c481b794522836921766591f84c.
  5. There is always someone on here trying to use logic and reason to spoil a good conspiracy theory, shame on you Kiwi
  6. Feck sakes Trent can’t we just wait till 11pm before the reality of disappointment starts sinking in..... You don’t just tell your kids Father Christmas isnt real do you , this type of post from you is like waking up as a 5 year to see your dad putting presents in your room while he is half pissed and wearing a shite Santa outfit... It just kills the magic
  7. This is exactly what I was thinking, the whole performance was far more balanced across the team. Yes Trez is never gonna dictate play so a lot still went through Jack on the left but everyone was getting involved in our forward play... first game in a while where I have genuinely struggled to pick the MOM, could have been at least 4 but special shouts to Jack and Barkley, such good early signs of a real bond, McGinn literally worked his arse off all night and deserved his flunky goal... And Trez may not be the best player but he tries so hard It makes up for most of his shortfalls....
  8. Love Ollies honesty saying he should have scored more, he sounds like an intelligent lad for sure...
  9. They say A picture says a thousand words, this one is cock on son
  10. Man I could do with some to calm me down What, you didn’t think I was gonna smoke it do you
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